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October 15-18, 2021 Astrology Predictions

Friday, Oct 15
Powerful emotional dynamics advance human interactions: passion, intensity, and depth.  (Venus semisquare Pluto)

Saturday, Oct 16
Inspirational and artistic brilliance.  Physical energy erratic, unusual, or of questionable ethical application.  (Venus conjunct Antares/Aldebaran axis quintile Jupiter and sextile Mercury, Mars quincunx Neptune)

Sunday, Oct 17
Powerful application of the will, be sure to be conscientiously aligned.  Sometimes in order for good to come, the bad must first come out. Relationship dysfunctions. (Sun square Pluto conjunct Spica/Arcturus stars, Juno square Neptune)

Monday, Oct 18
Mercury and Jupiter Stationary Direct, Mars trine Jupiter
Blast off into adventure.

Current Retrogrades

Mercury Stationary Direct: Oct 18

Jupiter Stationary Direct: Oct 18

Uranus: to Jan 18, 2022

Neptune: to Dec 1


Partial Lunar Eclipse: Nov 19

Total Solar Eclipse: Dec 4

Celestial Events

Mercury Perihelion: Oct 20

Full Moon: Oct 20

Orionid Meteor Shower: Oct 21

Moon at Apogee: Oct 24

Mercury Greatest Elongation: Oct 25

Last Quarter Moon: Oct 28

Venus Greatest Elongation: Oct 29

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