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Secret Laws of the Universe

Secret Laws of the Universe is a non-denominational book of the various spiritual laws that rule life found in all of the world’s religions and philosophies, and how you can use them to the benefit of yourself, your family, and friends. In simple and direct language, various life circumstances are explained from the standpoint of the law of love, the law of mercy, the law of karma, and many other spiritual laws of the universe. In understanding these cosmic spiritual concepts you are then shown how to use them to your advantage and to find great success, happiness, and love.  Click on the images below for more information and ordering. 

Paper Bound

Paper Bound

Kindle Version

Kindle Version

The Combination of Stellar Influences

This book by Reinhold Ebertin is one of the classic reference guides for any astrologer in my opinion.  Long-winded psychological explanations of configurations, transits and progressions will not be found here, rather to the point and very accurate representations of what the different aspects and planetary influences are on human life.  Some might be confused about the book’s emphasis on midpo0int structures in interpretation (called cosmobiology), but the same principles are applied to more “normal” configurations such as t-squares, yods, and grand trines.  COSI as it is affectionally called, has been my go-to reference in astrology for decades, and it will continue to remain so.

Beneath a Vedic Sky

If you were to buy only one book on Vedic astrology, I would recommend this book to be the one.  William Levacy’s book is good for the beginner, very comprehensive, readable and most important of all, useable.  As a matter of fact, I, a long time Vedic practitioner, use it to this very day.  Get this book, a Vedic program, and the birth data of family and friends, and you will be on the path of mastering Vedic astrology.




How to Practice Vedic Astrology

Andrew Bloomfield’s book comes in close second, giving many, many chart examples (112) of interpretation, with a very practical and accurate Planet-Sign-House interpretations for you to learn with.  How to Practice Vedic Astrology shows how to make accurate predictions on when to expect life’s changes concerning one’s career, love life, children, or spirituality.