March 31, 2024
April Predictions: Tipping the Scales Total Solar Eclipse April 8, Comet 12P/Pons-Brooks
by Curtis Burns,

Astrology Predictions for April 2024: Total Solar Eclipse April 8 Directly Across the US

The big story for April of 2024 will be the total solar eclipse that draws a line across the eastern portion of the US.  The path of totality (complete darkness) goes from Texas up through Maine. I will say that it does seem to portend some changes to the US as a nation, almost like the grain of sand that tips the scales in the other direction.

Total Solar Eclipse Path April 8 2024


Chart of the Eclipse

Looking at the chart of the eclipse itself, using the Vedic sidereal zodiac, I can see five planets (including the North Node) in Pisces, disposed by Jupiter in Aries, which is closely conjunct Uranus, which itself is disposed by Mars closely conjunct Saturn in Aquarius.  Powerful indeed.

I actually like this, it seems to portend a more compassionate trend (the Pisces planets), but also attentuated and driven forward (the Aries disposing Pisces planets), and then socially and progressively grounded (the disposing of Jupiter and Uranus by Mars and Saturn).  the final dispositorship of Mars and Saturn would be difficult, of course.  However if anything needed to be realistically manifested, this could be the type of overall astrological configuration, in my opinion.

Seeing that it literally occuring directly over the US, the most powerful nation; it would be too hard to dismiss and something that would tip the scales in the global karmic equation.  I don’t mean a nuclear war, but maybe the emergence of new world powers.

Eclipse Portends Cycles of Change

It is easy enough to see that there are major political-geopolitical swings about to occur such as the emergence of the BRICS economic bloc, the tide of the Ukraine-Russia war, and sentiments toward the US and its allies (Israel as one of them with the also current Gaza war).

The US election is in shambles with a barely functional current president Biden and the Republican frontrunner Trump imperiled by legal and economic challenges.  There is no clear leadership path. Government figures these days are so beholded to large corporate/financial entities, that those entities control both sides of the US government, and therefore there is no so-called mandate of the people in operation; i.e. it is basically corrupt.

Donald Trump seems to be on the path to the White House anyway, but he would be contintually under fire from opposition, and as a result the ensuing strife would simply create a status quo of the presidential leadership question for the US; no appreciable change.

The two other major powers, China and Russia on the other hand have very clear leadership and a strong approval of their populations with Xi Jing Ping and Vladimir Putin.  Their worse enemy being the US itself.

The US is divided, currently economically dominant on the world scene, but beset by massive internal problems with crisis in housing, crumbling infrastructures, inflation, debt, social unrest, failing healthcare system and massive corruption; it’s also in debt to the tune of $35 trillion.

While China and Russia are not immune to corruption themselves, they are in much better condition economically, growing at a much faster rate than the US. For China most of their infrastructure is very new.  They are on the rise, the US is in a deterioration spiral.

A shift in world power is eminent, a part of which this eclipse portends, maybe even sooner than we would think.

The idea of significant shifts oncoming has further support from the astrology in my opinion, especially for April of 2024, as we can see below.

The Mars and Saturn Latitudinal Connection

Just a few days after this total solar eclipse (very rare) we have the conjunction of Mars and Saturn in two different ways.

Both planets will occupy the same degree of longitude (zodiacal longitude) but also of the same degree of latitude (also called declination). Then Mars and Saturn will be in very close opposing degree of declination to the solar eclipse just a few days before.

This is like a double accentuation of the meanings of Mars and Saturn together. Saturn usually inhibits or thwarts Mars’ energy with a lot of attendant frustration or misfortune.  Some one or something may not be getting their/its way.

You can see in the image below that Mars and Saturn are very close in longitude degrees as well as declination at about 7 degrees below the ecliptic.

Mars and Saturn conjunct in latitude and longitude

Jupiter Conjunct Uranus April 20

Eight days after this, April 20th, Jupiter makes conjunction with Uranus in late Aries (sidereal).  This can be a very exciting time, about a week before and after.  Both new developments may be coming together, which for most people will be pretty good.  For the industrious and determined  however it may be the start of a really great thing.

What I like about the timing here is that it provides some time for us to recover, so to speak, after the hard turn that takes place over the 8th to the 12th of April referenced to above, and that we can take advantage of a burst of energy with newly formed perspectives provided to us by Jupiter and Uranus.

Also of note, Jupiter will make tridecile (108 degrees) to Pluto on April 12 just prior to this conjunction on April 20th; just more octane for the fuel.

Mars Conjunct Neptune April 28

Eight days after that, we have differently-exciting conjunction of Mars and Neptune on April 28.  While Mars can be very excitable, Neptune adds some false enhancements to the energy. Neptune and Mars can also result in mysterious losses of energy and motivation; it can also mean deceived/deluded force applied, action applied with errors and misguidances, etc.

Advent of Comet 12/P Pons-Brooks

As this was enough sky signs to consider already, we also the serendipitous appears of comet 12P/Pons-Brooks, making perihelion (closest to the Sun) on April 21, 2024.  This means that when the sky is suddenly plunged into darkness for a few minutes we will be able to see this comet in the sky at the same time.  It looks quite amazing already and its tail will only be growing bigger by then.  It should be quite a show.

Comets have been regarded as harbingers of change, wars or the deaths of leaders.  A comet in the sky looks like a spear, arrow or bullet.  I don’t necessarily subscribe to that belief, as seen in this entire report, there are a lot of celestial objects coming into very precise alignments.

The machinery of astrology is the Hermetic axion “As above, so below”; that is the heavens are a mirror to life on Earth below.  We’ve had major developments already such as the Moscow terrorist attack and the collapse of the Francis Scott Key bridge in Baltimore, MD.  How will the Earth “reflect” the skies in April 2024?  We’ll soon see.

Comet 12P/Pons-Brooks and the April 8 Total Solar Eclipse

Monday, April 1
April Fools Day
Mercury Stationary Retrograde
Enhanced but perhaps slightly unusual discussions or perceptions, as Mercury stops in the sky and reverses course until April 25 and resumes normal motion.  Juno opposite Mars today can bring attenuated passion/motivation to our interactions.

Tuesday, April 2
Last Quarter Moon
Relationship depth and intimacy. Potential to misuse power or authority. (Sun quintile Pluto, biquintile Juno)

Wednesday, April 3
Relationships stimulated and interactions spring from higher motivational spaces.  Be careful of accidents, injuries, etc.  (Mars quintile Uranus, Venus conjunct Neptune)

Thursday, April 4
Motivated and passionate associations.  Strong connections.  (Mars contraparallel Juno, Sun conjunct Node)

Friday, April 5
No peaking influences

Saturday, April 6
Moon Occults Saturn
Weighty seriousness as the Moon literally hides Saturn from our view.  Venus opposite the Super Galactic center and bring some emotional/romantic developments.

Sunday, April 7
Moon Occults (hides) Venus and Perigee
Purity of feelings and honesty in love.

Monday, April 8
Super New Moon Eclipse (Total)
The Sun draws a dark line up the South and Northeast US.  This could be a turning signaled.  Squandering of opportunities, thwarted ambitions.  (Jupiter tridecile Juno, Venus semisquare Jupiter, Sun contraparallel Mars and Saturn, Mercury opposite Arcturus star)

Tuesday, April 9
End of Ramadan
Mercury opposite Spica star in Virgo today can bring brilliance and good fortune.

Wednesday, April 10
Mars Conjuncts/Occults Saturn
Double whammy from malefic planets.  Frustration, but all for the toughening of character.  Carry on.  Also significant relationships developments. Uplift in afternoon, US time. (Sun sesquiquadrate Juno, Venus quincunx Juno, Moon conjunct Jupiter)

Thursday, April 11
Mercury at Inferior Conjunction
Early on, Moon over Algol and the Pleiades may indicate shock and dismay.  Mercury and the Sun conjunct may result in brilliance and important developments/decisions.  Venus and Neptune contraparallel may bring beautiful moments in love and creativity.

Friday, April 12
Audacity pays off.  Profound losses or gains.  (Jupiter tridecile Pluto, Venus opposite Diadem star)

Saturday, April 13
No time to be polite and social, get things done.  Lead with charisma and boldness, but retain humility, as one always should.  (Mars semisquare Pluto, Sun opposite Spica and Arcturus in Virgo constellation)

Sunday, April 14
No peaking influences

Mon-Tues-Wed, April 15-17
First Quarter Moon
Special relationship moments. Powerful creativity. (Venus biquintile Juno, Venus contraparallel Mars, Venus conjunct North Node)

Thursday, April 18
Early on the Moon conjuncts the regal star, Regulus in Leo constellation.  Boldness, magnanimity.

Friday, April 19
Surge of positive energy.  Ride the wave with daring.  (Mercury conjunct Venus, Mars sextile Jupiter and Uranus)

Saturday, April 20
Jupiter conjunct Uranus
Tempered good fortune, rescued misfortune.  Fluctuating emotions and health.  (Sun semisquare Saturn, Moon opposite Mars and Neptune)

Sunday, April 21
Juno Stationary Direct
Positive relationship developments.  Be careful of the abuse of power.  (Sun square Pluto, parallel Super Galactic Center)

Monday, April 22
Passover, Earth Day USA
Lyrid Meteor Shower
Relationships restrained, overcoming reticence.  (Venus semisquare Juno, contraparallel Saturn)

Tuesday, April 23
Full Moon
Venus moves into sidereal Aries. Discover passion for the next 30 days.

Wednesday, April 24
Good relationship moments. Jupiter also moves into sidereal Taurus for the next twelve months, which can portend growth of assets. (Venus opposite Spica and Arcturus stars in Virgo)

Thursday, April 25
Mercury Stationary Direct
The fickle messenger god gets straightforward again, boosting the chances of clarity and success.  Early on the day the Moon reactivates the Jupiter-Uranus conjunction of a few days ago, giving a joyous start to things.  Later on the Moon opposes the severe Pleiades.

Friday-Saturday, April 26-27
No peaking influences

Sunday, April 28
Mars conjunct Neptune
Weirdness attacking life.  Determine to be clear, true and conscientious nevertheless, choosing the higher options.

Monday, April 29
No peaking influences

Tuesday, April 30
Venus square Pluto
Severity in love, exploitation, manipulations.  Jupiter aspects Agena star today causing some inspirations.

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