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Israel Astrology: Ideology and War 2024

I fear that a sort of hubris is pushing them into new warzones that that they will not be able to sustain without imperiling their own global reputations, economy and population

Astrology Predictions January 2024: Celestial Navigation, Defiance and Unrest

Happy new year to all. The end becomes the new beginning. Life is an eternal wheel turning. We either revolve with the wheel, or we become the wheel itself. I

Trump 2.0: Announces 2nd Presidential Run

This is a different Trump, version 2.0; but we’ll see if former version comes back.  Trump the incumbent in 2024 will be much different from the outsider firebrand of 2016.

Trump Mar-a-Lago Raid: Karmic Chickens Come Home to Roost

Donald Trump Astrology 2022: FBI Raid, Legal Troubles, Political Corruption NOTE: This story is evolving with updates on the nuclear documents issue.  The article will be updated as developments come out as well as the final conclusions.  CB The August 9-10 raid on...
Biden Astrology for the Election

Biden Astrology for the Election

This article looks at the life and potential election of Joe Biden to President of the United States through the lens of Vedic astrology. Indicates an individual with drive and perseverance who is something of a long-term leader, but who has overcome and been molded by hardship.

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