The Sun in Astrology

The Sun in astrology symbolizes the spirit and core selfhood.  The sign and house it is in signifies where we are “brilliant” or “shine”.  In many ways the Sun in your chart has a significant representation of who and what you are (as will the Moon and Ascendant).

In Vedic astrology (also called Jyotish) the Sun is called Surya or Ravi.

In Eastern and Western forms of astrology the Sun rules the sign Leo, which means that those who have the Sun in Leo their Sun’s can act more true to themselves; it is exalted in the sign of Aries, which is similar to the state of rulership.   The Sun is debilitated in the sign of Aquarius, and in it’s fall in Libra; meaning that it’s energies do not normally work as well in those signs.

The Sun represents the Father, the presence of spirit and the God thereof (of whatever myth or religion); personal authority and dramatic flair; success and achievement. The Sun in your chart will always show how you will overcome and prove yourself.

Based on the condition of the Sun in our charts (determined by a few rules in chart interpretation), it shows whether we can be strong, confident and effective, or conversely weak, conflicted, and vulnerable.  The Sun is a sattvic malefic (especially according to Vedic astrology), so while it may produce crisis and challenge to our egos, bringing us to a more refined sense of personal power and authority; it is also a very spiritual energy in our life.

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