The Meaning of Mercury in Astrology

Mercury is similar to the Moon in that it represents the mind, but in a more analytical, discriminative and communicative way. It codes and decodes the thoughts and feelings we have and receive from others, and it is very connective in a rational way.

Mercury being one of the bright stars in the night sky is also appropriately bright and cheerful in its expression in our lives. Mercury is a rajasic benefic, therefore it delivers good experiences, expanding knowledge and experiences, but it can be rather infatuated, distracted, and sometimes obsessed with more sensate and exciting things that do not necessarily bring one to enlightenment and spiritual liberation.

Mercury represents how we see and perceive the world and the various filters, biases, and errors that might creep into that perception of ourselves and the world (based on potential afflictions of Mercury in your chart). The mind is what contains and defines the world we live in, without which we would not be able to do much. What we think is what determines our experiences in the world, and Mercury is associated with those processes.

Mercury is a very bright star in the sky and benefic in its effects. Transits and progressions to or from Mercury usually coincide with important communications, whether they be verbal, written, or electronic, and periods of time where one is “using one’s head”.

In Vedic astrology Mercury is called Budha, associated with the seed (bija) syllableS BUM (“put”) and AIM, and the mantra OM BUDHYA NAMAHA.


Hermes, or Mercury, Messenger God

Mercury, or the Greek Hermes, was basically the god of commerce and wealth, language and travel.  His winged feet gave him speed, just like messages can travel over the air, airwaves, wires, etc.  He was also a mishievous and cunning god, as well as a trickster.

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Mercury in Astrology


Budha is the son of Soma (the Moon) and Tara, the wife of Brihaspati (Jupiter).  Budha was the favorite of Tara because of his radiant beauty (as Mercury is beautiful star seen in the night skies).  Brihaspati was enraged at Tara’s infidelity, but soon after Brihaspati became enamored of Budha also.  Budha is typically pictured with a green face and astride a lion.