June 30, 2024
July 2024 Astrology: Powerful Conjunction of Mars and Uranus in Taurus Directly Under the “Evil” Star Algol
by Curtis Burns,

Mars, Uranus under Malefic Star Algol in Taurus: Potential Disruptive Changes to Life

Shiva Mars Uranus Algol

Shiva, Lord of the Dance

The big news this month is the conjunction of Mars and Uranus in the sign of Taurus (sidereal or tropical positions) on Monday, July 15, 2024.  This happens about every 18 months and it is usually considered to be a few days of potential strife, alarm or upset; sometimes even like the spark that sets off the dust in a grain bin, BOOM!  This month will be a very “special” occurance of that phenomenon, more on that a little later.

Tension can arise, building up over long periods of time, suppressed by our normal social boundaries and rules of what is appropriate or not.  Eventually though, those rules and strictures are insufficient, no longer adequate to contain and channel these emotional, social or collective energies suppressed far too long.

Thus, breakdown and attendant chaos.  Soon though the energy flows into new better patterns and society takes a quantum leap into advancement and progress, if you will.  It’s a bit scary, but only because we become comfortable with the way things are. We want to “coast”.

Sorry, not so, according to the Universe.  We must change, to be like the fire, the lightning bolt, or to be like the dancing Shiva twirling over the figure representing ignorance.

That can be the typical Mars-Uranus energy, it does not always signify trouble or disruption, but it inevitably does raise tensions.

But it is this time around in July 2024 that something extraordinary is attached to it.  You can just imagine my eyebrows suddenly arching, as yours would, at the realization of this: it will occur at almost the exact degree of the fixed star Algol. 

What is Algol?

Algol, or beta Persei, is the star in the constellation Perseus that represents the severed head of Medusa of Greek myth, sliced off with a sword by Perseus with the aid of Athena’s shield to prevent the direct gaze of Medusa into his eyes, which otherwise would turn him to stone.  So, like the sentiment surrounding this myth, Algol is associated with various kinds of “losing one’s head”, whether that be literally or figuratively.

When we get upset we “lose it”, our head; and in the French Revolution a lot of people “lost it”, courtesy of the guillotine.

Al Goul, as this star was called in the original Arabic (we owe a lot to the Arab-Persian-Islamic world regarding the study of astrology and astronomy); this is where the word “ghoul” comes from. We know that when we get upset and emotionally disturbed we turn into a ghoul of sorts, don’t we.  Algol literally means “head of the ghoul”.

Donald Trump himself of the notable big head, who will literally hiss at people like a snake, has Algol exactly on the midheaven of this horoscope.  (See his chart just above the day by day section below>)

Mars Uranus on Algol July 15, 2024

You can also see ACL denoting Alcyone of the Pleiades constellation very close and which will be conjunct by Mars and Uranus shortly threafter

On Saturday, July 20 transiting Uranus will have moved exactly over Algol and the following day Mars will have moved on a bit farther, now directly over the Pleiades cluster, specifically the star Alcyone.  In my findings, the Pleiades stars have a similar punch to that of Algol.  So, we can see a period of about a week from July 15 to 20 of some very intense activation of situations for everyone.

Images like Medusa with her severed head with snakes for hair are simply shocking and horrific.  Horror is not necessariy blood and gore, is cruelty and hate, violence and terror; from the spectrum of our private thoughts to our words and intention to their final manifestions in experience.  Most people will be okay, a far smaller few will know it directhand.  But in battlezones and arenas of contention we may be seeing some quite ugly human manifestations.

On the other side of shock and horror actually lies a liittle bit of peace because once once you actually experience the worse, it becomes a little less frightening.  You know now that you survived and are not too much the worse for the wear. Fear does not control us as much as it did before. It is liberating.  That is in little does occationally.  Not in the wholesale oblideration and genocide that goes on in parts of the world today. nor in the threat of nuclear war or economic collapse.  Maybe little doses serve to wake the world up and incentivise us to collectively take action.

The Story of The Taurus Bull

This Taurus bull of the constellation comes from the Greek myth of the Seventh Labor of Hercules.  King Minos of Create prayed to the god Poseidon to send him a great bull which he would then sacrifice in Poseidon’s honor.  After Poseidon sent him a magnficient bull, the Cretan Bull, Minos having found the bull to be too beautiful to let go of, he switched it out with another lesser bull for the sacrifice.

This enraged Poseidon who then caused the bull to run wild over Minos’ lands tearing kingdom up, and he created in the king’s wife, Pasiphae, an insane lust for the bull that she mothered a child with it, the half-man half-bull the Minotaur.

It was Heracles’ job to round up and bring the bull to other pastures, which he did.

This is the bull which is about to be figureatively set off by Mars and Uranus.  I hope you’re beginning to see the layers of abnormality and weirdness which could be ignited here around mid-month.

You can see Donald Trump has Algol within one degree of his midheaven (MC)

Day by Day

Monday, July 1
Urgency, adventure.  Relationship developments. Breaks from the past, exercise innovation, ingenuity.  (Mercury quintile Mars, Venus tridecile Neptune, Venus sextile Juno, Sun semisquare Uranus)

Tuesday, July 2
Neptune Stationary Retrograde
Liftoff, you’re in other worlds. Become sensitive to refined or subtle data for navigation.  A greater realism to your dreams and relationships.  (Venus trine Saturn, Mercury trine Neptune)

Wednesday, July 3
Intensities and obsessions, direct tremendous mental and intellectual power for good.  (Mercury opposite Pluto)

Thursday, July 4
Independence Day USA
Good day for connections, albeit obstacles in their way.  (Mercury semisquare Juno, Mars trine Juno, Mercury sesquiquadrate Saturn)

Friday, July 5
Earth at Aphelion
New Moon
Champion progress, even if it requires some grueling moments. Earth Farthest from the Sun. (Mars tridecile Pluto, Mars sextile Saturn)

Saturday, July 6
Special relationship moments.  Love in actions, commitments, sacrifices.  (Venus on Pollux and Castor stars, Moon conj Venus, Juno opposite Saturn)

Sunday, July 7
Good fortune, inspiration. Friviolity.  (Venus semisquare Jupiter, Mercury quintile Uranus, Sun opposite Vega star)

Monday, July 8
Good fortune, inspiration and excitement. (Venus sextile Uranus, Mercury sextile Jupiter)

Tuesday, July 9
Jupiter on Antares/Aldebaran Axis
Brilliance of inspiration, but also mysterious developments.  Unreliable/exaggerated information. Falterings.  (Sun tridecile Neptune)

Wednesday, July 10
Venus at Perihelion
Serious, but bright and inspired.  (Mercury tridecile Saturn, Sun trine Saturn)

Thursday, July 11
Hopeful but perhaps overly so.  Uplift, beauty.  (Venus trine Neptune, Mercury sesquiquadrate Neptune)

Friday, July 12
Moon at Apogee
Strong love and affection, distracting people and situations.  (Venus opposite Pluto, Sun sextile Juno)

Saturday, July 13
First Quarter Moon
No peaking influences

Sunday, July 14
A bit of emotional chastening before the big Mars-Uranus-Algol conjunction tomorrow.  (Venus sesquiquadrate Saturn)

Monday, July 15
Mars-Uranus-Algol conjunction
Turmoil, terror, sudden abrupt turns, shock.

Tuesday, July 16
Poignant echoes from yesterdays challenges at various times throughout the day today.  (Moon opposite Uranus, Algol, Mars, Pleiades stars)

Wednesday, July 17
Meaningful relationship turns.  (Venus semisquare Juno)

Thursday, July 18
A lot of activation of positive and bright planets, attenuate the springboard to progress.  (Jupiter quintile Neptune, Venus quintile Uranus, Sun sextile Uranus, Sun semisquare Uranus)

Friday, July 19
Wild ideas and reckless optimism.  Stay focused and practical.  (Mercury biquintile Neptune, quintile Jupiter)

Saturday, July 20
Uranus on Algol
Deeply triggered events and situations.  The straw that broke the camel’s back, if you will.  Elements of spiritual advancement that can help round out things.  (Mars sextile Neptune)

Sunday, July 21
Mars conjunct the Pleiades
Full Moon trine Mars and conjunct Pluto
Day of motivated progress. Don’t miss out or become distracted by lesser delusory goals.  (Venus sextile Jupiter and quintile Mars, Sun trine Neptune, Mars trine Pluto)

Monday, July 22
Mercury at Greatest Elongation
Thwartedness, inadequate application.  Perceptual brilliance.  (Venus and Mars (bi)quintiles to Saturn)

Tuesday, July 23
Early on, the dragons of baser motivations and needs arise to attempt seize situational hegemony.  There is a way that seems right (feels so) but only leads to further earthly enmeshment.  Seek the council of your higher nature in order to act. Deceptive emotional situations.  (Sun opposite Pluto, Venus semisquare Neptune)

Wednesday, July 24
Moon at Perigee
The Moon and Saturn together and close to the Earth.  Culmination of situational issues, take them to the next stage.

Over the next two days Mercury makes a “Finger of God” or “Yod” configuration with Neptune and Pluto will Mercury is at furthest node from the Sun.  Expect some potentially far out discussions or ideas floated about, including some transcendant experiences, or perhaps some inconvenient departures from reality.

Thursday, July 25
Mercury, Neptune, Pluto Yod formation 2 days aphelion Mercury
Audacity and courage.  Might makes right.  (Mercury conjunct Regulus star and quincunx Neptune, Sun sextile Mars)

Friday, July 26
Bitter afterthoughts and feelings, stirring resolutions.  (Sun sesquiquadrate Saturn, Venus quincunx Saturn, Mercury quincunx Pluto)

Saturday, July 27
Mercury at Aphelion
Delta-Aquarid Meteor Shower
Brilliance, perception and connections.

Sunday, July 28
Last Quarter Moon
No peaking influences

Monday, July 29
Mid-morning, US time, the Moon passes over a region of the sky that seem to set off emotional landminds: stars Algol, Pleiades, and Uranus (wandering star).  Tread carefully over sensitive territory.

Tuesday, July 30
Beautiful and surprising emotional and romantic situations.  (Juno trine Uranus, Venus biquintile Neptune)

Wednesday, July 31
Lead with innovation and genius. Liberate thought and energy in everyone.  (Sun quintile Uranus)

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