February 29, 2024
March 2024: A World without Equinoxes or Solstices
by Curtis Burns,

Vedic Astrology Readings for March 2024: Vernal Equinox and Lunar Eclipse

In March we come to the Vernal Equinox, when for about a month night and day are of about equal length, hence the word equinox.  There is one day when they are exactly equal and that is the Vernal Equinox, March 20.

It is thereafter that one starts to gain dominance, for the Northern Hemisphere it is the day, while in the Southern it is night.  For the Southern their part of the globe actually moves away from the sun, hence the decreased light.

Now if the Earth’s axis was exactly perpendicular to the plane of the solar system (called the ecliptic) there would be no changes of season, we would be in one season all year all the time.  Kind of boring it seems to me.

There would be no tropical zodiac either; i.e if the Earth was exactly perpendicular there would be no precessional wobble that causes a moving zodiac phenomenon.  There would be no equinoxes and solstices, either as I see it.  Life could get quite boring indeed.

Thank God the Earth is inclined 23 degrees obliquely to the ecliptic because now we can have astrologers who argue which zodiac is better. 🙂

I always say that we have two celestial “systems”, one based on the seasons governing terrestrial life and its inherent mundanity, while the other which is literally based on the stars stretching out to the ends of the Universe governing such things as eternity, destiny, and karma.  You might be able to tell which one I prefer.

We also have another celestial event, a little bit more confined to our solar system, a lunar eclipse.  I’m not talking about the big one next month that marks a dark trail across the United States, which everyone is taking about.  This is the preceding lunar eclipse on March 25, 2024.

Eclipses always come in pairs, and lunar and solar.  They occur basically twice a year as new and full moons occur near the Moon’s nodes; i.e. where the orbits of the Moon and Sun intersect as seem from the Earth.

Think of them as powerful new and full moons, which are so close in alignment that they literally block out the light of the other luminary.  I’ll get into that more next month, but I would anticipate a bit of disorientation and mishaps to occur right around March 25.  The human emotional-electrical system may get a bit scrambled as these celestial influences bear down upon us.

During lunar eclipses for a brief time, the Moon turns reddish-black, almost the color of blood, which is part of why ancients may have seen eclipses as harbingers of misfortune, death or loss.  That’s kind of an old fatalistic view of things, eclipses certainly do symbolically portray a new ending and beginning of sorts.

Of course there is no end, no death, only a changing of a scene, a reformulation of the same stuff.  We are eternal spirits, an aspect of God, it is the outer form that changes, takes on temporality.

Day by Day

Friday, March 1
Exciting opportunities arise, even if you don’t have the eyes to see them.  Important connections formed with many possibilities.  (Sun sextile Jupiter, Mercury opposite Juno)

Saturday, March 2
Act with honor.  Deal with conscientiously with corrupt issues and situations.  Rise to the occasion.  (Mars quincunx Juno, Mercury semisquare Pluto)

Sunday, March 3
Last Quarter Moon
Excitement and new avenues of interaction open up.  Temper hope and optimism with realism.  (Venus square Uranus, Sun opposite Juno, Jupiter semisquare Neptune)

Monday, March 4
Bold inspired moments.  (Moon conjunct Galactic Center, Mercury sextile Uranus)

Tuesday, March 5
Venus moves into the sidereal sign of Aquarius, indicating about a month of more refined, less possessive relationships spaces, less laden with personal agendas and needinesses.

Wednesday, March 6
Unusual and/or problematical behaviors may be triggered. Strive to be conscientious in what you do and choose not to do today.  Temptations.  (Sun semisquare Pluto)

Thursday, March 7
Exciting, seemingly promise-filled connections form; remember that it is all in the doing not the talking.  (Juno trine Jupiter)

Friday, March 8
Convenient, exciting, but not realistic patterns and connections may form in the mind. Pie-in-the-sky laziness.  Nevertheless, creativity is attenuated.  (Mercury conjunct Neptune, semisquare Jupiter)

Saturday, March 9
Situations and events may threaten to get out of control, yet obsolete boundaries mindsets may be falling away.  Be stridently proactive instead of merely reactionary.  Keep calm, be careful of mishaps, accidents, and injuries.  (Sun sextile and Mars square Uranus)

Sunday, March 10
Ramadan Starts
Daylight Savings Time Starts
Super New Moon – Moon at Perigee
Turn back the clock, suddenly have one more hour. Pay it back in six months.  You can’t see it, because no sunlight is reflecting off it; the “dark moon” as they call it.  However, it is also perigee, closest to the Earth today. Mischief may be afoot.

Monday, March 11
Creativity and inspiration, special love. (Mercury opposite Super Galactic Center, Venus opposite Regulus Heart of the Lion star)

Tuesday, March 12
Old meets young, cordiality and respect.  (Juno opposite Saturn, Venus quintile Jupiter)

Wednesday, March 13
Mars moves into sidereal Aquarius, about 45 days of altruistic agendas.

Thursday, March 14
Urgency, haste, jumping to conclusions.  (Mercury semisquare Mars, Moon on Algol and Pleiades stars)

Friday, March 15
Inspiration and creativity with Venus conjunct Fomalhaut star, special relationship moments.

Saturday, March 16
No peaking influences

Sunday, March 17
First Quarter Moon
Sun conjunct Neptune
Mercury at Perihelion
Depth of realizations, uncovering key secrets, but potential to misread everything.  Unnecessary self-sacrifice.  (Mercury quintile Pluto)

Monday, March 18
Engaging relationship moments.  New attractions fired.  (Venus quintile Uranus, Mercury biquintile Juno)

Tuesday, March 19
Venus at Aphelion (farthest from the Sun)
Amazing love and relationship developments. Favor and fortune with life celebrated.  (Venus opposite Juno, Sun semisquare Jupiter, Moon opposite Pluto, Mercury on the Nodes)

Wednesday, March 20
Vernal Equinox
Joyous realization of spring season, solemn welcome of autumn in the Southern Hemisphere.

Thursday, March 21
Venus conjunct Saturn
Impasses, irreconcilabilities with others.  Love thwarted, it just isn’t right.  Respectful, mature love.

Friday, March 22
The Sun opposes its Super Galactic Center counterpart.  Who and what are you, and what do you do?

Saturday, March 23
Mars, the God of War, opposes the Heart of the Lion star Regulus. Be bold and decisive.

Sunday, March 24
Mercury at Greatest Elongation
Enhanced interactions with good payoffs.  (Venus sextile Jupiter)

Monday, March 25
Full Moon – Penumbral Lunar Eclipse
The Moon turns scarlet for some people in the world.  In times past not thought as a “good” signaling war or the death of an important figure.  But change/transition can be challenging.  Today change may be deeply experienced and sudden.  (Venus semisquare Pluto, Sun semisquare Uranus)

Tuesday, March 26
Bright new meetings, relelations and insights.  (Mercury opposite Arcturus star, Juno tridecile Uranus)

Wednesday, March 27
No peaking influences

Thursday, March 28
Extra bold decisiveness, effective actions and initiatives.  Stay focused on the plan.  (Mars conj Fomalhaut star and quintile Jupiter)

Friday, March 29
Good Friday
Moon opposite the Pleiades and Algol star delivers depth of experience, perhaps shock and dismay.

Saturday, March 30
No peaking influences

Sunday, March 31
Easter Sunday
Early on powerful connections.  Later as the Moon conjuncts the Galactic Center insights and realizations.  (Pluto biquintile Juno)

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