January 31, 2024
Astrology Predictions February 2024: Venus and Mars with Pluto Triggering Love
by Curtis Burns,

Vedic Astrology Predictions for February 2024

The astrology of February 2024 has a few surprises and potentially interesting developments.

Pluto always resonates with the unconscious, where conscious will doesn’t always hold sway over matters, therefore not always the wisest of decisions are made.  However conscientiousness, if employed, can channel that Plutonic energy into significant constructive change.

Astrology of Valentine’s Day 2024

Even potentially more interesting, this configuration takes place in the middle of February; i.e. over Valentine’s Day 2024.  You can see a tight conjunction of Venus, Mars, and Pluto.

Mars conjunct Pluto and Venus on Valentine's Day Feb 2024

Therefore I am predicting a rather interesting and deep Velentine’s Day.  Deep wells of emotional energy can be triggered, resulting in powerful and potentially transforming experiences.  The love experienced could be an eclipsing-overpowering feeling but probably short-lived.  After a period of a couple of days rationality and truth reasserts itself.

But this could apply to any kind of passionate, motivated endeavor of humankind: self-development, achieving important milestones in activities, tackling and vanquishing the various dragon-problems that we deal with.

Venus and Mars in Close Association to Each Other Over February

This configuration occurs in installments over mid-February: February 5, 14, 18 and 23 to 24.  You can see there in the image below as they draw closer and closer together they also  make somewhat close square to Jupiter in Aries over through on February 24.  Jupiter adds an adventurous element to this configuration, pushing the envelop relationship-wise I would think.  Apply that to actually any kind of passionate-motivated type of endeavor that can occur, whether it is shared in relationships or not.

Feb 23, 2024 Venus conjunct Mars square Jupiter Astrology

A few days later however, Saturn comes along to put the brakes on everything; i.e. the party’s over and Saturn puts our noses to the grindstone once again.

Saturn Applies the Brakes

The next major configuration occurs over February 27-28 when the Sun, Mercury and Saturn make conjunction.  Saturn has the effect of coolling-off the pie in the sky expectations of Venus, Mars, and Pluto mentioned above, even abruptly.  But we can also hope for a kind of new realism to prevail during that time late in February. Mars and Jupiter in square simultaniously with the Sun-Mercury-Saturn conjunction may continue to enhance frustration or thwarting of inclinations and desires that the previous sets of configurations indicate.  A divided consciousness: hesitant, but also ready for action, may cause a sort of

Feb 28 2024 Sun conjunct Mercury conjunct Saturn and Mars square Saturn

You can read more details and nuances in the day by day section below.

New features at SWN

Over the years I’ve added more astrology factors to my prediction, such as fixed stars, astronomical points, asteroids, galactic points, as well as the so-called minor aspects (quintile, tridecile, semisquare, etc.). It takes more brain power on my part to interpret, but if It can be measured, and I know what it means, I feel obligated to deliver it to clients and readers of SWN to benefit from.  Service is it’s own reward.

Now I’m ready to add another factor in predicions, parallels and contra-parallels of declination with planets.   This give the opportunity to discover whether they are valid enough and useful.  We will see soon enough.

Parellels and contraparallels occur when two planets occupy the same degree of declination from the celestial equator, above or below.  The celestial equator is the earth’s equator projected out into space, giving us a coordinate system to locate stellar objects from any point on earth.

Parallels occur wen two planet occupy the same degree of declination north or south.  Contraparallels occur when two planets occupy the same degree of declination, but one is north and the other south.

Day by Day Readings

Thursday, Feb 1
Challenge the tyranny of the status quo.  Boldness.  (Sun contraparallel Uranus)

Friday, Feb 2
Groundhog Day
Mercury at Aphelion
Last Quarter Moon
Stay focused, inspiration at your commend.  Transcend impasses.  There is always a solution.  (Mars semisquare Saturn, Mercury sextile Neptune)

Saturday, Feb 3
Bright love and relationship developments. Take constructive initiatives.  Unsettling or shocking moments. (Sun biquintlle Juno, Venus quintile Neptune, Venus opposite Sirius star, Mars enters sidereal Capricorn, Moon opposite Algol early evening US time)

Sunday, Feb 4
Mars opposite Pollux and Venus on Vega stars, gives enhanced love and motivation.

Monday, Feb 5
Depth of thought and discussion opening new avenues of activity.  (Mercury conjunct Pluto and tridecile Uranus)

Tuesday, Feb 6
Rigid weak points stressed.  (Saturn quintile Uranus)

Wednesday, Feb 7
Lailat al Miraj
Openings for love.  Less egotism to taint work.  (Mars sextile Neptune, Venus trine Uranus trine Juno)

Thursday, Feb 8
Overcoming resistance to change, help from our friends.  (Sun square Uranus, Venus tridecile Jupiter, Venus conjunct Castor star)

Friday, Feb 9
Super New Moon
We can’t see it today, it’s in shadow, but the Moon is looming very near to us (perigee).

Saturday, Feb 10
Chinese New Year
Thwarted gambits, unappreciated.  (Mercury square Jupiter, Venus semisquare Saturn)

Sunday, Feb 11
Love and hopes, endeavor to know the truth.  (Venus pp Pollux star, Moon conj Juno, Mercury semisquare Neptune)

Monday, Feb 12
Relationship connections formed.  (Mercury biquintile Juno)

Tuesday, Feb 13
Moon at North Node (Rahu)
Inspiration, appreciation and opportunities.  (Venus sextile Neptune, Sun contraparallel Jupiter)

Wednesday, Feb 14
Super Valentines Day
Perhaps surprising and controversial type of romancing.  Nevertheless, time to rise to the challenge in all things, press the envelop forward for change.  Shocking disruptions, violence possible.  (Mars conjunct Pluto and tridecile Uranus)

Thursday, Feb 15
No peaking influences

Friday, Feb 16
First Quarter Moon
Clash of ideologies, misapplied zeal.  (Sun quintile Jupiter, Mercury square and contraparallel Uranus)

Saturday, Feb 17
Creative power to change.  Love seizes power.  (Venus conjunct Pluto and tridecile Uranus)

Sunday, Feb 18
Love cements contacts.  (Venus sesquiquadrate Juno)

Monday, Feb 19
President’s Day USA
Authority and recognition to rule. Sun opposite Regulus, the Heart of the Lion star.

Tuesday, Feb 20
No peaking influences

Wednesday, Feb 21
Mid-morning US time, the Moon opposes Pluto, making situations, encounters and moments intense and powerful.  Later on we have enthusiasm fanned, and the power of ideas starts to lift the scene.  (Moon opposite Venus and Mars, Mercury aspects Jupiter)

Thursday, Feb 22
Right now Venus and Mars are conjunct and parallel to each other.  Passion and relationships soar.  Ideas have the power to lift all.  (also Neptune contraparallel Juno)

Friday, Feb 23
Interesting day as three planets connect with fixed stars. Inspiration and good fortune. (Moon conj Regulus, Mercury opposite Regulus, Sun conjunct Fomalhaut star, Juno sesquiquadrate Pluto)

Saturday, Feb 24
Lailatul Barat
Full Moon
Lot of seeming opportunities, but limited access to them.  (Venus square Jupiter, Sun parallel Saturn)

Sunday, Feb 25
Moon at Apogee
Relationships opportunities to seize, but fleeting or mistaken emotions there. Mercury conjunct Fomalhaut gives bright outlook and ideas. (Mars biquintile Juno, Venus semisquare Neptune)

Monday, Feb 26
Dare to follow your inclinations, no matter who may be offended.  (Sun quintile Uranus)

Tuesday, Feb 27
Moon at South Node (Ketu)
Creative chaos, audacity can pay off.  (Mars square Jupiter, Mercury quintile Uranus, Venus contraparallel Uranus)

Wednesday, Feb 28
Mercury Superior Conjunction w/Saturn
The Sun comes exactly between the Earth, Mercury and Saturn. Then Mars and Neptune line up on the eighth harmonic; also Mercury and Saturn parallel. Trying to get to the point, but internal issues may be interfering with the success of expression.  Overcome doubt, confusion and laziness.

Thursday, Feb 29
Great flow of ideas, contagious enthusiasm.  Happy spirits and good fortune. (Mercury sextile Jupiter)


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