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May 2023: An Epicenter in Time

May 2023 has a very complex and deep astrological landscape.  I would say that the shift is in.  The world is indeed shifting before our eyes, and I can see a sort of astrological epicenter in time for the course of affairs.  Right now, May 2023.

February 2023 Astrology Forecast

Vedic Astrology Predictions for February 2023 Wednesday, Feb 1 The Moon opposes the Galactic Center; inspiration and perspective. Thursday, Feb 2 Groundhog Day Punxsutawney Phil emerges from his hole, the stars giving little today as far as clues to whether he sees...

November 2022: Lost Mars, Eclipse Election Chaos

Mars Spends Five Months in One Sign A retrograde Mars can be “bad” enough, a Mars retrograde in debilitation (Taurus) is potentially even worse. Planets are called “wandering stars” because they move about quick quickly against the backdrop of the stars of the...

October 2022: Shifting Toward a New Phase

The first weekend of October 2022 and into the next week is pretty amazing from the standpoint of astrology.  Things may precipitate to awareness collectively as well as individually, with abruptness and weightiness.

March 2022 Astrology Predictions

March 2022 Astrology Predictions

Since we are all one planetary body, and each of us is like a cell moving across the surface, we all resonate together to the perpetual music of the heavenly bodies.  Those days indicate a swelling, as it were, of the amplitude of that music

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