Author: Curtis Burns

March 2018: Vernal Equinox, Stelliums and Ideology

So we get a taste of possibly the higher-leveraged success that is potential with Jupiter in Scorpio, but it doesn’t really kick in until much later this year.  Jupiter in Libra is more of a relational and refining type of energy, hopefully bringing elements into balance before they undergo the Scorpionic stresses and intensity.

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February 2018: An Angry Eclipse

I say an angry eclipse because the Sun is debilitated in Aquarius and then it receives a Vedic fourth-house aspect from Mars in Scorpio. An afflicted Sun as such can give rise to an underlying sense of powerlessness, which can trigger a sort of over-compensating forcefulness or aggression, which the aspect from Mars could aggravate.

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December 2018 Predictions

Friday, Dec 1 Three hits on Uranus today may incite some unexpected and somewhat status-quo-threatening results.  Be careful or rashness, irrationality, or dangerous impetuosity. Take care with accidents, injuries and body-parts in general.  Boldness may pay off well.  Relationships enter new territory.  (Mars opposite Uranus, Sun sesquiquadrate Uranus, Venus biquintile Uranus) Saturday, Dec 2 Excitement continues today.  Ego may rub each other the wrong way.  Be careful.  Situations, relationships and opportunities may present themselves in ways that they cannot actually deliver upon.  Inspiration and creativity is high.  (Jupiter trine Neptune, Sun semisquare Mars)  Sunday, Dec 3, Mercury Stationary Retrograde,...

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