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Bringing together concepts of Vedic and Western astrology, we help you to make sense of your life on planet Earth and to prosper in these modern times .  See our personal vedic astrology readings. 

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February 1-6 Astrology Predictions

Wednesday, Feb 1
The Moon opposes the Galactic Center; inspiration and perspective.

Thursday, Feb 2
Groundhog Day
Punxsutawney Phil emerges from his hole, the stars giving little today as far as clues to whether he sees his shadow or not.

Friday, Feb 3
Rebellion of the ego, not usually a helpful thing.  Do you resist change?  Why?  (Sun square Uranus)

Saturday, Feb 4
Moon at Apogee
Accentuation on relationships, love and attraction. Opportunity to discover greater cooperative success.  (Venus square Mars, Juno quintile Pluto, Mars sextile Juno)

Sunday, Feb 5
Full Moon
It’s not officially a super new moon, but close enough by my reckoning.  The Moon is closest to Earth, but because it’s a new moon we can’t see it.  But it’s there.  Hidden splits, fractures in relationships brought out; opportunity to achieve greater harmony together as you go forward.  (Juno semisquare Saturn)

Monday, Feb 6
Seeing the interconnected oneness of things, you are the master of reality.  (Mercury sextile Neptune)

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Solar Eclipse (partial): Oct 25, 2022

Lunar Eclipse (total): Nov 7-8, 2022

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