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Bringing together concepts of Vedic and Western astrology, we help you to make sense of your life on planet Earth and to prosper in these modern times .  See our personal vedic astrology readings. 

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April 15-27 Astrology Predictions

Mon-Tues-Wed, April 15-17
First Quarter Moon
Special relationship moments. Powerful creativity. (Venus biquintile Juno, Venus contraparallel Mars, Venus conjunct North Node)

Thursday, April 18
Early on the Moon conjuncts the regal star, Regulus in Leo constellation.  Boldness, magnanimity.

Friday, April 19
Surge of positive energy.  Ride the wave with daring.  (Mercury conjunct Venus, Mars sextile Jupiter and Uranus)

Saturday, April 20
Jupiter conjunct Uranus
Tempered good fortune, rescued misfortune.  Fluctuating emotions and health.  (Sun semisquare Saturn, Moon opposite Mars and Neptune)

Sunday, April 21
Juno Stationary Direct
Positive relationship developments.  Be careful of the abuse of power.  (Sun square Pluto, parallel Super Galactic Center)

Monday, April 22
Passover, Earth Day USA
Lyrid Meteor Shower
Relationships restrained, overcoming reticence.  (Venus semisquare Juno, contraparallel Saturn)

Tuesday, April 23
Full Moon
Venus moves into sidereal Aries. Discover passion for the next 30 days.

Wednesday, April 24
Good relationship moments. Jupiter also moves into sidereal Taurus for the next twelve months, which can portend growth of assets. (Venus opposite Spica and Arcturus stars in Virgo)

Thursday, April 25
Mercury Stationary Direct
The fickle messenger god gets straightforward again, boosting the chances of clarity and success.  Early on the day the Moon reactivates the Jupiter-Uranus conjunction of a few days ago, giving a joyous start to things.  Later on the Moon opposes the severe Pleiades.

Friday-Saturday, April 26-27
No peaking influences

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March 2024: A World without Equinoxes or Solstices

March 2024: A World without Equinoxes or Solstices

In March we come to the Vernal Equinox, when for about a month night and day are of about equal length, hence the word equinox.  There is one day when they are exactly equal and that is the Vernal Equinox, March 20. It is thereafter that one starts to gain dominance, for the Northern Hemisphere it is the day, while in the Southern it is night.  For the Southern their part of the globe actually moves away from the sun, hence the decreased light.

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