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March 21-27 Astrology Predictions

Tuesday, March 21
Super New Moon (New Moon at Perigee)Jupiter semisquare Saturn, Venus, Juno, Nodes Conjunct
It is a watershed moment for life, love, and relationships.  There is a very rare alignment of “love” planets in our sky right now, as well as the over-arching lords of the skies, Jupiter and Saturn.  It’s a super new moon, to boot!  For every win or loss, there are lessons to be learned.  So, all is good, even when it’s not.

Wednesday, March 22
Moon occults Jupiter
While the Moon literally eclipses the sparkling Jupiter star in the sky, the Sun moves into aspect to Uranus and the Super Galactic Center.  Sometimes change requires a little kick to effectively happen.  (Sun semisquare Uranus)

Thursday, March 23
Lot of energy and enthusiasm craving for direction and purpose, deploy to your highest, best aspirations.  (Mars quintile Jupiter)

Friday, March 24
Moon occults Venus
Early on (especially US time) the Moon rolls across major alignment of last Tuesday, the 21st.  Learn to connect with sincerity, even if it means finding your heart first. Be wary of your own dysfunctions. (Moon conjunct Juno, Venus and Uranus,, Mercury quintile Pluto)

Saturday, March 25
Trigger day.  Learn to make problems benefits.  Rise to the occasion. Love begins with yourself. (Mars quincunx Pluto, Venus semisquare Neptune, Moon conjunct Algol and Pleiades stars)

Sunday, March 26
The Moon crosses the Aldebaran/Antares axis; the Eye of the Bull the Heart of the Scorpion.  Special moments to face hard decisions.

Monday, March 27
Difficulty to address, to progress.  Dogging discouragements.  Keep with things, by endurance the problems lose their power over us.  (Mercury semisquare Saturn)

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Solar Eclipse (partial): Oct 25, 2022

Lunar Eclipse (total): Nov 7-8, 2022

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