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Bringing together concepts of Vedic and Western astrology, we help you to make sense of your life on planet Earth and to prosper in these modern times .  See our personal vedic astrology readings. 

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December 1-7 Astrology Predictions

Friday, Dec 1
Early on, moments of intensity. Choose wisely.  (Moon opposite Pluto)

Saturday, Dec 2
As the Sun crosses the Heart of the Scorpion star Antares, Mercury and Saturn sextile, giving us depth of understanding.  Powerful, orderly processes.

Sunday, Dec 3
Excitement, but dubious, of not overblown gains.  Proceed respectfully with relationships.  (Venus square Pluto, Mars quincunx Jupiter, Mars tridecile Neptune)

Monday, Dec 4
Mercury Greatest Elongation
Excitement, daring, and accomplishment.  (Sun biquintile Jupiter)

Tuesday, Dec 5
Last Quarter Moon
Hopeful and sublime relationship spaces, but the possibility of unconscious agendas driven therein.  (Venus biquintile Neptune and trine Sturn, Sun semisquare Pluto)

Wednesday, Dec 6
Neptune Stationary Direct
Potential to escape to a dreamland retreat, away from life’s challenging hurdles.  Yet sometimes the challenge or dilemma exists only in our mind, rightfully dismissed as a passing illusion.  Relationship developments, but hardly substantial.  (Venus semisquare Juno, Mercury tridecile Juno and sesquiquadrate Uranus)

Thursday, Dec 7
Mercury in trine to Jupiter opens high expectations, stretching truth if seemingly expediently necessary.

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December 2023 Astrology: Zeus Lights Up the Skies

December 2023 Astrology: Zeus Lights Up the Skies

In the Northern Hemisphere we are rounding the last corner of autumn with the winter solstice on Dec 22.  Winter to me embodies the ultimate paradox that life and death are, you can’t have one without the other.  Life is indeed a circle, even the whole universe itself (according to some cosmological theories) has cyclic growth and contraction phases.  Just like the human heart.

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