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Bringing together concepts of Vedic and Western astrology, we help you to make sense of your life on planet Earth and to prosper in these modern times .  See our personal vedic astrology readings. 

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May 20-28 Astrology Predictions

Monday, May 20
Intensity, arduousness, facing the deeper intractable issues in life and love.  (Saturn quintile Sun, Sun conj Pleiades and Venus conjunct Algol)

Tuesday, May 21
Go, do.  Overcome opposition.  Gain constructivity.  (Sun semisquare Mars)

Wednesday, May 22
Access power to conscientiously address sticky issues.  (Sun trine Pluto, Moon opposite Algol in evening US time)

Thursday, May 2
Full Moon in Taurus-  Wesak
Magical spaces, but some emotional discontentment.  (Venus conjunct Jupiter and Sextile Neptune, Venus quintile Saturn)

Friday, May 24
No peaking influences

Saturday, May 25
Great feeling, but can be but some delusion involved.  Despair, demotivation.  (Venus trine Pluto, Mercury semisquare Neptune)

Sunday, May 26
No peaking influences

Monday, May 28
Memorial Day USA
Arrogance and malevolence. Calmness prevails, insights for growth.  (Jupiter conjunct Pleiades stars, Mercury sextile Saturn)

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