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February 19-29 Astrology Predictions

Monday, Feb 19
President’s Day USA
Authority and recognition to rule. Sun opposite Regulus, the Heart of the Lion star.

Tuesday, Feb 20
No peaking influences

Wednesday, Feb 21
Mid-morning US time, the Moon opposes Pluto, making situations, encounters and moments intense and powerful.  Later on we have enthusiasm fanned, and the power of ideas starts to lift the scene.  (Moon opposite Venus and Mars, Mercury aspects Jupiter)

Thursday, Feb 22
Right now Venus and Mars are conjunct and parallel to each other.  Passion and relationships soar.  Ideas have the power to lift all.  (also Neptune contraparallel Juno)

Friday, Feb 23
Interesting day as three planets connect with fixed stars. Inspiration and good fortune. (Moon conj Regulus, Mercury opposite Regulus, Sun conjunct Fomalhaut star, Juno sesquiquadrate Pluto)

Saturday, Feb 24
Lailatul Barat
Full Moon
Lot of seeming opportunities, but limited access to them.  (Venus square Jupiter, Sun parallel Saturn)

Sunday, Feb 25
Moon at Apogee
Relationships opportunities to seize, but fleeting or mistaken emotions there. Mercury conjunct Fomalhaut gives bright outlook and ideas. (Mars biquintile Juno, Venus semisquare Neptune)

Monday, Feb 26
Dare to follow your inclinations, no matter who may be offended.  (Sun quintile Uranus)

Tuesday, Feb 27
Moon at South Node (Ketu)
Creative chaos, audacity can pay off.  (Mars square Jupiter, Mercury quintile Uranus, Venus contraparallel Uranus)

Wednesday, Feb 28
Mercury Superior Conjunction w/Saturn
The Sun comes exactly between the Earth, Mercury and Saturn. Then Mars and Neptune line up on the eighth harmonic; also Mercury and Saturn parallel. Trying to get to the point, but internal issues may be interfering with the success of expression.  Overcome doubt, confusion and laziness.

Thursday, Feb 29
Great flow of ideas, contagious enthusiasm.  Happy spirits and good fortune. (Mercury sextile Jupiter)

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