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January 25-31, 2022 Astrology Predictions

Tuesday, Jan 25
Last Quarter Moon
Moon opposite Uranus gives unexpected and exciting connections and moments.

Wednesday, Jan 26
Get real!  What you think is true may be so, so wrong, especially about yourself. Better to be humble than humbled.  Energy and motivation may seem hard to access, don’t choke. Moon opposite Algol bring shocks (7:37 pm CST). (Sun semisquare Neptune)

Thursday, Jan 27
Destiny and people align.  Moon aspect Pleiades stars (2:04 am CST) can deliver intensity.  (Mercury conjunct Juno, Moon aspect Aldebaran/Antares stars)

Friday, Jan 28
Tame that obstinate, obsessive, lower magnetism of thought; gain that much more power.  (Mercury conjunct Pluto, Moon conjunct Galactic Center)

Saturday, Jan 29
Venus Stationary Direct
The Moon moves across Mars and Venus today as Venus itself switches direction in the sky.  Strong relationship and love developments. Learn the fine dance of love, how it lies somewhere in between desire and beauty.

Sunday, Jan 30
Moon at Perigee
Seize the initiative.  Use surprise to your favor.  No hesitation.  (Sun square Uranus, Moon conjunct Mercury and Pluto)

Monday, Jan 31
New Moon
Relationships accentuated early on. (Moon conjunct Juno)

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Uranus: to Jan 18, 2022

Venus: Dec 19, 2021 to Jan 29, 2022

Mercury: Jan 14, 2022 to Feb 3, 2022

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Moon Phases

New Moon: Jan 2, 2022

First Quarter Moon: Jan 9, 2022

Full Moon: Jan 17, 2022

Last Quarter Moon: Jan 25, 2022

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Partial Lunar Eclipse: Nov 19, 2021

Total Solar Eclipse: Dec 4, 2021

Partial Solar Eclipse: April 30, 2022

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