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Pluto Crosses the Galactic Hub

Pluto now is on the Galactic Center, the Hub of our Milky Way Galaxy.  This is a cycle that culminates only once every 248 years.  In 2007 it happens again; what does it mean for the world?  {mosimage}  I was reminded in an...

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“Demoted” Pluto May Roar Yet

It appears now Pluto has been downgraded in planetary status, from full planet now to “minor planet.”  Nature is funny in the way that it surprises us from time to time.  We certainly may see how on Sept 4, 2006; if Pluto still...

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{mosimage} Pluto is the “big heavy” of the planets in astrology; it rules the process of destruction, death, decay, and then resurrection.  People strongly influenced by Pluto in their charts, for the most part, are very...

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