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Pluto is the "big heavy” of the planets in astrology; it rules the process of destruction, death, decay, and then resurrection.  People strongly influenced by Pluto in their charts, for the most part, are very powerful; and they are very quiet and subtle in their ways.  It is a rare chart that handles the energies of Pluto with equanimity and unattachment.  

Pluto has an affinity to nuclear power, it use and abuse; the gross use of temporal power on the world stage such as in government and finance; and other human corruption such as the crime world, and even such things as the sex industry.  All of these are the elements of civilization that go BOOM in the end; this is what Pluto represents. 

There is almost nothing redeeming about the nature of Pluto, except that which an individual will gain from RESISTING its influence.  As I alluded to above, only those individuals of almost spotless character can harness the energy of Pluto, everybody deals with it however, and makes it life “interesting”. 

Transits and progression of Pluto indicate times of great change usually brought about by some crisis, breakdown, or temptation in life.  It does not seem like a “nice” universe or God would put us through such things, but in almost no other way can profound change occur in our lives. 

Pluto represents karma returning to us having to do with the abuse of power from our past; whether it be in brutality, violence, or coercion; or even in secretive or “occult” ways such as black magic, or some other unusual phenomenon that we have in our past.  So while God is too pure to send us “evil” to deal with, actually the “evil” is our own boomeranging back according to the law of karma. 
Mercury, God of Thieves

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