June 22, 2024
Israel Astrology: Ideology and War 2024
by Curtis Burns,

Astrology of Israel 2024The Israel-Hamas war, started with a surprise attack on Israel on October 7, 2023, is growing into region-wide conflict and there show no signs of abatement or reconciliation soon.  Moving past Hamas guerrilla warfare in the ruins of Gaza, Israel is now openly planning to invade Lebanon in an offensive against Hezbollah, who is allied with Hamas.

Israel is still a small country, albeit with a high-tech military force.  I fear that a sort of hubris is pushing them into new warzones that that they will not be able to sustain without imperiling their own global reputations, economy and population.  This, of course, drags the US and Iran into the picture, obligated to act with their forces, which sets more geopolitical dominos in motion.

I believe that the upcoming astrology of Israel as a nation indicates a reckless course of military initiatives that have almost no positive outcomes, lest of for themselves.

The Horoscope of Israel: Good fortune, Self-Assured Ethno-Statism

There are a few significant features of the chart of Israel, both in its natal configurations and then it’s upcoming predictive cycles.

Horoscope of Israel

Vedic Sidereal Horoscope of Israel, May 14, 1948, 4 pm, Tel Aviv, Israel

We can see that sidereal Libra is rising, the symbol of the Libran sales implies that of righting injustices, equalizing the paying field, if you will.  Indeed, the modern state of Israel was created with the specific idea of giving a homeland to Jews who have been persecuted and dispossessed of their lands (to one degree or another) over centuries and centuries.

With Venus disposing the Libran ascendant in Gemini in the ninth house (the house of ideas and creeds) there is a strong religious theme running, and there is an aura of good fortune and abundance, favor with others.

Indeed, Israel came about with the blessings of the United Nations and all the heads of Western nations and continues to receive acclaims, honors and wealth by other nations to this day. Jupiter in rulership aspecting Venus here only reinforces this economic/political state of affairs; it even suggests that Israel is the land of “God’s Chosen People”, or at they like to think of themselves that way.

Venus disposed by the Sun and Mercury in Taurus in the eighth house again reinforces the power and influence of Israel.

Sidereal Horoscope of Israel

Israel Astrology: Cruelty and Arrogance

Israel Astrology 2024Mars is in dominating Leo, they tend to act as a self-directed agent on the world scene; what’s good for them is good for the world.

The tenth house of reputation and prestige has an interesting combination of planets in rulership and then debility, depicting a sort of mixed or troubled perception by the world.

Prior to the migration of the Jews to what was called at the time Palestine, they were in effect aliens, come from another land.  There were in fact decreed to have Palestine by authorities very far away who were simply not indigenous, that is, Lords Rothschilds and Balfour in Great Britain.  There is no ready legitimacy, except that which by force can be affixed to it, and that is always going to cause contention, and using one’s religious affiliation to give that legitimacy is quite problematical itself.

As an ethno-state (for Jews) that is a very maternal type of governing basis as it is denoted by the Moon in rulership (Cancer) in the tenth house.  It is a government very identified with its peoples and ways of life.

Saturn there in Cancer (debilited) denotes a very authoritative or oppressive element of the government, which can be very rigid or cruel at times. Together with Mars in Leo, statecraft for Israel could be a very extreme affair.

Jupiter the planet of ideas and philosophies, is strong in Sagittarius (it’s rulership), but it is retrograde and in the sixth and eighth houses from the Moon and the Sun, respectively.  Jupiter is strong but such afflictions point to biases and distortions for the sake of expedience at times, as well as simple arrogance.  Note also that Jupiter makes trine to Mars in fiery Leo.

Jupiter as the Igniting of the Hamas-Israel War

Jupiter Dasa Signaling the Start

Most interestingly, Jupiter was the most activated point in the horoscope of Israel at the time of the current conflict.  In fact is was set off on the very day of the current Hamas conflect, October 7, 2023; which shows an obvious ideological/propagandistic component of this current war, becoming their crusade, if you will, in their existential struggle against the Muslim world, and being as “over the top” as they can in doing so as the gaudy god Jupiter would do.

Transiting Jupiter Setting Things Off As Well

You can see there that on the very days of the Hamas attacks, Jupiter was moving right over the Israel natal North Node (Rahu) position.  While Rahu is an active/aggressive indicator in the chart, note also that it is the warlike sign of Aries, ruled by the warrior god, Mars.  Remember also that Israel’s Mars is in imperious Leo.  Israel’s seizing the attack as an opportunity to wage war on Hamas is readily apparent.

Jupiter Transits on Hamas Attacks

Transiting Uranus and Israel

Speaking of gods, there is another god involved here and his influence had not culminated yet: Uranus.

Transiting Uranus on the Israel SunUranus the planet that causes shifts and upheavals, is on approach to the Israel natal Sun, which peaks over 2024 and through April 1, 2025.   Basically the structure holding things together cannot contain forces being subject to it.  One might see internal divisions emerging. The old school invaded by the new school.

In 2026-27 transiting Pluto will be in opposition to the Israel natal Moon, which would definitely be the next phase of a national Israel  transformation/collapse.


So, it doesn’t take much to see that the planetary markers showing major developments in the near future, probably within three years. Especially for Israel.  Wars are expensive undertakings, in lives, the environment, economics and culture, it may take a long time before the phoenix will rise from the ashes of such and engulfing conflict, especially with both sides being nuclear armed.

All the players is so hardened into their objectives, they see it as an existential showdown (exaggerated or not), including that of the Ukraine war concurrently.   The whole world is aligned along the axis of emerging world powers (Russia, China, BRICS nations) and the old guard US-UK-EU alliance and their military might.  There doesn’t seem to be much in the way of sanity or peace in the offing, at least on the part of one side.

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