June 1, 2024
June 2024 Predictions: Procession of Planets June 3
by Curtis Burns,

You will have to get up before sunrise and be able to look low in the east to see this.  All of the planets of the solar system (including the Moon) will be rising before the Sun and will be relatively close together.  In astrological terms they will be all in the same quadrant of a horoscope.

This is a somewhat rare occurance in the sky, and in astrological terms again it is like the Sun’s entourage going before him.  The Sun being the royal figure.  Something big may be coming up.  The last time something happened like this it coincided with the US Supreme Court taking down the landmark Roe vs. Wade law.

Having a late start to this post, I hope to have more posted soon.  Come back in the next few days for more.

Procession of Stars June 2024

Saturday, June 1
The fantastic may seem ordinary, empowerment of dreams.  Shocking, perhaps amazing revelations, perceptions. Developments in love. (Sun quintile Neptune, Venus square Juno, Mars opposite Spica and Arcturus stars, Mercury conjunct Algol)

Sunday, June 2
Powerful activation, appreciation of beauty, optimism but perhaps recklessness.  (Jupiter trine Pluto, Venus quintile Neptune, Mercury sextile Neptune)

Monday, June 3
Gained experience, wisdom.  Clarity, but may require some applied reasoning. Romantic developments. (Mercury quintile Saturn and conjunct Pleiades stars, Mars sesquiquadrate Juno)

Tuesday, June 4
The ability to persuade, charm and win people over.  Moon on Algol star later on, may bring shocking reactions to disturbing developments. (Mercury conjunct Jupiter and trine Pluto, Sun conjunct Venus)

Wednesday, June 5
Midmorning US time, the Moon over Mercury and Jupiter can help elicit creative and positive spaces in your life.

Thursday, June 6
New Moon
Deep and powerful emotional/romantic space that can eclipse other life-considerations.  (Sun and Venus sesquiquadrate Pluto)

Friday, June 7
No peaking influences

Saturday, June 8
Warmth turns cold, fears eclipse love. Insight and compassion emerge.  (Venus square Saturn, Mercury quintile Neptune)

Sunday, June 9
Hard stop, buzz-kill issues and difficulties.  Self-generate compensating optimism and confidence. (Sun square Saturn)

Monday, June 10
New turns, new friends and experiences.  (Juno tridecile Uranus)

Tuesday, June 11
No time for tact, overcome mental confusion and limiting mindsets.  Go to war.  (Mars square Pluto, and Mercury semisquare Mars)

Wednesday, June 12
Overcome mental obstructions and negative attitudes.  (Mercury square Saturn)

Thursday, June 13
Mercury at Perihelion
Realize, connect.  Deep attractions.  (Venus biquintile Pluto)

Friday, June 14
First Quarter Moon
Hard-felt difficulties, overcome weaknesses.  Be careful of bones, muscles and injuries overall.  New inspirations. (Mars semisquare Saturn, Sun conjunct Mercury, Venus opposite Galactic Center)

Saturday, June 15
Penetrative insight and intentions. Avoid the abuse of power. (Sun and Mercury biquintile Pluto)

Sunday, June 16
Beguiling love.  (Venus square Neptune)

Monday, June 17
Escapism, overoptimism; in love and life.  Seek to know that what may seem too good to be true, probably is. (Mercury conj Venus square Neptune)

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