May 18, 2010
Inspired Solutions to Pessimistic Patterns
by Curtis Burns,

Jupiter, Saturn, Venus, and Pluto Grand Square May 2010

The interesting thing about this week is that there will be a big “cross” in the sky on Sunday, May 23, 2010; Jupiter will oppose Saturn and Venus opposes Pluto.  It’s a very wide grand square in the sidereal mutable signs; so I’m thinking this weekend will be significant in a lot of ways at one level or another for everybody.

Last week I covered the Jupiter/Saturn opposition, and the themes of muted or afflicted enthusiasm will continue.  Saturn is basically holding Jupiter to the fire, making sure promises (which Jupiter does so well) become actual manifestation (which Saturn is famous for bringing about).  Jupiter also exerts his ability to rise above the mundane with God-like lightning upon Saturn’s tendency to become overly pessimistic or fall back into problematical behaviors.

Venus and Pluto add energy to the relationship and emotional equation this weekend, powerful feelings will probably arise which have the ability to bring about permanent change in our lives.  Things happen when they happen, and the emotional impact when things do manifest will be unique every time.  I think you’ll agree though that it is the emotions that deliver things on a visceral level, and their effects are nearly irrevocable.  I’ve noticed many times a great increase in emotional intensity when Venus aspects Pluto, regardless if love or relationships are involved or not.

Relationships indeed will have powerful moments, and the way that we handle those moments determines the “good” that comes out of a Pluto transit.  Nevertheless, it is going to be an interesting summer (winter for those in the southern hemisphere).

Tues, May 18
Relationships may suffer frustrating moments, a feeling of obstruction or inhibition may affect feelings and connections.  Nevertheless important connections will be highlighted, less tempestuous and more refined and purposeful.  (Venus square Saturn trine Neptune, Sun trine Saturn)

Wed, May 19
Deeply pathological behaviors may be activated; honor, integrity, and tact in actions may be absent.  Unusual and/or suddenly developing relationship situations may occur.  (Sun square Neptune, Sun biquintile Pluto, Mercury trine Pluto, Venus square Uranus)

Thurs, May 20
Feelings of dissatisfaction with the present status of affairs may rise, the potential for sudden developments and innovation are highlighted and confident enough individuals may act on their impulses.  (Sun sextile Uranus)

  • A massive nation-wide strike takes place in Greece effectively paralyzing the economy today in a protest move by the people, this just as Jupiter and Saturn start to make their exact opposition, coupleed with today’s Sun-Uranus sextile signifying discontent.
  • The Dow Jones Industrials drops over 376 points, spooked by fears of the European debt crisis will spread, Euro in continued decline.

Fri, May 21
Ardor, enthusiasm, and passion may be lit off driving action, possibly reckless and ill-thought-out.  Excitement should be high, and as they say: “fortune favors the bold”.  (Mars biquintile Jupiter)

Sat, May 22
A feeling of hindered progress or muted success may start to become very tangibly felt, the influence of which will be peaking tomorrow.

Sun, May 23
An undercurrent of frustration may dog otherwise legitimately successful project, but strong feelings and powerful relationship dynamics may be setting up to add color to the moment.  A word of circumspection on emotions: they may seize the attention temporarily and lead us to believe that we are on the right track with something, but soon the energy fades and we are right back to where we originally were.  A lot of emotions are colored by subconscious predisposing factors which have a great influence over us, but are not necessarily having any intrinsic truth to them. So Venus aspecting Pluto today will bring out a lot of powerful emotions which can have a warping effect on our sense of perspective.  (Jupiter opposite Saturn, Venus opposite Pluto)

Mon, May 24
No peaking influences

Curtis Burns


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