March 28, 2006
The Specter of War Pt II: Seeds of a New World War
by Curtis Burns,

In light of some of the recent articles I've posted; I want to point to what I think are some of the indicators of the extreme use of force (i.e. potential nuclear) by the White House in its astrology.

In the chart of the Bush 2005 Inauguration I believe there is a very strong war theme: Mars, the planet that signifies war and destruction, very strong in the eighth house, which is the most problematical, intense, and death-producing of all of the houses in a chart. This is known in Vedic astrology as sarala yoga, that which gives strength and victory in battle. Victory in battle, as I'm sure you can imagine nevertheless is very costly in terms of lives and resources.


Second: Mars is conjunct (within six degrees) the planet Pluto which I would call here the “dark intensifier”. Pluto has been connected with the uses of nuclear energy, and by nature Pluto indicates breakdown, decay, and the abuse of power.

Thirdly: Rahu (the Moon's North Node) falls in contentious and aggressive Aries in the ascendant; this indicates that the Bush Administration is very zealous and precipitate in its uses of force; and coupled with the conjunction of Mars and Pluto above, I would say that this chart holds the potential of the extreme use of force, i.e. nuclear weapons if worse comes to worse.

New US Policies on the Use of Nuclear Weapons

People need to understand now that the US government has officially approved the use of low-grade tactical nuclear weapons in the form of “bunker buster” bombs to be used in the so-called war on terror. You don't hear about this on mainstream media outlets; but if you do your research you'll find it is all very real.

It is assumed that these weapons are “safe” because they are of minimum megatonage and only will be used in assaults on underground installations; that is, while they may be dropped from the air, the warheads first will penetrate many feet into the ground before they explode. The resulting damage will be minimized since the blast will not shoot far into the sky and spread radioactive fallout over a large area. However these theories have been disputed vigorously.

Supposedly also the use of nuclear weapons (of low grade tactical kind) would be justified by some potential event or development along the lines of another 9-11 that could be either synthetically brought about, or spun into some action that requires this level of response. I don't want to go into a historical tangent on this theme; but please understand that wars for the most part hardly ever come about just by themselves.


Some Informative and Important Links and Articles:

With the proliferation of nuclear weapons already into Russia and satellite states, China, North Korea, India, Pakistan, Great Britain, and Israel; it's not hard to see that an escalation of uses of nuclear weapons could occur; and that the world could be headed into a “world war III” scenario very quickly.

Depleted Uranium Munitions

One can easily qualify the already-used depleted uranium (DU) munitions in the Iraq wars, Afghanistan, and the Balkans as nuclear warfare.

What is DU? DU is a way to maximize destructive power in a ballistic weapon; it is a highly dense (heavy), very hot, burning piece of metal (about 3,000 degrees) in a shell casing that punches through almost any kind of structure and explodes on contact leaving a cloud of highly toxic radioactive nano-sized particulates which covers all surfaces and personnel. The half-life of DU is on the order of 4.5 billion years. Already depleted uranium particles have been carried by winds to Great Britain, Europe, and all over the Middle East.

All manner of deaths, cancers, and birth defects are attributable to the use of depleted uranium. DU (as it's called) is an awful, terrible weapon of mass destruction which you need to understand, and which the world is only beginning to know more openly about. There are probably tens of thousand of US troops that have been irradiated by DU used by the US military. Horrendous birth defects have been occurring throughout all Iraq since the beginning of the war.

This is quite hard to accept but it has been estimated that the use of depleted uranium munitions used in the Iraq wars already has released the equivalent radiation of over 400,000 Hiroshima bombs. This is already a nuclear war. Who indeed is using weapons of mass destruction? Who is accountable?

In the last few days the Iranian government has decided it will not be holding its oil bourse until at least six more months or maybe a year or two from now; so maybe the seeming economic urgency to start a war is not so acute now. Some would say that the previously-cited economic reasons for making a preemptive war on Iran, that an new Iranian oil bourse that does not accept US dollars would collapse the US/global monetary system is not so important since all currencies are fluid, fiat currencies and not just the dollar. Some people say that the reason the US intends to attack Iran is simply to crush Islamic threats to US hegemony worldwide.

A new war is still possible, and the US government is still gearing up for it; but the timetable is not “in the next ten minutes.” There can be no doubt however that such a war will take the entire world much, much closer to a world war scenario.


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