Pluto Crosses the Galactic Hub

by | Jan 8, 2007 | Current Events

Pluto now is on the Galactic Center, the Hub of our Milky Way Galaxy.  This is a cycle that culminates only once every 248 years.  In 2007 it happens again; what does it mean for the world? 

I was reminded in an email today by an SWN reader to consider another Pluto event happening this year, the conjunction of Pluto with the Galactic Center, which only happens every 248 years or so. 

What is the Galactic Center?  The GC is the exact position of the hub of our Milky Way galaxy, around which the Sun revolves.  There is a supermassive black hole called Sagittarius A at this same point.  This point in the sky falls at approx 4 and 27 degrees Sagittarius sidereal and tropical respectively. 


This is not to say Pluto is covering over the GC, in fact 14 degrees difference in declination between the two points, but they occupy the same degree of zodiacal longitude.  They are conjunct only in two dimensions. 

Astrologically the GC has been connected to great insight in people and events, which has been  researched by the astrologer Phillip Sedgwick.  One illustrative point is that the day that the Wright Brothers achieved the first powered human flight was the conjunction of the transiting Sun and the GC. 

Once again the new-ager’s are trumpeting this event as the beginning of a new renaissance of spiritual development, citing how the last time this occurred in the 1750’s important developments were underway that brought dramatic change to Europe and America.  This is no doubt true; Pluto greatly intensified the insightful qualities of the GC.  I’m sure it also brought on the arrogance of the British monarchy, which paved the way for the Revolutionary War and American independence.

Realize also that the patriot movement that fought the battle for US independence was only a small minority of the American population, maybe only ten percent.  The rest of the colonies were quite content to live peacefully under the King’s rule.  Pluto’s effect on the channeling of the GC’s energies may in fact only affect only a few people. 

Back in the 1700’s however they didn’t have a global nuclear warfare system in place, a spiraling inflationary economy, and a seemingly rabid governmental/military-industrial-complex bent on imperial control of vast regions of the world.  I would say the stakes are quite a bit higher now than they were then. 

The exact date of this Pluto/GC conjunction I am told will be on January 13, 2007, and it will also re-occur late this year. 

This time around (in January) however as Pluto and GC conjunct, Mars will conjunct them both on nearly the same day.  The influence of Mars is basically to provide that extra added kick of anger that breaks through the walls of calmness and self-control and unleashes pent up waves of aggressive energy. 

As George W. Bush is about to ask the American people to accept another level of escalation of US presence in Iraq (on the order of 20,000 additional troops to the area), maybe the effect of Mars will catalyze heretofore suppressed waves of indignation; whereby the Administration may have to do some face-saving backpedaling. 

Since this Bushian idea of “sacrifice” flies in the face of almost total opposition by the US public, it will be up to the Pelosi-led Congress to either make or break the Administration at this point.  Since the Democrats now control Congress again, they wield the power to actually stop all funding of this war. 

But that does not seem realistic as this war is not, nor ever was in the interests of the American nation; as it was for the furtherance of a globalist agenda to control the flow of oil out of the Middle East; and despite their superficial political party differences, Democrats and Republican in all parts of the government almost completely in agreement on this extra-national political/economic philosophy.  So almost certainly the US Congress will not provide much opposition. 

This escalation seems to push the limits of believability: just where will the military come up with 20,000 extra troops, and how will it help except only to increase animosity against the US military presence in Iraq? 

The recent execution of Saddam Hussein seems to be doing more for the resistance than the occupying forces (the US).  There are many things you can say about Saddam; he was a murderer and a despot but let me say that he brought order and stability to Iraq.  He helped make it the most culturally and economically advanced Islamic nation in the Middle East. 

Saddam was created by the CIA and he was our ally for many years, but when he went against our plans, he became our greatest enemy.  A Saddam-less Iraq now is an irradiated wasteland.  Who indeed is the better man? 

All of these things are now happening as Pluto makes a very close brush with the Galactic Center.  The next week or two could be extremely developmental on the geo-political front, and not seemingly in the best of ways with the planets involved. 

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