“Demoted” Pluto May Roar Yet

by | Aug 26, 2006 | Astrology

It appears now Pluto has been downgraded in planetary status, from full planet now to “minor planet.”  Nature is funny in the way that it surprises us from time to time.  We certainly may see how on Sept 4, 2006; if Pluto still roars……

It appears now Pluto has been downgraded in planetary status, from full planet now to “minor planet.”  I wonder what Pluto itself has to say about this development in the scientific/intellectual world.  We may find out on Sept 4, 2006, as Pluto turns stationary direct, and will be in tight square to the Nodes. 

Nature is funny in the way that it surprises us from time to time.  I wonder if a little bit of effort to put “those astrologers” in their place was a motivation for this little nomenclature change.  As if the power to give something a title and conceptual status in the minds of others is really important at all. 

I know that it is; but just because we believe for something not to be does not necessarily mean that it isn’t; and that that thing that we don’t believe doesn’t still have the ability to affect millions and billions of lives.  I think the last little laugh in this little drama occupying our attention will be of the One who created this little universe in the first place. 

So keep an eye on your calendars; September 4 as Pluto—demoted now in planetary stature—may still have its roar.  Pluto turns direct after some month’s retrograde motion, almost always a moment of import for those who live on planet Earth. 

Pluto may indeed be a quite a small planet compared to Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, or Neptune out there; but it seems to pack quite a punch nevertheless.  Maybe there is currently not some machine that can detect a “Pluto wave” carrying astrological effects; but maybe there will some day. 

I personally have empirically and indirectly proven a correlation between movements and actions with Pluto to specific types of emotional, societal, and behavioral types of manifestations; and use that knowledge to good effect right here in this website.  Is that not scientific? 

Those astronomers may end up turning in their graves.  The brittle pride of intellectualism gets its periodic shattering blows by progressive revelation and comprehension.  After all, it once was thought that the earth was flat; or you couldn’t travel in a train faster than 35 mph because all the air would be sucked out of it. 

It was also regarded on high authority that the Earth was the center of the solar system; because it was fairly obvious if you just looked up in the sky, the Sun moved around the Earth.  Pride and egoism of course always gets in the way of understanding.  It certainly took a little humility to accept that the whole universe did not actually revolve around us. 

Anyway the same old non-evolutionary, contemptuous, and very-impressed-with-their-intelligence crowd will have their days of self-glory sitting in their towers of intellectual understanding.  Like all man-made structures, however; they will crumble and fall. 

One can’t escape the image of The Lightning-Struck Tower in the Tarot: a bolt of lightning from Heaven shatters a human edifice.  Living in the “mental” planes exclusively will not endure long.  In the long run, complex intellectual models and arguments only serve to adorn the ego of those who made them; whether that be in the sciences, economics, or philosophy.  Without the formless spirituality and merciful love of God as constituent parts of our minds, the achievements of mankind are less than that of castles in the sand. 

Some day things like reincarnation, the soul, astrology, and other mystical subjects will be accepted as scientifically proven true.  A little bit of prejudice, egoism, and their attendant fears will have to be eschewed before our minds will be sufficiently expanded however. 

Until that day the “mystics” will suffer the prosecutions of those who believe they know better. 


Mercury, God of Thieves

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