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June 2017: The Perfection of Imperfection

Looking at the teaming oceans, the unnumbered blades of grass in the fields, the myriad stars in the night skies, the universe is abundant beyond measure, it doesn’t jealously count each blessing it dispenses. But abundance without purpose or a plan, becomes profligate, reckless and ineffective. So there is a governing factor that comes into play: karma, curbing excess, judiciously regulating the system, and insuring overall integrity to it.

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A Soulful Thanksgiving

Saturn Square Neptune During the HolidaysSaturn is very precise, he runs a very tight ship, and his course is laid out.  He notes the positions of the stars navigating his journey, and his skills as a pilot are...

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Neptune Retrograde Knocking: Deal with It!

This predictive period holds two planetary stations; that of Mercury and Neptune. While the planets from a naked eye standpoint may seem to stop and reverse direction in the sky, it is not actually true, but their effects on our psyche may be real enough. It’s all a matter of perspective, everything is always going forward. But because things are near and far, it does not always look that way. The universe may be asking us to take a big leap out of the box, and prepare for a revelation that we didn’t anticipate, and which we may not readily appreciate.

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