May 31, 2017
June 2017: The Perfection of Imperfection
by Curtis Burns,

Jupiter and Neptune Stations, Summer Solstice, Micro Full Moon

In early June 2017 Jupiter will turn direct, and as it does it will be in quintile aspects (72 degrees) to Saturn.  This will be a very tempered and possibly more realistic event, as Jupiter stations go.  The quintile aspect itself is more conducive to creative solutions and more productive outcomes.

With Jupiter good luck does not exactly rise, as does the expectations of good luck.  Fortune is a state of mind, and Jupiter as the ancient Roman god of lightning bolts, delivers a good amount of electricity to get things moving.

Actual good luck can be thought of as good karma, which is the result of actions taken, which is more of Saturn’s specialty.  Sort of like saying the harder you work, the luckier you get.  Not much comes from rewards given to them by those who don’t merit it, wouldn’t you say?  It’s always better when we earn it, as Saturn would teach us.

This is not to say we couldn’t have a rich uncle or grand parent who wouldn’t rightfully want to shower all good things on us perpetually.  Just as it’s not wrong to want to give your spouse and children the best of everything, even if they didn’t “earn” it.

Looking at the teaming oceans, the unnumbered blades of grass in the fields, the myriad stars in the night skies, the universe is abundant beyond measure, it doesn’t jealously count each blessing it dispenses.  We live and play in a wonderland of abundance, and universe of perpetual splendor.

But abundance without purpose or a plan, becomes profligate, reckless and ineffective.  So there is a governing factor, symbolized by Saturn that comes into play: karma, curbing excess, judiciously regulating the system, and insuring overall integrity to it.

We all come to our level; energetically, financially, and spiritually.  There is a cosmic equilibrium represented by Jupiter and Saturn; a yin and yang, if you will.  Saturn is the greater principle, law and purpose that trumps mere spirit.

In our social and political world, the law, or government, limits the abuses of some while protecting the freedoms of others at the same time.  Without laws or government, as an extension of ethics, morality, and wisdom, we are no better than the animal world, which rewards only ruthlessness, power and stealth.

Is it rigid, is society like a machine, free from errors and lapses?  Certainly not, but people and free will by nature are unpredictable.  It is a living, breathing thing.  The so-called imperfections of the system are actually perfect in their subtlety when understood from the standpoint of free will, and the use and abuses of power therefrom.

Peak dates for this type of astrology will be June 4 to 9.

Micro Full Moon

On June 9, we will be having a micro full moon, this is the opposite of the super when the full moon occurs at a point closest to the Earth in its elliptical orbit around the Earth.  The super moon is somewhat bigger in the sky.

Here with the micro full moon it is when the Moon is at apogee, or farthest from the Earth in its orbit.  Hence Moon will be a little bit smaller in size as we see it.  Hence, “micro”.

The chart of this micro moon is not the greatest as far as full moon charts go.  The luminaries light up with Saturn, and then make a square to Neptune, as well as an exact quincunx to Pluto.  Emotions may be muffled and confused, and energies in general could be hindered by problematical preoccupations, especially around the June 9 date.

Saturn at Opposition

On June 15, Saturn will be at opposition, as it is described by astronomers.  As seen from the Earth, the Sun and Saturn will be in exact opposition, and therefore receiving the fullest illumination from the Sun (just like during a full moon) Saturn will shine most brightly in the sky, and it will be at its highest point in the sky.

Astrologically, the Sun opposite Saturn, can be a difficult time with a feeling of struggling against intimidatingly strong forces that are thwarting or hindering the progress of issues.  Disempowerment is externalized, now you can take back your power.

Neptune Retrograde

On June 16, the planet Neptune turns retrograde.  In my experience Neptune is a planet that seems to melt away the ordinary rules of time, space and causality, and everything unifies in one sublime love expression.  Which explains such things as “How can God be everywhere?” or “How can people see the future in the now?”, or “How do I know who’s on the phone before I pick it up?”

There is no rational answer to those questions, at least according to the rules of rationality decided by those who decree such things in our world such as doctors, scientists, or engineers.

It’s Neptune.

On the other end of Neptune’s spectrum, there is the extreme vulnerability to and involvement with such things that tend to remove us from reality, such as drugs, TV, movies and novels, reclusive or deceiving habits (to self or others), all sorts of psychological hang ups and mental diseases, and an overall weakness of body, mind and soul that originates in the failure to stand up for truth, regardless of how inconvenient or difficult it may be.

Both sides of this spectrum may be in force in the few days before and after June 16, when Neptune makes its station.

Summer Solstice 2017

On June 20 we have the summer solstice (for those in the Northern Hemisphere, that is.)  This is when the Earth is at the extremes of winter and summer, representing the pinnacle or nadir of life’s expression.  The solstices and equinoxes are cardinal points in astrology, laying the four corners of every horoscope.

The ancients recognized the significance and celebrated these occurrences: the times of equal night and day and then the longest day and the longest night, which then determine the seasons which have such a great impact on our affairs, especially that of more ancient societies.

June 2017: Day by Day

Thursday, June 1, First Quarter Moon
Less flashy, more serious relationships are highlighted, romantic or not. Perspective gains refinement and balance.  (Venus trine Saturn)

Friday, June 2
Power, strength, and will are not always the answer.  (Sun semisquare Uranus)

Saturday, June 3, Venus at Greatest Elongation, Moon conj Jupiter 5:57 pm GMT
Intensity and excitement characterize meetings and occasions. New opportunities beckon.  People and situations hold captivating power, situations requiring conscientiousness intent.  (Venus conjunct Uranus, Sun biquintile Pluto, Sun trine Jupiter)

Sunday, June 4
Uncertainty and discouragement may handicap judgment. Pathologies in behavior are activated. Yet creativity and inspiration can turn things around.  (Sun square Neptune, Mercury quincunx Saturn, Mercury quintile Neptune)

Monday, June 5
Goals are not always easily attained, and people and situations may claim otherwise. (Jupiter quintile Saturn, Venus semisquare Neptune, Mercury sesquiquadrate Jupiter)

Tuesday, June 6, Mercury conjunct the Pleiades
Mercury close to the Pleiades can bring intensity to our affairs, possibly bringing out deeper pathologies frightening in their impact.  Otherwise, no peaking influences.

Wednesday, June 7
Potential for actions to work with particularly creative inspiration, but also potential for actions particularly deceptive and/or malicious in their intent.  Motivation and energy may be difficult to access.  Unusual occurances.  (Mars tridecile Neptune)

Thursday, June 8, Moon at Apogee 2:21 pm GMT
Pathological behaviors and tendencies are activated.  Be wary of those who want to sway you to their thinking and/or acting.  Excitement is rising with tomorrow’s Jupiter station.  (Mercury sesquiquadrate Pluto)

Friday, June 9, Jupiter Stationary Direct, Micro Full Moon 5:10 am GMT, Moon conj. Saturn 5:25 pm GMT
Amazing potential for change is peaking now, as over the last few days.  But remember that actions speak louder than grandiose speeches.  Interesting developments, but not always for the best  Relationships can reach a wonderful stride.  Note the micro full moon in close proximity to Saturn tempering some of the over-arching enthusiasm.  (Sun quincunx Pluto, Venus sextile Mars)

Sat-Sun, June 10-11
No peaking influences

Monday, June 12, Venus at Aphelion
Profound relationship developments today, pivotal and potentially transformative with Venus closest to the Sun and in tridecile to Pluto today.

Tuesday, June 13
Many hits from Mercury today can make an interesting and developmental day, be careful of bias and predisposition to conclusions which lack real conviction, honor, or sensibility.  Creativity can be quite high, as will the ability to deliver a message, regardless of its actual relevance.  Breaks with the past may lead you to new areas of inquiry.  The Sun enters sidereal Gemini for accentuated intellectual power for the next 30 days. (Mercury square Neptune, trine Jupiter, biquintile Pluto, and semisquare Uranus)

Wednesday, June 14, Moon at South Node 6:40 pm GMT
No peaking influences

Thursday, June 15, Saturn at Opposition
Difficulties and setbacks may attempt to discourage your motivation, a practical approach beforehand will smooth out the experience.  Relationships may need to work through issues, not letting lesser things destroy what is potential.  (Sun opposite Saturn, Venus sesquiquadrate Saturn)

Friday, June 16, Neptune Stationary Retrograde
Pulsating delight may seek to uplift affairs.  The deeper connection between all may be accentuated, and more materialistic matters may lose their luster in the greater light that is perceived.  Investigation, analysis and communications enter deeper issues, where “good and bad” are not relevant things.  (Sun tridecile Jupiter, Mercury quincunx Pluto)

Saturday, June 17, Last Quarter Moon
Mercury enters the sidereal sign of its rulership, Gemini for a few weeks, facilitating greater awareness and understanding to all.

Sunday, June 18, Father’s Day
The outlook may seem dour, and attitudes equally duressed.  It is always darkest just before the dawn, as they say.  Press on, new worlds are appearing.  (Mercury opposite Saturn, Sun sextile Uranus)

Monday, June 19, Mercury at Perihelion
Excited, expectant and unpredictably volatile conditions.  Fortune favors the bold, audacity may deliver unique rewards today. Relationships and emotions in general move through positive and developmental spaces.  Mercury is closest to the Sun today.  (Mars quintile Uranus, Venus quincunx Jupiter, Sun semisquare Venus, Mercury tridecile Jupiter)

Tuesday, June 20, Summer Solstice 8:25 pm GMT, Moon conjunct Venus 1:13 pm GMT
It’s the longest day of the year for those in the Northern Hemisphere, while it’s the shortest day of the year in the Southern Hemisphere.  Consequently the days now start getting shorter/longer, depending on which hemisphere you reside.  Otherwise, it’s a relatively pleasant an interesting day for communications and relationships, love and open-mindedness are enhanced.  (Venus sextile Neptune, Mercury sextile Uranus)

Wednesday, June 21, Mercury at Superior Conjunction
Basically over the last few days, Mercury, the Sun and Venus have been in tight alignment.  Today is sort of the peak of that configuration, bringing developments in communications and relationships, giving us opportunities to overcome superficiality and seeking to barter for power with emotions.  Superior conjunction of the Sun and Mercury today means that the Sun is between the Earth and Mercury.  (Mercury semisquare Venus)

Thursday, June 22, Moon conjunct Aldebaran 6:23 am GMT
Checking and double-checking for bias and errors in perceptions, analysis and investigation may save a lot of trouble today.  What seems to be so very much so may simply be a case of overly-hopeful thinking. Creativity and spirituality are enhanced.  (Mercury tridecile Neptune)

Friday, June 23, New Moon, Moon at Perigee 2:49 am GMT
Strange developments and relationship turns are indicated.  Don’t let despair kill your determination or resolve. Moving through the dark forest, eventually you get to the end of it.  Energy and motivation may be inconveniently absent.  New Moon closest to the Earth today.  (Sun tridecile Neptune, Venus biquintile Saturn)

Saturday, June 24
Deep emotional resonance may assist with breakthroughs in life that are necessary, keeping one’s mind on their goals and not distracted by lesser or more impermanent issues.  (Venus trine Pluto)

Sunday, June 25
You may be tempted to leap out of bed with ideas and excitement filling your mind, if you were able to get to sleep at all, that is.  Impetuosity, sometimes a key thing, is strongly active today.  Be sure what you set out upon is truly a worthy goal, not frivolous, overly dramatic, or distracting.  New ideas and direction are evident.  (Mars square Jupiter, Venus biquintile Jupiter, Mercury quintile Uranus)

Monday, June 26, Moon conjunct Beehive (Hyades) 3:18 am GMT
Energy moves you along crusades, missions, or adventures.  Spontaneous creativity may open new doors.  Remember that once set out, you have to keep going until your goal is achieved, and not simply when your interest fades.  Note the time of the Moon releasing the energy of the Hyades constellation according to your time zone, bringing about intensity.  (Mars trine Neptune)

Tuesday, June 27, Moon conj North Node 8:26 am GMT, Moon conj Regulus 4:26 pm GMT
Note the time the Moon conjuncts the fixed star Regulus with is connected with Donald Trump’s horoscope, which is late morning US time.  Regulus is the heart of the lion, get ready to roar.  Otherwise truth and facts may seem to bend according to convenience today, with a whole lot of feeling to support it.  (Mercury square Jupiter, Mercury trine Neptune)

Wednesday, June 28
Relationship difficulties, moving through turbulent territory.  Things will seem worse than they really are.  So let’s not kick the dude out of the house too quickly.  Venus moves into sidereal Taurus, signifying a month or so of increased financial favor.  (Mercury conjunct Mars, Venus quincunx Saturn)

Thursday, June 29
Obsessive and compulsive tendencies are activated, stay calm and cool.  Turn the tables on those who use stealth, intimidation and guile to get their way.   (Mercury opposite Pluto)

Friday, June 30, First Quarter Moon, Moon conj Jupiter 11:28 pm GMT
No peaking influences

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