November 2, 2015
A Soulful Thanksgiving
by Curtis Burns,

Saturn Square Neptune During the Holidays

Saturn is very precise, he runs a very tight ship, and his course is laid out.  He notes the positions of the stars navigating his journey, and his skills as a pilot are formidable. 

Saturn square NeptuneNeptune on the other hand, will note the positions of the stars, they’re very beautiful in the sky, but he navigates from in internal compass, hardly conscious of his actions, he just gets there.  Neptune, a few steps beyond Saturn in the solar system, has bridged the finite to the infinite, the actual to the universal archetypal.  He lives in the future, and the past, the eternal now.  Time and space has little meaning to him. 

Saturn is the master of the world, the world as it was meant to be.  That world, however, is only a stepping stone to a vaster cosmos which Neptune is more at home. 

So now as Saturn will exactly square Neptune (on Thankgsiving 2015) one has to ask if their goals (Saturn) are attuned as well with Neptune’s masterful no-goals goals.  Are you a slave to reason, logic, and causality; or is your universe radiant, organic, and ruled by love? 

Does your love and spirituality contain logic, or does it flee from it?  Can the rules that make up your character and identity stand the rigors of Neptune’s transcendent dimensionality?  Can you successfully juggle the paradox of worldly living with all of its demands, bills to pay, tasks to be performed, and pinnacles to climb with the ultimate impermanence, futility and illusory nature of it all? 

Saturn/Neptune aspects are challenging, to say the least.  The cruel vindictiveness of Saturn comes against the shrinking sense of self-worthlessness that Neptune can bring out.  Hard aspects like the square pull out the worst of our psychological conditions for us to see, and make determined resolve to correct. 

It is sort of a dark configuration to come together exactly on Thanksgiving this year, making the holiday perhaps a soulful affair, seeking to find gratitude where there only was bitterness.  It may seem inappropriate to be grateful for misfortunes, but misfortunes are Saturn’s forte, taking us back to reality in the most expedient way possible. 

While it may seem the time is short, we have all the time we need in this little time-space enclosure that we live in (while the Universe dances around us.)  We have all the TIME there is: being born, growing old and dying, again and again.  

Neptune represents liberation; all of our efforts coming to naught engenders a letting go of things which yields peace, and then humility and therefore a more soulful walk henceforth.  Being less tense, we live longer and healthier.  Then one day we live our life, and we don’t come back.  Having refined and refined our sense of who and what we are in thought, word, and deed, we return to our native immortality, having shed all of our lesser attachments. 

The intrinsic authenticity of our dreams will be tested, and the results of which may ring poignantly this month, especially around Thanksgiving.  There is never a better time to let go of frustrations and simply live rightly than now. 

Sunday, Nov 1
No peaking influences

Monday, Nov 2
Seize opportunities, relationships or otherwise, action is attached to value and allure.  Penetrating analysis and perception leading to powerful discoveries.  (Venus conjunct Mars, Mercury quintile Pluto)

Tuesday, Nov 3
Hyperbole and excitement may characterize discussions and lines of thought.  Opportunities may require some further detached analysis.  (Mercury semisquare Jupiter)

Wednesday, Nov 4
Deep emotional resonances may mark this day, opening the door to needed changes.  (Venus tridecile Pluto)

Thursday, Nov 5
Intense activation of efforts may trigger significant changes.  Surprisingly new life directions are indicated.  Opportunities are presented, making them work out is up to you.  Ethical as well as physical boundaries may be not so benignly pushed against.  (Mars tridecile Pluto, Jupiter quincunx Uranus, Sun sextile Pluto)

Friday, Nov 6
Creativity and inspiration are favored, life may not be seen today as full of opposites or contradictions, but as interconnected and in harmony.  (Mercury trine Neptune)

Saturday, Nov 7
Deep, important emotional and relationship turns right now.  Significant meetings and associations formed.  Artistic and appreciative traits are magnified.  (Venus conjunct North Node)

Sunday, Nov 8
No peaking influences

Monday, Nov 9
Intense and aggressive connections are indicated, be careful of accidents, injuries or worse.  Association now are based on making things happen and putting desire to work.  Unusual or disruptive situations may present themselves to move old or obsolete ways of doing thing out of the way.  (Mars conjunct North Node, Sun quincunx Uranus)

Tuesday, Nov 10
The potential for personal breakthroughs is great now, don’t be too alarmed at what you see (in your mind’s eye or otherwise) but act decisively upon them. Unusual or startling developments for progress are indicated, make the most of them. (Mercury sextile Pluto, Sun sextile Jupiter, Mercury semisquare Mars)

Wednesday, Nov 11
Motivations and acting from personal integrity may be a challenge. Moving from the heart instead of the head may be the goal. Energy levels may waver, and the tendency to take a dishonest path is accentuated; be careful toxic or intoxicating substances. (Sun tridecile Neptune)

Thursday, Nov 12
Unusual or out of the box thinking is accentuated, reception of those ideas though may not be easy. (Mercury quincunx Uranus)

Friday, Nov 13
Exciting ideas and opportunities for relationship building are presented. Anything may seem possible.Sublime creativity is indicated. Ethics may be determined by expedience. (Venus sextile Saturn, Mercury sextile Jupiter, Mercury tridecile Neptune)

Saturday, Nov 14
Emotions may be luminous, yet somehow self-deceived. What seems very beautiful and touching now may end up disappointing later. (Venus quincunx Neptune)

Sun-Mon, Nov 15-16
New ideas and developments may help bring new innovation to outworn ways of doing things. (Sun and Mercury biquintile Uranus)

Tuesday, Nov 17
Significant connections and communications issues brought out today, cordiality should be high, but will sincerity? (Sun conjunct Mercury, semisquareVenus)

Wednesday, Nov 18, Neptune Stationary Direct
Strive for subtlety and sensitivity, even when the motivations thereof seem absent. Unusual intuitive leaps are indicated. Deception, self-deception and betrayal issues may arise. Chronic physical conditions may flare, as well as pathological behaviors that are self-destructive. Trying to do something yourself may be the issue, let it happen of itself.

Thursday, Nov 19
Compulsive and obsessive tendencies are brought out, the governor of consciousness may be out of whack, leading to strangenesses of behavior. (Mercury semisquare Pluto)

Friday, Nov 20
Powerful emotional reactions may accompany significant life-events, the impact thereof striking very deep. This could be an amazing day for relationships, especially when the conscience reigns supreme in your actions. (Venus square Pluto, Venus biquintile Neptune)

Saturday, Nov 21
Power and authority could be uniquely used or misused today. Breakdowns leading to breakthroughs. Stimulating discussions and lines of thought may open the way for innovative changes. (Sun semisquare Pluto, Mercury quintile Jupiter, Mercury sesquiquadrate Uranus)

Sunday, Nov 22
No peaking influences

Monday, Nov 23
Unusual juxtapositions in meetings and relationships, endeavoring to make things work regardless of societal expectations. Hard work and application is favored to fortify existing accomplishments. Yoga, weight lifting, and other sustained concentration activities are favored. (Venus opposite Uranus, Mars sextile Saturn)

Tuesday, Nov 24
Go for seriousness as opposed to obsessed with things beyond your immediate reach. The next couple days may be a little tough mentally and emotionally. Even so there can be moments of uplift and philosophical delight, as well as sudden good turns. Getting things done may be difficult and attitudes may seem irretrievably dark. (Mercury conjunct Saturn, Mars quincunx Neptune, Sun sesquiquadrate Uranus, Sun quintile Jupiter)

Wednesday, Nov 25
Confusion and disorientation may hinder activities today. People may be acting strangely, and the worst kind of deception right now is self-deception. Strive for clarity in thinking and honor in your actions. There is also the possibility for excitement nevertheless to turn everything around for the better. (Mercury square Neptune, Mercury sextile Mars)

Thursday, Nov 26, Thanksgiving Day
Hard, set in issues may present their ugly truth to you today. Sometimes when all is lost, simply letting go of expectation at that moment may allow unexpected change to enter in. With every ending comes a new beginning, this time from the heart now, humbled, but brought further to reality. (Saturn square Neptune)

Friday, Nov 27
No peaking influences

Saturday, Nov 28
It’s Venus’ turn today to hit Saturn and Neptune. Relationships and emotional reactions to the times may color (or discolor) the day. (Venus sesquiquadrate Neptune, semisquare Saturn)

Sunday, Nov 29
Today the Sun reactivates Thursday’s Saturn-Neptune square. Energy and motivation may be strongly challenged. There may be a lot of misfires and malfunctions today with no shortage of frustrations to accompany. Don’t lose hope over some small setback (seeming like a mountain instead of a molehill). It’s moments like these that separate the winners from the losers. (Sun square Neptune, Sun conjunct Saturn)

Monday, Nov 30
No peaking influences


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