May 15, 2006
Timetables for Earth, the Next Two Years
by Curtis Burns,

What timetables do the stars indicate for potential wars, bird flus, and economic crisis's on the horizon? There is a lot of hype and hysteria about these issues; but what is the real, balanced look at our cycles that tells us when the missiles will fly and the price of gas goes out of sight? Indeed IF they will, or WHAT ELSE is on the horizon. I want to say right up front that this article of mine may require of the reader and little more consideration than normal, but it had to be written I felt. Maybe no other astrologer will tell you what is laid out in this piece.

Unvarnished truth is a rare commodity in the world. But let's face it, world-perception is a monumentally engineered thing. To do it you need a lot of money, control of key electronic assets, and an army of malleable sycophants. You need the guile, power and the know-how which is ruled by Saturn; and the willingness of the populace at large to believe anything as long as it's rosy. The latter is ruled by the planet Neptune.

If I were to layout a timetable for upcoming events of war, epidemics, and economic turns; I would need to look at the overarching juxtapositions of the planets above us. Chiefly, the key configuration in the next couple of years will be the opposition of Saturn in sidereal Cancer to Neptune in sidereal Capricorn.

This planetary pair seem to have a correlation with the manipulation of facts and truths to promote certain agendas to move the world along a prescribed path. This is of course a simplistic attribution since no astrological influence acts in a vacuum, but these planets do appear to exert a pivotal effect in ethical and social situations.

Case in point: 1978

Saturn squares Neptune, the Camp David Accords between Egyptian President Anwar Sadat and Israeli Prime Minister Menachim Begin. Israel gave away lands in exchange for in effect a promise from Egypt, which they almost immediately violated, but the architects of the plan US President Carter and Sadat and Begin are almost continually hailed as great peace-makers; receiving jointly in fact the Nobel Peace Prize. It should be noted that the Accord guaranteed billions of dollars annually to both Egypt and Israel, which have continued to this day. It wasn't real (a resulting peace) but it achieved its financial designs, and was framed by the media and governments in glowing praise.

This was also the year of the Jim Jones cult mass murder/suicide. Yes it was tragic, but it gave faith a black eye and allowed any number of cynics to ridicule religion or spiritual followings unceasingly. All of a sudden your proclivity to associate with any peculiar or non-mainstream group made you immediately suspect; not being content with the watered-down versions of the masses, wanting to be independent or unique in your spirituality put you in danger of being ostracized or worse. The mass media seemingly went out of their way to propagate this new social fear. Was that coincidence or deliberate?

Case in point: 1989

Saturn conjunct Neptune. The fall of the Berlin Wall, supposedly this was the fall of communism in the Soviet Union and the institution of democracy in the former Soviet states. It changed its form, but the essence remained the same. Many of the old guard Soviets simply changed their parties names with more democratic adjectives. Former communist officials now became the so-called Russian mafia controlling much of Russian and former-Soviet economies. The world, however is lead to believe that a totally new Russia has emerged, and therefore it deserves continued support from the capitalist west. Their ability however to launch a first strike nuclear assault on the US has not disappeared but it has only increased. Perceptions of the world about Russia are controlled by carefully worded official statements and a non-questioning media.

Case in point: 1998

Saturn square Neptune. The rise and fall of Bill Clinton. The Monica Lewinski scandal inflamed the headlines, was made the butt of jokes on television ad infinitum, and brought the US Congress to impeach Clinton. A move which did practically nothing to Clinton, but the Republican side in Washington was able to congratulate themselves on a job well done, putting a liar in his place. This whole media affair probably was another orchestrated campaign, because the real damaging info about Clinton was his signing away important computer technology to the Communist Chinese government, which has now given them the ability to a launch a nuclear attack on the mainland US. That arguably treasonous act was swept under the rug by both sides of the aisle in Congress, who both had a hand in it. The military-industrial complex who benefited heartily from the agreement also had the US government in their pocket.

Also in 1998, this was the very height of the “tech-boom” in the US stock market; a situation that was artificially brought about by Fed monetary policy creating a speculation bubble. This bubble popped subsequently and destroyed the life savings of millions of US middle income investors. The goal was to create the perception of almost unlimited prosperity, the reality of such a thing was apparently irrelevant. But you can't sustain an illusion forever.

The Present

So now we come to 2006 through 2007, Saturn now opposes Neptune. There seems to be a social civil war brewing over illegal immigration, the US dollar is sinking to new global lows by massive government borrowing and the war on terrorism, and the US government apparently is fixated on eliminating the nation of Iran's ability to produce fissionable uranium. We are told that a worldwide epidemic of bird flu could wipe out millions, if we aren't careful.

The propaganda machine is working overtime to paint the image of Iran as the next major threat to Israel and indirectly to the US, and truth is no obstacle in the quest to demonize completely the shadow network of Osama bin Laden.


A war using nuclear-tipped bunker buster bombs on Iran (a method which has now been approved by the US government) will do anything from unleash world war three to add $20 to the next time you fill up your gas tank.

Why would the US go so far to paint Iran as such an enemy? There are plenty of tyrants in the world today, such as in the Sudan or Cuba. There are plenty of hotter spots around the world such as with India and Pakistan (both nuclear capable already). China could invade Taiwan at any time, and Russian could crush Chechnya rebels also.

Iran however is a perfect little example country. Multi-national corporations and governments could cash in big rebuilding Iran as they are now with Iraq. They can also control oil fields and its flow to strategic areas. There could be a larger reason: fewer and fewer countries are willing to do business in US dollar precisely because it is being so liberally created out of thin air by its government (at the rate of 1 to 2 billion dollars a day).

Economic Reasons 

If US dollars would become more out of style among other nations, this could spell the end of the heretofore prosperity of the American people. Your job, your savings, and your home and assets are underwritten by Russia, China, Japan and a host of other countries who continue to buy and hold US Treasuries in favor of other currencies.

Maybe the real reason Iran is the target of the US government is their recent declarations to buy oil in non-dollar denominated currencies, this is a threat to the US power base. I'm sure that with the astrology of Saturn and Neptune in the sky over the next few years, this Iran issue could be another orchestrated distraction effort which allows the larger efforts of the powers that be to continue in their agenda.

If I were to sum up the effects of at least some of the attributions of Saturn-Neptune astrology I would say it would be engineered deception. We are coming into the peak of the latest phase of this recurring cycle.


Any turning points in this economic/political equation would be around August 31, 2006; February 28, 2007; and June 25, 2007. These are the dates that Saturn and Neptune exactly oppose each other. It is difficult to say that war will break out at these times since the incendiary aspects of Mars and Pluto are not as easily seen. Further research however will bear that out.

The US of course is heavily over-extended militarily. Such a war however could be mainly confined to air strikes, but occupation forces will have to be pulled from other areas. Iran has a fully capable military as well, and she will not go down without a bloody fight. We know that the invasion of Iraq in 2003 was poorly conceived and planned; will the same planners be in charge of this one?

As the US occupies itself with third world nations, scattering and straining its resources, how long will the illusion of the US as the sole world super power continue? Will China and Russia continue to gain more and more legitimacy politically and economically and “level the playing field” as they say?

It would be in the interests of a so-called malevolent force that wanted to sculpt the world in its own design to create a playing field of strawmen; maybe one ideological figure against another. This keeps them squabbling and distracted and not even exercising a tenth of their true power. Guile and deception are the trademarks of such hidden power bloc; their key astrological significators might be Saturn and Neptune.

Then of course comes along Pluto, the ultimate astrological bomb-dropper, but aside from his regular retrograde and direction stations (where it appears to stand still in the sky) it is not as prominent player as Saturn and Neptune for the time being. It would seem the dates in bold indicated above would be key times for major developments along the lines of war, economics, and/or other crisis.

A Spiritual Solution

There could be any number of other crisis's besides the ones above: natural disasters such as earthquakes, tsunamis, hurricanes, or other so-called Acts of God. We try to steer a sane course through the treacherous waters of speculation and prediction. The key to every outcome however is how the individual reacts and adjusts to it. You can only control how you act through these times, but if enough of you do it in the right way; your mirroring of each other will help to create a massive social wave for positivity and spirituality through it all.

Curtis Burns
St Paul, MN, USA


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