June 3, 2014
Neptune Retrograde Knocking: Deal with It!
by Curtis Burns,

June 2 to 8, 2014: Mercury and Neptune Retrograde

This predictive period holds two planetary stations; that of Mercury and Neptune.  While the planets from a naked eye standpoint may seem to stop and reverse direction in the sky, it is not actually true, but their effects on our psyche may be real enough.  It’s all a matter of perspective, everything is always going forward.  But because things are near and far, it does not always look that way.

The universe may be asking us to take a big leap out of the box, and prepare for a revelation that we didn’t anticipate, and which we may not readily appreciate.

Monday, June 2
No peaking influences

Tuesday, June 3
Get ready to unearth the deepest parts of you and put them to conscientious use.  The temptation to go back over old and interesting routes (but which are ultimately unprofitable) may be strong.  Breakdowns/breakthroughs are possible, the old caving way for the new emerging consciousness.  (Sun quincunx Pluto)

Wednesday, June 4
Relationships may take on luminous dimensions, with room for forgiveness and transitioning to a more eternal perspective.  (Venus sextile Neptune)

Thursday, June 5
Artistic, cultural and social affairs are favored.  Be careful of overstepping the bounds of common sense in favor of excess: financially, gastronomically, or otherwise.  Creativity and spirituality are favored.  (Venus quintile Jupiter)

Friday, June 6
Getting the message across may seem a daunting and/or unpleasant task. Attitudes and perspectives may tend toward the pessimistic or dour.  Hard issues may have to be addressed, painstakingly ferreting out errors.  Those who are prepared may find sudden innovations solutions as they work.  (Mercury sesquiquadrate Saturn, Sun sextile Uranus)

Saturday, June 7, Mercury Retrograde
The messenger planet stops dead in the sky, which may have the effect of causing the normal flow of things to be delayed or go somewhat awry.  For about the next three weeks you may want to be doubly careful of any transactions or deals you are a part of.  Relationship dynamics step up.  (Venus quincunx Mars)

Sunday, June 8
Efforts and egos may seem thwarted, but who is to say they are not actually saved from even more unfavorable outcomes by being denied what they seemingly need so intently right now.  Love may run deep, setting the atmosphere for intimacy and honesty.  (Sun quincunx Saturn, Venus trine Pluto)

Monday, June 8, Neptune Retrograde
Disorientation and confusion may tempt despair, but in actually you and others may be suddenly catapulted into new and heretofore strange spaces and dimensions, requiring a period of adjustment.  Not everybody wants heaven, they prefer the mundane.  So with Neptune knocking on the door, they may take things in the wrong way.  Too bad though, Neptune and cosmic touch-feely-ness are here to stay.  Like they say: deal with it.  Attitudes with Mercury and Saturn sesquaquading may leave people especially grouchy.  Being able to concretely discern and identify exactly what is going on now may not work so well, the potential for deception (self deception or otherwise) is heightened, as well as the tendency to act in codependent, addictive, or deceitful ways.  The rationales for our actions/reactions may seem quite reasonable.


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