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Early ’08 Financial Meltdowns

The London FTSE stock exchange took quite a hit as 60 billion GBP vanished from sight, and as I write this blog US futures today are at a very ominious -560.  Basically the world is having pre-shivers on the state of the global...

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US-Iran War, Part I

The Astrology of The US-Iran War, Part I The rhetoric of the US against the regime in Iran has continued to escalate to a slow, but steady burn.  It seems the latest trip of President Bush to the Middle East was solely to ramp...

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Red-Letter Day: Jan 30, 2008

Breaking News: Mars Station on US Natal Mars   On Tuesday, January 30, 2008, transiting Mars will be making a station within one degree of the US natal Mars.  A “station” of a planet is when it changes from forward...

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