April 30, 2023
May 2023: An Epicenter in Time
by Curtis Burns,

May 2023 Astrology: Saturn Decile Pluto Quintile Uranus

May 2023 has a very complex and deep astrological landscape.  I would say that the shift is in.  The world is indeed shifting before our eyes, and I can see a sort of astrological epicenter in time for the course of affairs.  Right now, May 2023.

It’s all a bit under the radar, but for those with eyes to see, that is, those who use the appropriate mathematical filters, it all becomes clear.  I’ll endeavor to explain.May 2023 Saturn, Uranus, Pluto 10th harmonic pattern

May 2023 has astrology similar to that of January 2020, not as powerful, but significant enough to become a new “chapter” subsequent from January 2020.

Specifically, Uranus, Saturn and Pluto are moving into a tenth-harmonic pattern, that is, they are making aspects to each other that are in multiples of thirty-six degrees. Saturn is decile (36 deg.) to Pluto and quintile (72 deg.) to Uranus; they all aspect each other.

36 degrees is one-tenth of 360 degrees on a circle, or the tenth harmonic of the circle.   Those 36 degree markers resonate with each other.

The traditional aspects in astrology are based on the division of the circle by multiples of two and three:

  • square (360/4 = 90 deg.)
  • opposition (360/2 = 180 deg.)
  • trine (360/3 = 120 deg.)
  • sextile (360/6 = 60 deg.)

When you get into the higher prime numbers like five, seven and nine, it becomes much harder to conceptually juggle them all.  However, I find that isolated alone for transits they do deliver results, especially those of the tenth harmonic.

These aspects are:

  • decile (36 degrees)
  • quintile (2 x 36 = 72 degrees)
  • tridecile (3 x 36 degrees = 108 degrees)
  • biquintile (4 x 36 = 144 degrees)
  • and opposition (5 x 36 degrees = 180 degrees).

Sun Conjunct Uranus, quntile Saturn and PlutoTimeline of Events

Starting on April 30 Uranus and Pluto form an exact tridecile, then on May 14 Saturn and Pluto make exact decile to each other.  It is not perfectly aligned in time, but close enough in my estimation to qualify as a larger pattern.

On May 8 and 9 the Sun makes exact quintile to Saturn, tridecile to Pluto and conjunct Uranus, “tying” them all together once again.

Mars opposite Pluto May 20 2023On May 20 Mars makes exact opposition to Pluto and bi-quintile (2 x 72 = 144 degrees) to Saturn. At the same time Mars will be in exact square to Jupiter.

On May 23 Mars makes exact quintile to Uranus.  So much happening.

If would be all amazing enough, if not for the fact that also in the same time frame above powerful planets make more traditional aspects to each other:

  1. May 1 Pluto stationary retrograde
  2. May 3 Mars sesquiquadrate Saturn
  3. May 5 Lunar eclipse
  4. May 17 Jupiter square Pluto, Sun conjunct Algol
  5. May 30 Mars at aphelion

Most astrologers ignore aspects of the fifth and tenth harmonic variety.  They only really are apparent with computer technology, but they work just as well as the “easier” ones to see: the square, trine, opposition, etc.

So, when you put on the right “glasses” other patterns of significance become clear.  All these planetary players indicate a rather impactful and sufficiently jarring ride through May and into the summer.

We may feel the same on a day to day level, but the greater world around us is rapidly changing and its effects on us may be subtle.  These effects are seen in the contexts of month, years and decades; while our short human attention span misses the forest for the trees, if you will.

Jupiter Conjunct Rahu May 2023

In a more upbeat note, Jupiter is now moving close to Rahu, or the Moon’s North Node.

Rahu is the demon who in the midst of mischief-making was sliced in half at the waist by Vishnu with his spinning discus.  Vishnu was too late though, Rahu had already drunk the soma conferring him with immortality.  But now cut in half his head and tail sections exist independently doing their part to move humanity along.

Rahu is definitely the more head-strong one, aggressive and desirous.  With another head-strong god, Jupiter (or Zeus of Greek myth, also Guru of Hindu myth) in the sign of Aries, we may find a lot of self-inflated, presumptuous, or impetuous happenings.

A lot of “Go!” but not a lot of staying power or delivering on promises so luminously given.

Day by Day Astrology May 2023

Monday, May 1
May Day or Beltane
Pluto Stationary Retrograde, Mercury Inferior Conjunction
The shift is in, hold on.  Emotional buffets on the journey.  Seek honesty and clarity.  (Mercury semisquare Neptune, Venus tridecile Saturn)

Tuesday, May 2
Tests of love.  (Venus biquintile Pluto, Sun semisquare Neptune, Juno trine Pluto conjunct Pleiades stars)

Wednesday, May 3
Nothing good should be easy.  Setbacks, delays.  Lessons learned.  (Mars sesquiquadrate Saturn)

Thursday, May 4
Star Wars Day
May the Force be with you!  Venus on the Galactic Center today makes it so!  The love force is certainly high in the forecast today.  Enjoy life.  (Venus square Neptune sextile Jupiter, Mercury quintile Mars)

Friday, May 5
Cinco De Mayo
Penumbral Lunar Eclipse-Full Moon, Eta-Aquarid Meteor Shower
A little bit of stolen lunar light during the eclipse, a little fuzziness perhaps.  Energetic malfunction.

Saturday, May 6
The Moon casts aspect on Algol and the Pleiades stars today.  Sometimes shocking manifestations occur during this time.

Sunday, May 7
Mars bravely ventures into Cancer territory.  We may be feeling a bit more protective or vigorous toward domestic things in our lives.  Venus quincunx Pluto today also stirs up the emotional medium.

Monday-Tuesday, May 8-9
Rise to the occasion.  The obstacle is the way, carving out your character and destiny. The old walls are shattering.  (Sun quintile Saturn tridecile Pluto conjunct Uranus)

Wednesday, May 10
Moon aspects Mars and Pluto, 11:38 and 9:39 pm US Central Time.  Intensity and activation.

Thursday, May 11
Moon at Perigee
Unusual or sudden emotional angles.  Shifting up the relationship scenarios.  (Venus semisquare Uranus)

Friday, May 12
Last Quarter Moon
Mutual persevering over issues. Find a higher path.  (Juno square Saturn, Mercury sextile Saturn, Mercury sextile Venus)

Saturday, May 13
Early on, emotional balance to move onwards.  Joint harmony.  (Venus trine Saturn)

Sunday, May 14
Mother’s Day
Mercury Stationary Direct, Saturn tridecile Pluto
I AM my mother.  My burden is Light.

Monday, May 15
Coherent drive and motivation.  Dare to systematically move ahead.  (Mars trine Neptune)

Tuesday, May 16
No peaking influences

Wednesday, May 17
Jupiter Square Pluto, Moon Occults Jupiter
Audacious, but potentially terrifying.  Fools go where angels fear to tread.  (Sun conjunct Algol)

Thursday, May 18
Ascension Day
The ego dissolves into the Light.  (Sun sextile Neptune)

Friday, May 19
Dark (New) Moon on Algol star
Juno also on Antares/Aldebaran stars portend interesting and significant relationships moments, not all rosy at times.  Moon also on Pleiades stars.

Saturday, May 20
Things are coming to a peak this weekend.  Engage, direct towards constructive goals.  Suffer no fools, stay conscientious in your actions.  (Venus on Sirius star, Mars opposite Pluto)

Sunday, May 21
Where there is a will there is a way. Deep emotions.  (Mars biquintile Saturn, Venus tridecile Pluto, Sun on Pleiades stars, Venus opposite Vega star, Moon opposite Galactic Center)

Monday, May 22
Opportunity to act decisively, don’t hesitate.  (Sun sextile Mars)

Tuesday, May 23
It’s go time.  Much can be accomplished quickly.  A little recklessness is good sometimes, but it’s good to have a lot of focused practice anyway.  (Mars square Jupiter and quintile Uranus)

Wednesday, May 24
Mid-day US time the Moon aspects Mars and Pluto, take the lead.

Thursday, May 25
Shavuot Starts
Important relationship junctures, rediscover your power therein.  (Sun semisquare Venus)

Friday, May 26
Moon at Apogee
Interesting and exciting new ventures and connections.  (Venus sextile Uranus)

Saturday, May 27
Shavuot Ends
Jupiter is on the North Node of the Moon, situations and connections vibrant with potential.  Remember that potential is merely hope, exacting an equal or greater amount of determination, diligence and perseverance in it’s manifestation.  Juno and Pluto aspecting seem to empower dysfunctions between people.

Sunday, May 28
Painful life-junctures.  Confused issues but hope and betterment thereafter.  (Sun square Saturn, Venus semisquare Saturn, Mercury semisquare Neptune)

Monday, May 29
Memorial Day US
Venus on Pollux
The Moon conjunct the Super Galactic Center may bring activation of the mind and being at some time today.  Venus on Pollux star in Gemini may indicate delightful interactions.

Tuesday, May 30
Mars at Aphelion
Take charge, but strive for actual relevance and validity in your actions. Breakdowns, burnout, accidents, etc. (Mars closest to the Sun, Sun quintile Neptune)

Wednesday, May 31
The Moon on Spica and the Sun on Antares/Aldebaran stars indicates a special inspiration or significance to the day.


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