January 2, 2020
January 2020 Predictions: Historic Reset
by Curtis Burns,

2020 A New Start, Trump Astrology, Dramatic Turns

A new decade is upon us.  It’s like a “reset”, all goes back to zero; but it’s not like we just emerged from the womb, we have the benefit of the memories of our past and its successes and failures. 

Our physical bodies have a cycle from tender infancy to supple youth to hardened strength of adulthood to aged maturity and wisdom and the onset of decline; and wherever we are on that circle there is still a burning living spirit within our chest that is the very essence of perpetual vitality, youthfulness and potential to expand. 

Therefore, regardless of our position on that circle, there is no better time than the now to commence a positive effort towards improvement, striving against our lesser elements within.  I confess that approaching my 60th year I have never felt more alive and purposeful than now, and the sense of “mission” is stronger than ever.

As to how that mission will manifest itself is a bit of a mystery at times, but it’s less what we do as to what are.  I AM a shining beacon of hope to the world, and that’s the big I AM as opposed to the little I am, or my ego.

If I get the cart before the horse, that is put my ego and all of its “achievements” first, I may be a king, but I’m sitting on my throne in a fantasy world on a grain of sand.  I am capable of so much more when I’m unburdened of very subjective things like prestige, acclaim and pride. 

Before a man (or woman) can rise he may need to be brought low given the opportunity to start again, but this time in a better way. 

Astrology of 2020

Astrologically, 2020 portends a significant change indeed.  The triple conjunction of Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn is an event that happens perhaps once or twice a century.  A shift is almost certain, especially so when looking at the world so coincidentally on fire with no small amount of illusion and delusion in force. 

The old western economic powerhouses seem to be declining in favor of a surging Asian world, and the various stop-gap measures employed in the west such as tax cuts, trade wars and deregulation seem more desperation than anything else.  The old guard will not let go of their grip on the wheels of control but the very unequal distribution of money and tight austerity measures imposed (to make the poor pay for the mistakes of the rich) may collapse the foundations that that old guard stood on for so long. 

When the pendulum swings far to the right, it will swing back in equal distance to the left.  Therefore, we have the rise of leftist movements and figures such as Bernie Sanders, Alexandria Ocassio-Cortez and Jeremy Corbin.  Society seeks to regain equilibrium, even if it has to answer extremes with extremes. 

Capricorn represents the standards which a society measures itself by, what is considered right, acceptable and good.  Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto conjunct just by themselves indicates a measured, but progressive striving for change, but the stakes are extremely high and the base, corrupted elements involved are very entrenched and difficult to move. 

Change may come, but it may be very slow and seemingly with great price attached. 

January 2020

The decade kicks off astrologically with a series of major configurations and celestial events.  It would seem that right around the middle of January there may be some SHTF moments. 

A very tight five day string of astrology events:

  • Jan 9 Pluto enters Capricorn
  • Jan 10 lunar eclipse opposite Mercury, Saturn and Pluto, Uranus Stationary Direct
  • Jan 11 Saturn enters Capricorn
  • Jan 12 Saturn conjunct Pluto
  • Jan 13 Sun conjunct SAturn and Pluto
  • Jan 14 Mars semisquare Saturn and Pluto, Mars biquintile Uranus

My experience tells me that these days themselves may not seem to register anything, but as the days subsequently move on we may start to experience the effects of things set in motion on those very days listed above. 

2020 and Donald Trump Astrology

As all of these planets enter the sixth house of Donald Trump, his most astrologically house, his twelfth, will be under direct activation.  It may be a time of his greatest struggles, but also those of his greatest successes; which with the latest attempt at bringing Trump down by House democrats with his impeachment, he may yet still come out on top in a sort of “’Is that your best shot?” kind of moment. 

With the unimpressive Democratic party contenders for the office of President (not counting Bernie Sanders or a Tulsi Gabbard who will never by nominated by the corporately controlled party), and the “great” economic reports, Trump seems to get the boost to another four years in the White House. 

As I’ve said here before, Trump has Vipreet Raja Yoga in this chart, which will be activated by this historic conjunction in sidereal Capricorn.  VRY is sort of a surprising and unexpected comeback type of configuration, or else it can signify something very bad, but which does not personally set back the person at the center of it ultimately.  Looking at the biography of Trump one can certainly say that he’s “gotten away” with a lot of things. 

I have to say that I’ve heard some commentators say that it is Trump’s very corruption, incompetence, or way of doing things that “outs” the bad guys; which seems like a desperate stretch of logic to me, but from time to time he does blurt out the actual truth of things (“We took the oil.”); so, maybe I’ll give them that.  What do I know anyway, I’m just a guy who looks at the stars. 

Wednesday, Jan 1
No peaking influences

Thursday, Jan 2
Abundance of thoughts and ideas uplift the planet.  Amazing creativity and insights.  Good fortune.  (Mercury conjunct Jupiter)

Friday, Jan 3
First Quarter Moon
Intensity and severity addresses the tough issues.  (Mars opposite the Pleiades, Moon square Saturn and Pluto)

Saturday, Jan 4
Quandratid Meteor Shower
Breakout of the rut.  (Moon conjunct Uranus)

Sunday, Jan 5
Earth at Perihelion
Leadership qualities emerge challenging the tyranny of the status quo.  Emotional liberation and joy.  Today the Earth is at its closest distance from the Sun.  (Sun opposite Sirius and tridecile Uranus, Venus quintile Uranus)

Monday, Jan 6
With many new developments in life and society knocking at the door, today’s caller may yield a serious and tough message.  (Jupiter conjunct South Node approximately, Moon conjunct Algol and the Pleiades)

Tuesday, Jan 7
Rapturous creativity and joy at moments.  (Sun sextile Neptune, Mercury tridecile Uranus)

Wednesday, Jan 8
Exciting and delightful social and intimate moments.  (Venus semisquare Jupiter, Mars semisquare Juno)

Thursday, Jan 9
Pluto “officially” enters sidereal Capricorn today; social and global shifts are imminent.  Today also power in relationships is measured.  (Sun and Mercury square Juno)

Friday, Jan 10
Mercury Superior Conjunction
Lunar Eclipse, Uranus Stationary Direct
Today’s full moon at some point turns dark and red.  Not normally considered a good sign.  Power and resolve are tested, discontent is brought out.  (Sun semisquare Mars, Moon opposite Saturn and Pluto)

Saturday, Jan 11
Today is Saturn’s turn to enter sidereal Capricorn.  The idea of seriousness takes on deeper shades of meaning. 

Sunday, Jan 12
Mercury makes very close conjunction with Saturn and Pluto.  Quoting Nietzsche, “Whoever fights monsters should see to it that in the process he does not become a monster. And if you gaze long enough into an abyss, the abyss will gaze back into you”.

Monday, Jan 13
Sun conjunct Saturn and Pluto
Moon at Perigee
Naked determination. 

Tuesday, Jan 14
Calm down and switch from reactive to proactive.  Turn the lever of power.  (Mars semisquare Pluto)

Wednesday, Jan 15
You’re strong and competent enough to get this done.  Surprise your detractors.  (Mars semisquare Saturn, Mars biquintile Uranus)

Thursday, Jan 16
Strength and shelter in relationships.  (Moon conjunct Juno)

Friday, Jan 17
Last Quarter Moon
Mars on the Heart of the Scorpion Antares star and Mercury semisquare Neptune can open the door to troubles.  Strive to be clear and honorable in your words and deeds. 

Saturday, Jan 18
Take a deep breath; images, thoughts and feelings may be coming in all at once.  After some pause, take a bold step.  (Mercury square Uranus)

Sunday, Jan 19
Moments of intensity addressing some of the less savory or prettier aspects of life.  (Moon opposite Algol and Pleiades)

Monday, Jan 20
Decisiveness and honesty in difficult subjects is called for, hard decisions.  (Moon conjunct Mars, Venus semisquare Saturn)

Tuesday, Jan 21
Discussions and revelations about your relationship life.  (Mercury tridecile Juno)

Wednesday, Jan 22
Hope springs eternal, even for the most hopeless of situations.  (Sun semisquare Neptune, Moon conjunct Jupiter)

Thursday, Jan 23
Unexpected, but welcome developments.  Keep focused on goals and objectives, recalling the words of Winston Churchill, when you’re going through hell, keep going! (Sun square Uranus, Venus sextile Jupiter, Moon conjunct Saturn and Pluto)

Friday, Jan 24
New Moon in sidereal Capricorn/tropical Aquarius
New cycles can start out small and/or imperceptibly. 

Saturday, Jan 25
Urgency of intention delivers the objectives.  (Mercury sextile Mars, Moon conjunct Mercury)

Sunday, Jan 26
Relationships help give the fuel towards success.  (Venus square Mars, Venus biquintile Juno, Moon opposite Regulus)

Monday, Jan 27
Sensitivity, compassion and love helps turn worlds.  (Venus conjunct Neptune)

Tuesday, Jan 28
Motives need scrutiny; deceitfulness and hypocrisy are indicated, as well as danger.  Your vulnerabilities are exposed, now to fix them.  Minor shakeups in relationships.  (Mars opposite Rigel square Neptune, Venus semisquare Uranus, Mercury quintile Uranus, Mercury trine Juno)

Wednesday, Jan 29
Moon at Apogee
Important moments in relationships.  The Moon is farthest from the Earth today. (Sun tridecile Juno)

Thursday, Jan 30
No peaking influences

Friday, Jan 31
Relationship developments and delight.  (Venus quincunx Juno, Moon opposite Spica/Arcturus)


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