Author: Curtis Burns

The Wrecking Crew

The potential for significant changes is high this week, especially into the coming weekend.  Intense astrological patterns usually coincide with similarly intense emotional and mental stresses on an individual and collective level, and which many time coincide with situational events that match or bring out such stresses.   On Friday, June 22, Jupiter makes an aspect to Pluto; this is an intermediate range positive configuration; but with downsides having to do with bringing out overly bold or error-prone enterprises or activities that have large scale ideological, spiritual, and/or religious overtones.  It should be quite an exciting day nevertheless.   Then over Sunday and Monday, June 24-25, Uranus will square Pluto, Saturn will turn stationary direct, and Jupiter will square Neptune.  This is a lot of big things happening over a short time period.  Things may seem to be happening so intensely and quickly that it may be hard to get perspective on things.  In the case, the best policy is to simply ‘go with the flow’, and don’t exactly try to understand it according to your predisposed model of how things should or do go.   Sometimes our active models need to be deconstructed and then reconstructed over time, and sometimes the Universe sends in the cosmic wrecking ball (or wrecking crew, if you will.)  After the site’s been razed, then the new construction crew sets in with a...

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Predictions for June 11 to 18, 2012

Monday, June 11Deceitful, dishonest, and addictive behaviors are highlighted.  Physical sensitivities and allergies may make life difficult.  Obsessive or compulsive trains of thought may be hard to resist.  Some may find personal breakthroughs.  Manipulative and subversive tendencies may come out.   Old ways of thinking may be shattered.  (Sun tridecile Neptune, Mercury opposite Pluto, square Uranus) Tuesday, June 12The Sun moves into sidereal Gemini today, depending on your chart this will have different connotations for everyone; also communications between important partners will be accentuated.  (Mercury sesquiquadrate Juno) Wednesday, June 13A calm, purposeful tone should characterize today; situations and relationships may have a more accurate sense of perspective.  Egos which usually hold inordinate sway, may be more effectively curbed today.  (Sun trine Saturn) Thursday, June 14Energy, motivation and actions may be pushed into overdrive; people may be pushing the envelope or possibly overstepping boundaries.  Pathological tendencies are lit up, and relationships are accented.  Be careful of accidents and injuries; things may go out of control or awry.  (Mars tridecile Pluto, Sun quincunx Juno) Friday, June 15No peaking influences Saturday, June 16Early on, more for European time zones, animated discussion and mental activity is indicated; good for artists, writers, and communicators. Be careful of overzealous twisting or exaggerated presentation of the facts.  Neglect or ignoring of details may be may cause problems.  (Mercury semisquare Jupiter) Sunday, June 17Toxic physical conditions may hinder...

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Venus Transit: A Highly Interesting Planet

Portents of the 2012 Venus Transit, and Predictions for June 4 to 11, 2012 Venus is quite an interesting planet with many varied meanings attached to it through history.  Being so close to the Sun (along with Mercury) it became the Morning or Evening Star (Phosphorus and Hesperus, respectively) to the ancient Greeks.  The Latin translation of Phospheros is Lucifer (“light bearer”.) There is a fascinating pattern of Venus stations that forms a pentagram, or five-pointed star, over an eight year period.  Five can be considered the number of man with his five extremities (two arms, two legs, and head), Venus’ orbit as seen from earth literally embodies this symbolism.  The ancient Babylonians called it Ishtar, the goddess of love.  Ishtar also was regarded as the goddess of war by the Babylonians, which gives us some pretty interesting ways to look at love.  The Babylonians also called Venus Nin-Dar-An-Na, the “bright queen of the sky.”  Anyone who finds Venus in the night sky will marvel at its luminosity and beauty.  Click here for more information about the history of Venus In my research I’ve found Venus to figure highly in social situations, good luck, love, and personal charm; but I’ve also seen it to configure during situations of windy or inclement weather.  All in all, Venus is more than just a “love” planet, it has a quite a complicated...

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Touched by God

Predictions for May 29 to June 4, 2012 We are coming up on a period of profound astrology configurations, mainly which will peak next week.  However, as I have endeavored to present on this website over the last month or so, there has been a series of significant configurations going on.  Doubtless, many awesome things are coming about in everyone’s world’s, even though it may seem to be anything but awesome.  You see, the Universe (or your particular deity attribution thereof) only regards us as pure beings of light, countless mirrorings of It’s own divine majesty.  All else is irrelevant, illusory, and not to be concerned with; that is, all the myriad variations of “I’m so bad, sad, miserable, and misbegotten” are meaningless and unreal in the eyes of the Universe.  My point here astrologically is that the seeming “bad” things that happen to us under astrology seemingly all the time, are profoundly amazing and Divine in action.  Speaking generally, all things occur to us specifically to exalt our sense of selfhood, and to extricate us from our self-perpetuated prison houses of suffering and delusion.  Just take it as truth.  So with all the stuff happening in the skies, I am most certain that incredible things have been happening to you, and that if you follow with what they bring you to, you will be led on an adventure...

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Current Moon Phase

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Mercury, Messenger God

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