October 31, 2023
November 2023: Astrology of Deep Activation and Change
by Curtis Burns,

November 2023: Sun and Mars in Tandem Charge the Stars

November 2023 contains at least four major astrological junctures.

  1. Saturn turns stationary direct November 4
  2. There is the period from November 11 to 13 where the Sun, Mars and Uranus are in tight opposition.
  3. Then we have the tight configuration of the Sun and Mars in tight opposition to the fixed star Algol from November 17 through 19.
  4. Following, the Sun-Mars conjunction square to Saturn in opposition to the Pleaides stars from Nov 22 to 25.

Saturn Stationary Direct November 2023

As a sort of prelude to the events of November, Saturn stops its backwards motion in the sky and slowly resumes forward motion along the path of the ecliptic in the sky.  During stations (the interval between direct and retrograde motion) a planet exerts its most powerful influences on life it seems.

Therefore, with Saturn, the themes of discipline, perseverance and determination seem very tangible in our lives, as well as that of seeming-misfortune and a more pessimistic attitude.  Saturn makes things “real” in life, hardening, consolidating and making more effective our innate talents through so-called “problems” all of which in effect become opportunities for real fulfillment.  Saturn steels us, but wait, there’s more excitement to come….

Sun Mars Uranus November 2023Sun and Mars in Conjunction All Through November 2023

As a matter of fact, the Sun and Mars will be in tight conjunction throughout the second and thirds weeks of November, if not all of November.  It would seem that tensions are rising, anger coming to a boil.

The proactive of course seek to direct that energy forward in time through strategic constructiveness. It’s the re-active that seek to direct that energy to the current moment, or worse yet, to the past with anger and bullying.

Sun-Mars Opposite Uranus Novermber 2023

The Sun/Mars opposition to Uranus, Nov 11-13, coinciding with a New Moon as well, seems to be a potential pivot point for people and nations to go.

Uranus has to do with collective leaps in development, as well as “breaking free” of hitherto limiting or thwarting conditions; usually it happens suddenly, something “breaks” or a situation irretrievably “explodes”.  One can see with the current Isreali-Palestinian-Hamas-Hezbollah situation something “breaking” in the near future.

Medusa by Caravaggio

Caravaggio’s Medusa

However, the so-called breakout can also be from the ancient cycle of hate-retaliation-hate, and a new condition of peace or situational equilibrium can occur.  We always have the choice.

Sun-Mars Opposite Algol Star November 2023

The second phase of November astrology is the Sun-Mars in opposition to the very triggering Algol star Nov 17-19.  Algol is the severed head of Medusa star of the constellation Pegasus, and its effects are appropriately “upsetting” or “shocking” for a female gorgon of Greek myth who has snakes for hair.  So, Mars and the Sun, two malefic planets aspecting Algol would seem to be an especially acute activation of frustration, anger and misfortune.

Positively, Sun and Mars are pro-active elements.  If it weren’t for the Sun and Mars, nobody would be getting out of bed in the mornings.  Us humans don’t always do things right, at least the first time, but we learn through trial and error, the Sun and Mars pushing us along.

Sun-Mars Square Saturn and Opposite Pleiades Stars November 2023Sun conjunct Mars square Saturn opposite Pleiades stars November 2923

Not long after that, 2-3 days, we get the fourth phase of significant astrology with the Sun and Mars (still close together) forming a square to Saturn and an opposition to another set of stars in the skies, the Pleiades.  Sun-Mars-Saturn is always puts a squeeze on our comfortability in life, creating “make or break” situations, but in aspect to the Pleiades stars takes it to another level.

The Pleiades are the Seven Sisters of Greek myth, daughters of the Titan Atlas. According to one myth, the Pleiades were turned into stars by Zeus to escape from Orion the Hunter, who himself became a constellation which perpetually chases the Seven Sisters across the sky.

In my experience triggering of the Pleiades stars astrologically can be almost as intense as with the Algol star, significantly deepening and increasing the impact of events.

So, I see there some very clear stellar “karmic” time-markers in our near future. Bear in mind that no prediction is absolutely accurate or assured, but things usually fall somewhere in the middle.  What we carry forward, with the Sun and Mars, let us carry forward constructive enterprises, breaking away from dysfunctional-retrogressive ways of doing things.

The Pleiades Sisters from Greek Myth and the Pleiades Star Cluster in Taurus

Day by Day Astrology November 2023

Wednesday, Nov 1
All Saints Day
Venus moves into sidereal Virgo, the sign of its fall.  Relationships and relating to each other may seem to get a little too conditional for about a month or so.

Thursday, Nov 2
All Souls Day
Dissipated energy, dysfunctional tendencies brought out.  Persevere through discouragement/despair, find sublime inspiration.  (Sun sesquiquadrate Neptune)

Friday, Nov 3
Jupiter at Opposition
Jupiter is brightest and highest in the night sky, seeming to shower benefits and inspirations on us below.  Venus aspecting Neptune and also Jupiter highlights our sweetest tendencies, but perhaps as a coping mechanism instead of when truly merited.  (Sun opposite Jupiter, Venus opposite Neptune and sesquiquadrate Jupiter)

Saturday, Nov 4
Saturn Stationary Direct
The old Titan Chronos teeters forward, but his kids are up to mischief.  Patriarchal crackdown.  (Mars quintile Pluto, Mercury opposite Uranus)

Sunday, Nov 5
Last Quarter Moon
Daylight Savings Time Ends
Repose after setbacks or misfortune.  (Sun tridecile Saturn, Jupiter semisquare Neptune)

Monday, Nov 6
South Taurid Meteor Shower
Moon at Apogee
Deep currents of emotion and love, boundary-less omniscience.  (Venus trine Pluto, Mercury trine Neptune)

Tuesday, Nov 7
Sudden, deep and possibly shocking discoveries, revelations, or patterns of thinking.  (Mercury opposite Algol star)

Wednesday, Nov 8
Emotional, aspirational, or interpersonal proclivities thwarted.  (Sun quintile Pluto, Venus quincunx Saturn)

Thursday, Nov 9
Early on the Moon conjunct Venus will accentuate love and the experience of beauty.

Friday, Nov 10
Deep, but difficult revelations or discoveries.  Thwarted by intimidating or overwhelming sources or situations.  Venus on the Super Galactic Center can bring greater depth of feeling and deep emotional connections nevertheless.  (Mercury opposite Pleiades stars and square Saturn, Juno tridecile Uranus and trine Jupiter)

Saturday, Nov 11
Veteran’s Day
Be steady in chaotic space, move with deliberation. Good fortune awaits.  (Mars opposite Uranus, Venus biquintile Jupiter)

Sunday, Nov 12
Early on the Moon opposing Jupiter brings aspirational fervor.

Monday, Nov 13
N Taurid Meteor Shower
New Moon
Uranus at Opposition
You can’t see it but trust the fact that Uranus is highest and brightest from the Earth’s point of view.  New ideas and initiatives, sudden and delightful breaks from heretofore limiting or confining mindsets.  Mars brings a new energetic shift for everyone as it transits into a new sidereal sign, Scorpio; as well as heating up relationships overall.  (New Moon opposite Uranus, semisquad Venus, Mars quintile Juno)

Tuesday, Nov 14
Try to be realistic, embrace humility, not cling to more pleasant-seeming scenarios.  Losses can be new beginnings.  (Venus biquintile Saturn, Mercury tridecile Neptune)

Wednesday, Nov 15
Pleasantness, but hopefully not as a covering-over of difficult issues. Developments in relationships. (Sun semisquare Venus, Mercury sextile Venus, Mercury quincunx Jupiter, Sun quintile Juno)

Thursday, Nov 16
Good fortune, brilliance of mind.  (Venus quincunx Jupiter, Mercury conj Antares/Aldebaran axis)

Friday, Nov 17
Graceful action, good timing. Powerful moments in relationships. (Sun conjunct Mars trine Neptune, Venus semisquare Mars and tridecile Pluto, Mercury square Juno)

Saturday-Sunday, Nov 18-19
Sudden, perhaps shocking, impactful events and developments.  (Sun and Mars opposite Algol star, Mercury semisquare Pluto, Mercury biquintile Jupiter)

Monday, Nov 20
Advantage, power for change. (Sun sextile Pluto)

Tuesday, Nov 21
First Quarter Moon at Perigee
Exciting spaces to make significant progress.  (Venus biquintile Uranus, Mars sextile Pluto)

Wednesday, Nov 22
Keeping spirits bright may be a challenge.  Relationship struggles.  Deep issues brought out, severe reactions. (Venus sesquiquadrate Saturn, Sun opposite Pleiades stars, Juno sesquiquadrate Pluto, Mercury quintile Saturn)

Thursday, Nov 23
Thanksgiving USA
Trying circumstances, especially early on. Later in the day the Moon aspecting Venus can bring warmth and happiness for the holiday.  (Sun square Saturn)

Friday, Nov 24
Mars opposite the Pleiades stars today continues yesterday intensity of activation.  Be brave and calm, focused on the right outcomes.

Saturday, Nov 25
Thwartedness, frustration. Strength comes through calmness, not desperation.  Potential for accidents and injury are heightened.  You can only do what you can do, which is enough for now.  (Mars square Saturn)

Sunday, Nov 26
Later today the Moon reactivates Mars, Algol star, and the Pleiades, perhaps giving a better response to things which may seem to have gone out of control just a few days ago.

Monday, Nov 27
Full Moon
Things may not be as they seem, or we would prefer them to be. (Mercury square Neptune)

Tuesday, Nov 28
Venus at Perihelion
Closest to the Sun, just entering the sidereal sign of its rulership, Libra, Venus is also conjunct the Moon’s South Node.  The experience of love, beauty and delight may be very high.  Make love not war.

Wednesday, Nov 29
Beauty and inspiration continues, but energy and motivation may be a bit elusive.  (Sun tridecile Neptune, Venus conjunct Spica and Arcturus stars)

Thursday, Nov 30
Rapturous release, even if a bit fleeting.  (Venus quincunx Neptune)


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