February 3, 2015
Mercury, Do You See?
by Curtis Burns,

Mercury Stationary Direct, Perception and Consciousness, Weekly Predictions Feb 3 to 16, 2015

Tarot Key 2, The MagicianMercury turns direct again this upcoming period on Wednesday, February 11, 2015.  I wanted to say a few words about Mercury that have been recently come to my awareness. Prepare yourself for a little bit of speculative philosophy in astrological language.

Mercury is relatively a light-weight planet in astrology, especially in the sense of transits.  It moves around so fast that its effects are very quick and light-impact.  Yet in the natal chart, it seems almost as significant as the Sun.  Mercury represents the consciousness, that which beholds (sees or perceives) the universe and differentiates its constituent parts.

Cognition is synonymous with creation.  Mercury represents the power of the mind which elects what will manifest as the perceived image.  Perception is based on predispositions, it’s the brain that interprets the signals from the eyes and forms the picture in the mind.  Reality exists in a space somewhat in between the actual externals and our internal understandings of them.

Therefore, reality is fluid.  One ultimately decides what one will perceive of the universe.  Further, the “good or bad” of situations is based entirely on predisposed biases of individuals.  “Reality” is sort of subjective.

But reality is really not subjective; you are a god who creates your reality.  Very simple.

In occult teaching a person who consciously creates change is called an adept, alchemist, mage, magus, or magician.  I see Mercury as that magician, he or she who consciously creates their reality and therefore impacts the environment.  They do not react, they are independent of external forces and/or other individuals.

CMercury Stationary Directonsciously deciding can also be called free will, which some may relate to the function of the Sun in astrology, but I tend to connect it with the action of Mercury.  The Sun represents the fire of spirit, which is the first cause of all things, and from which all other things emanate from.  It is the light of the Sun from which all other lesser planets reflect different wavelengths (or qualities) of that light.

The Moon reflects the light of the Sun, acting as sort of a “second sun” in the sky; but it is inconstant and wavering, exhibiting different phases quickly over time, and it seems to register on more relational, emotional, and non-rational levels of being than the Sun does.  Much like humans tend to.

Indeed, in Vedic astrology the Moon is regarded as the planet which represents the mind of the individual.  In Western astrology the Moon is regarded as more of an emotional indicator than anything else.  I regard the Moon as representing that part of the mind which is holistic, reflective and contemplative.  Mercury I regard as pertaining to the analytical, discriminative and cognitive part of the mind.

When you look at the Moon in a person’s chart, especially a Vedic chart, it represents how they typically think and act in the world. Acting very similar to the Moon is Mercury which represents how a person sees the world around them, which in turn determines their actions, re-actions, and who and what they see themselves to be.

It is said that to see is to be, to be is to see.  Do you see?

Do you see?

Mercury is the interface between infinite potentiality and finite realization. It is the essential key to everything.  Look at Mercury in your chart, and see yourself!

Tuesday, Feb 3, Full Moon
Aside from the Moon shining fully illuminated in the sky, and at its peak power to benignly influence life, there are no peaking influences

Wednesday, Feb 4
There may be a distinct go-stop influence present today: impetuous enthusiasm clashing with guarded skepticism, in that order.  Projects initiated may have to stop for adjustments in mid-flight.  (Mars quincunx Jupiter, Sun quintile Saturn)

Thursday, Feb 5
Success at urgent, purposeful connectivity.  (Mercury semisquare Mars, Mercury sextile Saturn)

Friday, Feb 6
Exalted (or self-exalted) purpose drives the day, results may be hampered by flawed strategies.  (Sun opposite Jupiter)

Saturday, Feb 7
Deep and expressive love and feeling overall may characterize the day.  Be aware of magnetic but very possibly distracting influences upon your attentions.  (Venus sextile Pluto)

Sunday, Feb 8
No peaking influences

Monday, Feb 9
Arduous progress is possible in overcoming heretofore frustrating obstacles and limitations.  Setbacks and problems may dog projects.  Stay focused.  (Mars tridecile Saturn)

Tuesday, Feb 10
Be careful assuming too much, eating or drinking too much of the wrong thing.  In the aura of aspiring greatness, sometimes judgment may be a little over-optimistic.  (Mars biquintile Jupiter, Venus quincunx Jupiter)

Wednesday, Feb 11, Mercury Stationary Direct
Mercury, the magician, turns forward.  The past is the past, new vistas and perspectives are where it’s at.  It is the official green light again for projects to get started.

Thurs-Fri, Feb 12-13
No peaking influences

Saturday, Feb 14, Valentine’s Day
Somewhat complicated Valentine’s Day this year with Venus aspecting both Jupiter and Saturn.  Love may glisten but not without a little work to bring out that shine.  Venus also enters sidereal Pisces, a new house in everyone’s chart, and a sign that it’s exalted in.  Love transcends.  (Venus tridecile Saturn, Venus biquintile Jupiter)

Sunday, Feb 15
Efforts may produce powerful results, even inadvertantly.  Asocial impulses may receive unusually strong energy.  No passive aggression today, be prepared to give it 110%+.  (Mars quintile Pluto)

Monday, Feb 16
Enthusiasm may feel thwarted by significant problems.  Stay focused, don’t lose hope; be receptive to solutions.  (Jupiter tridecile Saturn)

Curtis Burns

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