September 30, 2023
October 2023 Astrology Predictions: Courageous Love in Transition
by Curtis Burns,

Vedic Astrology Predictions for October 2023: Pluto Stationary Direct, Eclipse Paths

This month there is an amazng three-day series of configurations culminating with Pluto making a direct station on Tuesday, October 10.  As that occurs transiting Venus will be in close conjunction with Regulus, the star representing the Heart of the Lion in Leo constellation.  Followed by a solar eclipse that has Mars in strong aspect to Neptune.

What does it mean?  It will be different for each one as we go through our internal evolutions.  I suspect a lot of breaking of vessels, shedding of skins, and higher roads taken.

Externally, it may be more subtle, but with Pluto stationing in the sky, it will be impactful nevertheless.  Pluto represent the most common lower denominators of human society, sort of like a counterpoint to a utopia or golden age of enlioghtened equanimity.  Therefore, when Pluto is activated there is usually some visible, as well as visceral, manifestations.

Venus on Regulus to me seems to call forth a certain courage of love, a sentiment of nobility, and a burningness of love that tolerates no competitors.  Alas, as Venus also opposes Saturn in this configuration, all lesser loves will be crushed by Saturn (Chronos) unforgiviing nature.  We will see.

In this close up you can see also a very thin crescent Moon at the mouth of the lion.  Maybe on that day has a meal of it’s prey.

Moon in Leo Lion's Mouth with Vneus October 9, 2023

Amazing Eclipse Paths Across the USA in 2023-24

The eclipses, both solar and lunar, which recurr every six months, represent a sort of culmination in themselves.  The Sun and Moon are the main orbs in our sky and when they enter alignment as they do during eclispes, one of them seems to obliderate the other, at least for a few moments.  Symbolicially, it can be a death and rebirth, if you will.

The path of it’s totality draws an amazing line down the US west coast, into Texas and then down through Mexico, Central and South America.  This path is where the eclipse will be most apparent on the earth, totality as it is called.  Some say that these paths may lay down some significant turn of fate those those locations, no hard evidence of course.

Eclipse Path Oct 14, 2023

However it looks even more amazing if we look at the path of another solar eclipse in April 2024.  This puts Texas and Mexico right in the literal crosshairs.  Next year we may see whether those theories about eclipse paths have any merit!

Eclipse Paths 2023-24 in USA

Day by Day Astrology Readings for October 2023

Sunday, Oct 1
Motivation or drive suddenly may seem a re-working as Mars enters the sidereal sign of it’s debility, Libra.  However, the Sun biquintile Jupiter serves to lift everything up anyway.  Important relationship developments.  (Sun semisquare Juno, Mars sextile Juno)

Monday, Oct 2
Self-deceptions, flights of fancy.  Potential dysfunctionalities. Moon on Algol star later on can bring shock and dismay. (Mercury opposite Neptune)

Tuesday, Oct 3
Charismatic drive.  Exaggerated love and beauty.  (Sun tridecile Pluto, Mercury trine Pluto, Venus quincunx Neptune, Mars on Arcturus/Spica stars)

Wednesday, Oct 4
nflated expectations and perceptions, strive for realism.  (Mercury sesquiquadrate Jupiter)

Thursday, Oct 5
Self-deceived aggression, misapplied force, thwarted drive.  Outlooks biased by negativity.  Be a rebel, choose optimism.  (Mercury quincunx Saturn, Mars quincunx Neptune)

Friday, Oct 6
Last Quarter Moon
Be a beacon of genius.  Cathartic emotional release.  (Mercury conjunct Super Galactic Cener, Venus quincunx Pluto)

Saturday, Oct 7
Garrulous superfluity. Don’t expound for expounding’s sake.  Seemingly beautiful emotional/relationships situations. (Sun quincunx Jupiter, Juno quincunx Neptune)

Sunday, Oct 8
Ouch, lessons in patience, preparation.  Act not in frustration, but in seeking resolution with calculation.  (Mercury biquintile Saturn, Mars square Pluto, Mercury sesquiquadrate Uranus)

Monday, Oct 9
Columbus Day USA
Amazing day potentially.  Break free of ideological suppression.  Discover originality, creativity and abundant happiness.  Courageous love as Venus conjuncts Regulus, the Heart of the Lion star. (Mercury biquintile Jupiter, Sun sesquiquadrate Saturn, Sun biquintile Uranus)

Tuesday, Oct 10
Pluto Stationary Direct
Moon at Apogee
Thwarted lesser loves, now liberation and penetrating insights.  End of an era, emotional finality.  (Venus opposite Saturn, Mercury tridecile Pluto, Venus tridecile Jupiter)

Wednesday, Oct 11
Working on communications in relationships.  (Mercury semisquare Juno)

Thursday, Oct 12
Inspired relationships breakthroughs.  (Mercury quincunx Jupiter, Juno quincunx Pluto)

Friday, Oct 13
Diligently working on relationship issues.  Sometimes the “problems” exist only in our thinking.  (Venus biquintile Pluto, Mars trine Saturn, Mercury sesquiquadrate Saturn, Venus on Fomalhaut star)

Saturday, Oct 14
New Moon (Eclipse) – Annular (“Ring of Light”)
As the Sun seems to lose luster for a bit, ominously, it cuts a trail down the west coast of USA then down into Central America.  This eclipse is accompanied by a problematical Mars biquintile Neptune aspect.  Malice of aim, disillusionment, subverted aspirations.  Eclipses can be disorienting by nature already, but it’s a shift.

Sunday, Oct 15
Dissatisfaction, seeking neglected needs.  (Sun quincunx Uranus)

Monday, Oct 16
Progress seems to be impeded, but more likely just in adjustment mode.  (Jupiter quintile Saturn)

Tuesday, Oct 17
The Sun on Spica/Arcturus stars today can be inspiring. The Moon, however, opposite Algol and Pleiades stars may be distracting with deep emotional impacts.  Then Juno, asteroid of relationships, is on Regulus star.  We may be passing through significant junctures in the world with others.

Wednesday, Oct 18
Energetic misfires, false premises.  Exciting encounters, great promises, but no assured fulfillments.  (Sun quincunx Neptune, Juno tridecile Jupiter, Mercury on Spica/Arcturus stars)

Thursday, Oct 19
Separations and new meetings. Strive for clarity. (Juno opposite Saturn, Mercury quincunx Neptune, Venus tridecile Uranus)

Friday-Saturn, Oct 20-21
Mercury Superior Conjunction Square Pluto
Push the agenda through.

Sunday, Oct 22
First Quarter Moon
Confidently navigate through issues, charismatic advantage.  (Mercury trine Saturn, Venus semisquare Pluto, Mercury biquintile Neptune)

Monday, Oct 23
Venus at Greatest Elongation
Beauty and perfection.

Tuesday, Oct 24
Creative strength, but cannot be forced. Potential for dysfunctional patterns set off.  (Sun trine Saturn, Sun biquintile Neptune)

Wednesday, Oct 25
Later in the day, Moon on Neptune opens sensitivity and compassion, uniting us all.

Thursday, Oct 26
Moon at Perigee
Moon closet to the Earth in opposition to the Super Galactic Center, profound insights?

Friday, Oct 27
Misapplied, misdirected and/or dissipated energy/action.  Dysfunctions. Alternatively, sublime rationales, motivations brought out. Relationship developments, some not all the best. (Mars sesquiquadrate Neptune)

Saturday, Oct 28
Full Moon – Lunar Eclipse
Exciting developments, but maybe still-born. (Mercury and Mars opposite Jupiter)

Sunday, Oct 29
Mercury conjunct Mars tridecile Saturn
Zealous, but sharp.  Bitter.

Monday, Oct 30
Determination and focus required to get out of not-good situations. Careful of stress, strain, injury or worse.  (Mars tridecile Saturn exactly)

Tuesday, Oct 31
Peculiar, unusual and compelling scenarios and conversations/thoughts.  Be conscientious.  (Mercury quintile Pluto)


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