Predictions Jan 20 to Feb 2, 2015

by | Jan 20, 2015 | Predictions

Tuesday, Jan 20, New Moon
Spirits are high, almost unbelievably so. Heightened confidence may incite recklessness. Some risks taken may deliver handsomely. Spiritual and moral issues may be in the spotlight. (Jupiter biquintile Pluto)

Wednesday, Jan 21, Mercury Stationary Retrograde
Mercury the Magician turns around a surveys what’s behind him. Look closer, there may be important details hidden in the scenery that are worth finding. Subjectiveness increases, objectivity suffers, which may lead to the classic Mercury retrograde bad timing and skewed connections. The need to break out of out of restricting or limiting boxes of thought may reach acute emotional levels, inciting action. (Sun quintile Uranus)

Thursday, Jan 22
Starting out right may be the theme of the day. Egos are less inclined to fuss, there’s work to be done and a calm, methodical atmosphere may prevail. (Sun sextile Saturn)

Friday and Saturday, Jan 23-24
No peaking influences

Sunday, Jan 25
Perspicacity and emotional excitement over new people and situations will characterize the day. Connecting and getting the message across may require some problem solving. (Mercury quintile Saturn, Venus semisquare Uranus)

Monday, Jan 26
Deep emotional responses may rock the boat some. Sometimes the challenge is to not let the lesser parts of us rule our actions. (Venus semisquare Pluto)

Tuesday, Jan 27
Perceptions and cognition may leap out of the box of “normalcy.” (Mercury sextile Uranus)

Wednesday and Thursday, Jan 28-29
No peaking influences

Friday, Jan 30
Relationships may hit rough patches in the road on their journey. A distancing or cooling of emotions can occur, forcing everyone to dig deeper for that current of connectivity. Extraordinary work and progress can be made today in all areas, be careful of pushing the limits with systems, things, and people. (Venus square Saturn, Mars sextile Pluto)

Saturday, Jan 31
No peaking influences

Sunday, Feb 1
Feelings and sentiments may seem to be charged with infinite delight, helping us to transcend the limits of flesh and blood. (Venus conjunct Neptune)

Monday, Feb 2
Leaping out of the box of societal convention may happen spontaneously. Unexpected new life directions and vistas may suddenly appear. (Sun sextile Uranus)

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