Monday, Dec 22
Connections may be strained, testing the limits of cordiality and love.  Sometimes the flow of things exposes our weak points, but simply to direct us to change them into strengths.  (Venus semisquare Saturn)

Tuesday, Dec 23
Good cheer and enlightenment can be available in abundance now.  Cultural, social and spiritual values are open to be received now.  Be careful spending or otherwise enjoying things a little too much resulting in financial or digestive woes.  (Venus biquintile Juptier)

Wednesday, Dec 24
Cognitive and communicative functions may be hindered by unsettled emotions and clashing ideals.  (Mercury square Uranus)

Thursday, Dec 25, Christmas Day
The holiday may be characterized by an intensity of thoughts and feelings, and a tendency to slip into obsessive or compulsive behaviors.  Study may prove profitable.  (Mercury conjunct Pluto)

Friday, Dec 26
Thinking and relating may be marred by confusing and conflicting issues.  Some analysis and soulful examination though may yield some insights into one’s personal biases and prejudices.  (Sun sextile Neptune, Mercury semisquare Saturn, Venus semisquare Neptune)

Saturday, Dec 27
Cordiality and generosity are strong, the better parts of humanity are allowed to rise.  (Venus quincunx Jupiter, Mercury biquintile Jupiter)

Sunday, Dec 28
Hyperbole and recklessness may characterize some of the interactions of the day.  Be careful of what you promise, feeling so confident about yourself and/or others.  Be careful of what today may sound or make affectation of being great, but is not really so.  (Sun sesquiquadrate Jupiter)

Monday, Dec 29
Perceptions may fool, or we may pretend to believe something, consciously or not; but double checking facts or what we understand to be may be a life-saving move.  (Mercury semisquare Neptune)

Tuesday, Dec 30
Discussion and plans may become grand with many solemn promises, but no actual guarantee of fulfillment. Ideas may be prone to enthusiastic errors. (Mercury quincunx Jupiter)

Wednesday, Dec 31
No peaking influences

Thursday, Jan 1, New Year’s Day
Ardor, fanfare and bluster may be high; yet totally innappropriate or impotent to effect change. Adventuresome connections may form. The mettle has yet to be tested. (Mars opposition Jupiter)

Friday, Jan 2
Mars moves into sidereal Aquarius, and a new house in everyone’s charts. A shift in motivations and tactics may be noticed.

Saturday, Jan 3
There may be a little upheaval and craziness before the new picture emerges. After the dust settles pleasant and mind-liberating associations may form. (Sun square Uranus, Sun conjunct Pluto, Venus quintile Uranus)

Sunday, Jan 4
Relationships and the emotional climate may become moderated and focused, helping us to further cement alliances. (Venus sextile Saturn)

Monday, Jan 5
Attitudes and spirits are high, which may help usher in new life directions and possibilities. Clarity and practicality are assisted. (Sun biquintile Jupiter, Mercury quintile Uranus, Mercury sextile Saturn)

Mercury, God of Thieves

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