WinterSolstice time, winter
The God-man-hero wearily
Forward treads, now in his
Cold grave dreamily reposes

In midwinter’s dark, dead-like embrace
His form atomized, repolarized
Old wounds, still burning
Staunched, quieted, blemish left to remind

Time’s vassal, mortality’s curse
Suffering, delusion, dissolution
Vainly grasping, ego’s dismal hopes
Death comes as rest, Eternity’s consolation

Crystal snow fire glow
Liberates life from mournful cast
Purges untruth, penetrates to the
Bone, re-fuses spirit to matter

Cold’s fire spent, emerges then
Leaping, arcing, vibrant green shoots
As with the Sun’s increasing ascendancy now
God-man-hero takes to the stage again.


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