Where There is Life there is Hope Pt 1

by | Mar 4, 2002 | Esoteric

Violence and bloodshed has erupted in the Middle East, Afghanistan, India, Sudan, and other parts of the world; this outbreak corresponds to the planet Mars recently entering the sign (sidereal) of its rulership, Aries.

Mars is not a planet to take lightly.  We may be entering a period of deepening conflict as Mars continues its transit through Aries and then Taurus, the sign of its debilitation.  As Mars moves through Taurus, it will be contacting and activating the long-percolating energies of Saturn transiting through the same sign in opposition to Pluto in Scorpio.

The pain runs deep in these places, and we are coming into a situation where those long suppressed energies could explode.  Clear, concise action by a God-oriented mind has been sadly missing in this part of the world; and in its place is the meddling Western financial interests, and more secretive actions on the part of the Soviet-Russian coalition for years.

Taurus/Scorpio is the financial axis of astrology.  Will the US economy surge like a light bulb just about to blow, and then flameout and fall through the floor?

There is a cyclical nature to all things; they expand and contract, rise and fall; it is a quality of life, like a heart beating, like the breathing of a living being.  Economies and markets are not exempt from this rule, despite what politicians and stockbrokers tell us.

Greed-based and superfluous enterprises are being flushed out, producers of goods and services of actual value are being hardened against the winter of reduced available capital and the dwindling of demand.

The terrorists struck at the heart of our capitalist empire, seemingly at its peak but already showing signs of retrenchment.  War, like a beast, smells blood in the air.  They, the self-appointed destroyers of evil, fanatics; in their pride miscalculated however, the life of this raging force, as the familiar status quo to our nation and economy seems to have returned.

Freedom is hard to kill; the expansion of science, technology, and the exploding power of prosperity is difficult to tame.  Where there is life, there is hope.  It is absolutely essential that the good people of the earth rouse themselves from their capitalistic lotus-dreams, and realize that forces on the move, which they have ignored, are about to steal center stage and dictate how life on the earth will be lived.

End part I.

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