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Solstice and the Christian Story

Symbolically the winter represents the twilight, death and subsequent rebirth of man (especially if you subscribe to the idea of reincarnation). It’s not a coincidence that the Christian holiday of Christmas is so close to the day of the Winter Solstice, which is December 21-22 each year.

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Morals in Achaean Culture

“Odysseus can hardly speakwithout lying, or act without treachery. It is true that the other Achaeans do not quite equal Odysseus in dishonesty, but not because they would not, they envy and admire him, and look up to him as a model character; the poet who pictures him considers him a hero in every respect; even the goddess Athena praises him for his lying.”

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Confucius On Society

Confucius, one of the greatest sages of ancient China, never spoke much about God, metaphysics, religion, or the soul. His message was morality, honor, and commitment in self, family, and country. He wrote five books including...

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Psychology of Difficult Relationships

From “The Search for the Real Self”, by James F. Masterson MD, chapter 7 “The Challenge of Intimacy”: “There are all kinds of illusions that make it appear that intimacy is working for a couple, even when, on closer inspection,...

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