November 3, 2016
Trump, Clinton and Predictions
by Curtis Burns,

Trump and Clinton Election Astrology 2016

Hopefully, by November 8 (barring any contested election results) we are going to know who the next US President will be, either Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump.  As of this writing, they are basically neck and neck according to the polls.  However, polls are one thing, election results are another.

Ego and Confirmation  Bias

As I’ve striven to explain over this last year so or, it’s too close to call astrologically.  Most astrologers seem evenly split over the outcome.  I think though that the closeness of the race allows people to bias their conclusions to whomever they are politically aligned with.

Confirmation bias is always something to be wary of for predictors (and astrologers).  Making predictions in general is a risky business because things are not always (or should be) “written in stone” whether by the stars or any other system that the mind of man makes up.  There is always the element of free will, and therefore unpredictability by definition, that should be taken into account.

The predictor starts to get his reputation involved because then his so-called system becomes an extension of him and that pesky little ego attached to it.  Predictors can be very vain because they have a great need to be perceived as wise, special, or amazing; but no one is ever those things all the time.  I should know….

Craving Certainty in a Chaotic Universe

We like it when things go according to a recognized system, it gives us comfort in an otherwise scary, unpredictable, and dangerous universe.  People crave astrology because it gives them a sense of identity, purpose and most of all sense to themselves.

But astrology like other divinatory systems is not perfect, because it originates in the mind of man which tries to make sense out of a seemingly disorganized chaotic system like the universe and that very fickle thing we called Fate.

True, astrology does offer quite a compelling message, but I think the best astrologers (or predictors in general) are the ones that give a quality of fluidity, flexibility and therefore hope to their pronouncements.  The future, fate, or predictions thereof are not irrevocable simply because we have free will.  No one, not even God I would think, can fully know the outcome of a situation because of the many variables involved, not the least of which is how free will will be exercised by one and the many individuals all along the way.

Trends and forecasts can be projected, but to think you can predict the future (or a presidential election) beyond the shadow of a doubt, it is delusion as well as egotism at its worst.  So many astrologers I’ve seen in this election has fallen prey to that.

Having said all that, let me look at the two major candidates.

Hillary Clinton Astrology

Hillary Clinton has had her challenges being in her Saturn sub-dasa since April 2016, it has not been an easy road for her and with no one else to blame except herself with all of the baggage of her various scandals (from early Arkansas to the latest Wikileaks email revelations).  For a while it wasn’t clear if she would physically survive the process, but she weathered Saturn’s ways with her, turning her karma back on her to either make or break her.

For my original article on Hillary Clinton’s astrology, go here.

And so far she has survived the process, as to whether this will actually make her a better President is very debatable.

Donald Trump Astrology

Donald Trump riding high on this Jupiter dasa (Vedic planetary period), and Jupiter transiting through his first house in sidereal Leo is going to supply a lot of buoyancy to send him places, but Jupiter’s subsequent pass through sidereal Virgo in his second house (the sign of its debility), starting in August 2016 has bogged down his ship, maybe getting a little too close to the rocks.  The rhetoric runs strong and deep, but the devil is always in the details as Jupiter in Virgo people should know.  Credibility begins to break down.

Even though he will be having a Jupiter return in this twelve month period (Aug 2016 to Aug 2017), Jupiter returns are almost never what they are cracked up to be; i.e. super-amazingly-fortunate.  Jupiter basically gives promise, and as we all should know: most promises have not much more than hope behind them.  But there is still a lot of “winning” left in him, it would seem.

The big kicker for Trump though is the transit of Saturn now coming to a conjunction with his natally eclipsed Full Moon (and therefore exactly opposite his Sun) in December/January is going to bring him to his karmic knees, as it were.

They say what goes around comes around, and all his misogynistic proclivities, lies, cons, and swindles come back to rob him of what he thinks he may deserve.  Saturn as the lord of karma, this is his business in our life, humbling us, but also chastening us.

Click here to see my original Trump astrology article.

So it’s all too close to call, it could go either way.  Hillary Clinton, however, enjoys a little bit more favor with the powers that be (or at least the powers that call the elections, anyway).  I have no love for either candidate, each has their own brand of particular loathing with me.

Clinton is a war criminal and an enforcer for the elite class, and Trump by comparison is petty, as well as petty by the worst kind of materialism, egotism and attendant narcissism. However once or thrice a few bits of sense have come out of his mouth (e.g. “I would try to talk with Putin”, etc.).  But that is the mouth of a man that spouted all sorts of documented lies, flipflops, cons, and outright larceny, so therefore no credibility.

Trumps transits and dasas start to go south soon after January 2017, so it would not seem to go well with him, regardless if he was in the White House or not.  The weakest points of his chart would be active and therefore is actions would be burdened by the influence of dysfunctional planets in his chart; i.e. he does a lot of bad things, or he will be a puppet to exploitative parties such as the growing gang of hard core GOP neocons surrounding him.

Since he seems to have a short attention span as it is, he would be easy manipulate. I’ve never for a minute regarded him as a serious potential leader for America.  That “renegade” aspect of his candidacy that so many people think is his strongest point, is much over rated in my opinion as well.


Both sides of this election are so equally corrupt that my vote will be to third party candidates in an effort to break the pattern which people seem to feel obligated to perpetuate, and to give credence to other voices much more truly representative of the nation’s best interests.

The American political system is in a state of collapse.  Trump arose out of a deeply fractionalized Republican party that couldn’t come up with a candidate to effectively galvanize its base.  Hillary Clinton could easily call herself a Republican, as most Democrats in Congress, in deed if not in word.  If it doesn’t completely collapse in the next few election cycles, the nation will most well transform into completely fascist state with leaders like a Hillary, Trump or others similarly inclined, with only a pretense to being a republic and lip service to the Constitution, which it basically is already.

Discontent and struggle will arise with third parties seeking to challenge the establishment with growing voices, and something new may arise in the not too distant future.  If we think this is the worst election ever, just wait until the next one… the highly astrologically significant year of 2020.  More on that later.

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