The Real Life of Jesus: His Actual Horoscope

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jesusThe Astrology of Jesus Christ

Christmas celebrates the birth of Jesus Christ.  The birth of Jesus, or of a similar Christ-like figure, means a lot to us.

Inasmuch as we are all alike, the birth of an avatar (savior) is an initiation that awaits all of us,….sometime, ….somewhere.  We all know that, whether we know that we know that, or not.

The actual historical Jesus, however, probably was not born on that date of December 25th.  Jesus could have been born on any date.

It is no accident though that the date of Dec. 25 was the date that was chosen as the celebration of the birth of Christ; you see it falls very close to the Winter Solstice.

Winter Solstice, a kind of “ending-and-new-beginning”, the longest night of the year, represents the culmination of the rule of “night” over us.  The Sun starts to rise higher and higher in the sky, and the days start to get longer.  “DAY” BEGINS ITS ASCENDENCY ONCE AGAIN.

The “day” represents the Sun, or Son, a definitely “solar” type of deity.

The origin of Christmas actually has roots in the ancient Roman state religion, Sol Invictus, and their Winter Solstice celebration, Natalus Invictus.  Rome, you see had a problem with a lot of different religions whipping people up all the time and threatening the rule of peace.

A “solar” religion does not directly conflict with other creeds and religions, it actually allows them to continue under its benevolent, shining, and all-pervading influence.  Therefore solar religions were the religion of choice for governments at the time.

Around this time there was a very pesky bunch of Jews (probably the Essene sect) who kept waiting for their Messiah to arrive, and with probably bloodied sword, as in the days of King David, would take back their rightful temporal supremacy.

So they had this guy saying, “I come not to bring peace, but a sword!” stirring things up.  So they had to take care of him—crucified him, that is.

For those who have been rather unimpressed with the story of Jesus as told to them their parents, pastors, or ministers; I would highly recommend that you secure a copy of “Holy Blood, Holy Grail” or the sequel “The Messianic Legacy”, by Michael Baigent, Richard Leigh, and Henry Lincoln.

The authors do a good job of explaining the real situation revolving around Jesus at that time.  Tom Clancy couldn’t have written a better story!

Anyway, with Jesus gone, and there still was no such thing as Christianity; Paul, former Pharisee himself, started to take up where Jesus left off.

In order for him to keep living, however, he had to make a few changes.

Paul almost completely de-politicized the message of Jesus, and created an image of an over-arcing, God-like savior, patterned much after Mithraic Sun-god images.

With Paul now preaching a purely spiritual and non-political creed, the Roman government therefore did not see Paul as an insurgent.Jesus Christ, from true heir to the throne of David, an actual “messiah” as it was understood; now has become a purely spiritual God-like figure.  Naturally we would celebrate his birth at Winter Solstice, when the Sun begins to rise once again.

Now, is there an actual astrological chart of the historical Jesus Christ?  Yes there is!  Using the Gospels and other data, astrologers have determined his time and place of birth.

The description of that amazing chart I will include in Part II of this report.
In researching the historical personages of the Bible, one is confronted with a few problems.
Firstly, the Scriptures are in reality a very unreliable hodge-podge of fragmented, contradictory, and clearly biased writings; the authorship of which is very uncertain; myth, legend, religious doctrine, actual history, and the “re-writing of history” are blended together.

Secondly, there is a very conspicuous dearth of cross-references to these Biblical figures in all other historical sources.  There is no record of a Moses, Kind David, or Jesus at all anywhere.

With David, however, there may be one exception: earlier in the 20th Century in Israel at a construction site it was found that one of the fragments of an ancient wall that was being knocked down had a piece of stone in it that had the inscription “House of David”.

But that is about it.  Under the microscope of scientific analysis the actual foundations of Christianity seem to just fade away.  One has to make a leap of faith then to continue on with one’s spiritual traditions.

All I will say about the real life of Jesus Christ is that I do not know just what really happened.  I believe that there actually was a Jesus, he was probably called Joshua ben Joseph, and that he probably was an Essene from the Qumran community in Palestine approximately 2000 years ago.  Jesus probably was “heir to the throne”.

Jesus was a man who through the process of Initiation came to literally embody his higher Divine Potential, thereby becoming an avatar, or savior, for the world.  This same potential you and I share with Jesus and one day sooner or later (preferably sooner) we will follow in his footsteps that same path.

Jesus, because he eventually ascended to God permanently, now remains with us on spiritual levels to guide us.

The actual chart of Jesus was researched by the Methodist minister and astrologer (certainly a unique combination) Don “Moby Dick” Jacobs.  For more information about him click on:

The Chart: the Piscean Master

First off, for those who still can’t get into my use of the sidereal zodiac where the signs are all different, in this case it doesn’t matter!  During 7 BC the sidereal and tropical zodiacs were lined up; the tropical signs fell right on the sidereal constellations.  There was only a 5 degree difference.

Moby Dick, through Biblical and historical research on his own, and using a combination of transits and progressions determined the actual birthdate of Jesus to March 1, 7 BC, 1:12 am, in Bethlehem

This is some chart!  Jesus was known as the Piscean Master.  Well, if you take a look at the chart, almost all his planets fall in Pisces!

In the chart of Jesus Christ there is a very strong emphasis on Pisces, a very spiritual sign; Virgo, a “humble” but also exacting sign; and Sagittarius, the Rising Sign, a very philosophical sign.

The following planets Jesus had in Pisces:

The Sun and the Moon—his personal focus and orientation.

Venus—a very beautiful and spiritual love nature.

Jupiter—his religious life and ideals tended towards sacrificial love and surrender.

Saturn—he had his trials and faced his greatest fears through the process of surrender—while he already seemed to have a lot of Pisces going for him, there were still elements that he deeply feared and possibly caused stumbling blocks for him.

Uranus—he was a spiritual revolutionary, upstart, and applecart-upsetter.  In him breathed the strong desires to bind all mankind together in deep, strong brotherly love, and that perhaps he would bring it about by making the ultimate sacrifice himself.

Jesus the Fierce Warrior

Now remember Jesus also said “I come not to bring peace but a sword”.  If you’ll look in this 10th house of reputation you’ll see two strong warrior-planets, Mars and Pluto, in the sign of Virgo.  Jesus was very fastidious and probably very sharp with words.

Jesus lived to stir things up, and if he wanted to, he knew how to get under your skin and challenge all your sacred cows.

Pluto in the Virgo in the 10th probably meant power struggles over the interpretation of details of doctrines and methodologies.  Jesus, as a healer himself, may have reaped far greater consequences than he anticipated with his healings (Virgo has to do with health and healing).

You have to admit, raising the dead is pretty impressive.  Probably if Jesus were born today he would have conflicts with the AMA.

Is it any wonder then that one of his main detractors were the Sadducees, or the scribes; who eventually conspired to put him to death (Pluto).  The scribes were the ones who tallied all the different rules and codes of conduct for Judaism, their philosophy was the rigid adherence to the letter of the law.

With Mars and Pluto in the 10th receiving all the aspects from the 4th, Jesus was probably always getting into trouble with authority figures.  Mars as the ruler of the 5th house, a “dharma” house having to do with duty as a function of the Divine and the good karma of previous lifetimes, probably made him the “good militant” for constructive action.

Jesus the Teacher and Patriot

Jesus himself (his Sagittarius ascendant, or rising sign) was a world traveler, teacher, and philosopher by nature.  It is said that, in his early years, Jesus traveled to places as far as India and Britain, questing all sorts of teachers and experiences.

Now if you look at the bottom of the chart, the 4th house, that is where the majority of his planets lie.  Jesus probably was a rather private man, given to meditating and praying in the wilderness away from the maddening crowd.  Jesus probably was very emotional, if not sentimental at times.

Jesus’ parents, Joseph and Mary, probably brought him up in an atmosphere of religious self-abnegation (Pisces on the cusp of the 4th house).

With the strong 4th house emphasis, Jesus probably was a very strong patriot.  If you read the books mentioned last week, “Holy Blood, Holy Grail” and “The Messianic Legacy”, you will see that Jesus probably was very much involved in the political turmoil at the time regarding the regaining of the self-sovereignty of the state of Israel/Palestine from occupation of the Roman Empire.

A “messiah”, according to its true meaning in Hebrew, means a “warrior-priest-ruler”, a secular-political office as much as religious.  One of the reasons for the putting to death of Jesus may have been because he was perceived by Rome to be a political insurgent.

As I have said, Tom Clancy couldn’t have written a better story, and I leave that to you, the reader to find out more about it.  There is no end to the inspiration I receive from this story.

Jesus, His Special Destiny

Getting back to Jesus’ planets, we can see he was born on a New Moon, an events which can signify a perfect balance of the energies of male and female in one’s psyche.

The New Moon was also conjunct Jupiter and Saturn.  A conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn only occurs every 20 years.  Such a conjunction with Jesus’ Sun and Moon would show him to be very optimistic and positive, but also very practical and disciplined.

The New Moon Jesus was born under was in almost exact opposition to Pluto.  If I were an astrologer at that time and I saw this chart I would say that this man was destined to oppose great evil, and may “die”, only to be resurrected.

It occurs to me as I write this that I am looking at the true chart of Jesus Christ, or at least one that exemplifies mastery and discipleship in the highest sense that I know of.

It almost looks like it was “easy” for him; I am sure, however, that it was not.  If he truly embodied at the center of the turmoil at the time, I am sure the struggles he endured were titanic.

Jesus also has Neptune, the planet of inspiration and self-abnegation, conjunct the Moon’s South Node, a point ruling spiritual and ascetic practices, in the 12th house, the house of pain, loss, and sacrifice; this position only strengthens Jesus’ ability to spiritualize the entire process.  If there was intrigue and deception involved (other potentials of Neptune and the 12th house), it may have been only a side issue while Jesus himself was “up-front” enough about what he was doing.

Modern Conterfeits

I am sure that Osama bin Laden could claim all these traits himself; in ways his path almost looks similar.

The difference though is that Jesus was a real zealot.  He waged a holy war, but what he laid down was his own life; he did not authorize the sending of tens, hundred, or thousands of men to their deaths.

Having gone through what was his greatest fear, he proved the illusoriness of it and therefore became empowered with Eternal Life.  Would Osama, the Taleban clerics, or even Yasser Arafat do such a thing?

I believe one has to read between the lines of all the sources, the Bible and modern historical research to get to the truth, both ends of the spectrum have merit.

I believe that Jesus did ascend to Heaven and became an Ascended Master, but as to when the date of that ascension was, it could have been at a much later date than when it is commonly assumed to be.

Further Notes

There have been questions I have had about the whole Easter (cruxificion) Passion.  In doing this report I have actually had my eyes opened somewhat on a spiritual level.  I actually “experienced” Jesus testing at that time at some level, however small.  I am amazed and heartened.  My questions have been answered.  God helps those who help themselves.

The books mentioned above actually do not use the theme of the real life of Jesus as their main thesis, however they were among the first to disclose these facts in a mass-market book what biblical scholars have known for decades.  Much of these facts were brought about with the discovery of the Dead Sea Scroll, the Nag Hammadi library, and research into Gnostic texts.

As I probably should have made more clear in my report last week on the real life if Jesus, I am in no way discrediting the life of Jesus or his message as recorded in the Gospels.  I try to make the true historical situation clearer which increases my fascination (and hopefully the reader’s) one hundred-fold.

Jesus was an adept, or yogi, who performed miracles; he was in true contact with the Source of All Life, the I AM THAT I AM, and therefore became the Christ.  I believe that he actually spoke many of the words ascribed to him in the Bible.

The DETAILS of his life I believe are far more interesting and compelling than the almost fairy tale like descriptions of his ministry in the Bible.  The apostle Paul may, and I repeat MAY, have altered somewhat Jesus’ message.

The actual details have become lost in the mists of history and some people use that fact to deny completely that there ever was a Jesus, but I don’t.

Inasmuch as we are all alike, the birth of an avatar (savior) is an initiation that awaits all of us,….sometime, ….somewhere.  We all know that, whether we know that we know that, or not.

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