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by | May 19, 2006 | Current Events

What is it? God has become sacrileged by being portrayed as a mortal man?  How can our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ be associated with “filthy”, “vile”, and scornful ideas as marriage and sex?  God should be far removed from human experience so we can maintain our belief that we are miserable worthless sinners.  After all, it wouldn't be wise to think we could emulate the path of Jesus.  Right?

I joke of course, but for a lot of people this Da Vinci Code controversy is no laughing matter.   

Of course the Roman Catholic Church would be offended, since their clergy has embraced total celibacy. It kind of spits on their own act. The same for the so-called Protestant Churches; it also discredits their gospels as fairy tale fictions.

I have not read The Da Vinci Code, I probably wont (believe it or not I find fiction these days to be boring and pedestrian); but I did read Holy Blood, Holy Grail many years ago. I even did a piece on the hypothetical chart of Jesus Christ, which I should update one of these days.

When you put the lens of scrutiny to the Bible a lot of inconsistencies and ir-realities come out right away. How could 2 million Jews wander in the desert with Moses for 40 years without leaving any trace of their existence? All Jews were required to be married, how could Jesus not be married?

It would seem that the worst of all religious documents as far as accuracy and even doctrinal purity could be the Bible itself; and I won't dive into that bottomless well here. But I do not doubt the existence of a man called Jesus, or Joshua ben Joseph or something to that effect. Something did happen in Palestine and it became subsequently the worldwide faith of Christianity. Some one like Christ could only have followed the path of the purest divinity, and therefore becomes a wayshower-exemplar to us all for this age.

If I were to look at the stars of the moment as this issue is hot in the media spotlight, I can see that Neptune is about to turn retrograde. It receives full aspect from Saturn in Cancer (which is in its debility). Neptune rules the more sacrificial aspects of faith, but is also associated with the tendency of the populace to be deluded with self-defeating concepts. The influence of a more-than-ordinary malefic Saturn would seem to indicate the willful and malevolent manipulation of images and ideas for societal control.

This movie is getting tepid reviews initially, but it is almost a no-risk box office money maker. One has to consider how the powers that be in the world want to take advantage of this book phenomenon, which probably just written as an run of the mill thriller but exploded in popularity. If I were a savvy movie executive I would have timed this movie release to occur as possibly Uranus turned retrograde. This way I could be more instrumental in the shaking up of the religious status quo, and championing the cause of truth as opposed to codified propaganda.

I am surprised at the amount of press this movie is receiving. Or am I? Very premium blocks of time on national newscasts devote 3-4 minutes on this “newsworthy” event. As I have said here before, almost all news must pass through a corporate oversight filter. This is really marketing disguised as news. I am sure the financial interests behind the newscasts will profit in some way from this “news”.

At any rate, it is refreshing to see a new, more realistic take on the life of Christ. I find this almost infinitely more interesting than the droll proselytizing I got for years while I was a kid in Catholic mass.

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