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Putting Out Fire with Gasoline

Mars Conjunct Ketu Mars is the planet of war and the sparks of clashing steel and the clamor of boundless fervor.  In more western circles the Nodes are associated with groups, relationships, and timely coming together of people...

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US-Iran War, Part I

The Astrology of The US-Iran War, Part I The rhetoric of the US against the regime in Iran has continued to escalate to a slow, but steady burn.  It seems the latest trip of President Bush to the Middle East was solely to ramp...

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9-11-2001 Five Years Later

2,749 people paid a dear price five years ago today.  I of course will never forget that day, it seems like a part of me was murdered.  I don’t cry out for vengeance, my plea is simply for such madness and wanton bloodshed to...

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