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Putting Out Fire with Gasoline

Mars Conjunct Ketu Mars is the planet of war and the sparks of clashing steel and the clamor of boundless fervor.  In more western circles the Nodes are associated with groups, relationships, and timely coming together of people...

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Early ’08 Financial Meltdowns

The London FTSE stock exchange took quite a hit as 60 billion GBP vanished from sight, and as I write this blog US futures today are at a very ominious -560.  Basically the world is having pre-shivers on the state of the global...

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Accident or Design?

Is this all happening by accident: a simple chaotic unraveling of the infrastructure of our society, or is it all unfolding according to plan?  Take a look at the bigger picture.  Why are there…. It’s been a rough couple...

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