April 20, 2020
Ruling Paradigms May Shatter and Fade
by Curtis Burns,

I’ve updated the site to include the week’s day by day info right on the front page to make it easier to get the information of the day.  Seems like a long time coming in that idea, but now you can get the day’s astrology right on your phone or device almost instantaneously now. 

Coming toward the weekend, we have some significant celestial patterns to move through Friday and Saturn with hopefully a “liberating” conclusion to them on Sunday.

This is about the last leg of the coronavirus timeline I published previously

Coronavirus is a very layered and controversial phenomenon with opinions on it ranging from it’s a real threat, to it’s been over-hyped and over-reacted to, to it’s bio-warfare deliberately created in a lab somewhere and not necessarily in China, to it 5G.

You won’t get me to subscribe totally to any of them; it’s usually somewhere in the middle between them all, and this internet media machine absolutely loves sensationalism, and we all love a good scare. 

People love horror movies, apparently so, because I never had any interest in them, but there is some kind of super-magnetic power to them, and it can be deployed in very greedy and despotic ways.  So, the specter of the coronavirus, together with emptied city streets all over the globe, bodies filling ICU’s and over-worked nurses and doctors, and Donald Trump (who occupies no middle ground in the public perceptions) is made-to-order fear mongering, even for it’s own sake. 

A more analytical look at the numbers leads me to think that is really is over-blown and over-reacted to; but what in history has not been I ask? 

Economic pressures in my opinion will force businesses to open up again soon, but the effects have yet to be fully experienced by the globe and a fundamental social-political course change is almost inevitable.

Of course, this was all literally presaged by the astrology, as I did on multiple occasions over the last 20 or so years. If Capricorn represents the standards and values of a society; then the once-in-century-or-so conjunction of Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto tightly in sidereal Capricorn, square Uranus in Aries, indicated a major change is in order.

The government through its central bank, the Federal Reserve Bank, has “magically” created about $6 trillion and injected it into the economy at this point and it bound to do even more as things unfold. Typically, the banks and Wall Street greedily grab up the lion’s share of it for themselves; but will this cause the much-feared hyperinflation that is supposed to decimate the economy like the conservatives say? 

Well, we may be about to find out and some ruling paradigms may shatter and fade, and the people who seem to always end up holding the bag may become fed up enough to start demanding changes, especially so as their jobs, their homes, and their savings are taken away from them. 

Smart politicians, such as an FDR, will take advantage of it, and lead the nation to new chapters of progress and development. Other politicians may not be so adroit, smart, or capable of managing such changes.


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