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March 2021 Astrology Predictions: From the Black Swan to the Fiery Phoenix

Black swans expose the weaknesses of the system, more of those weaknesses are certain to come out, not yet to transform into the fiery Phoenix. 

December 2020: A Star of Hope

Jupiter and Saturn conjunct astrologically represent forces of expansion and contraction in equilibrium, which seems like a good starting point for any endeavor. 

Saturn Stationary as Mars Squares, September 29

The immovable object crosses the irresistible force. 

Ruling Paradigms May Shatter and Fade

I’ve updated the site to include the week’s day by day info right on the front page to make it easier to get the information of the day.  Seems like a long time coming in that idea, but now you can get the day’s astrology right on your phone or device almost...