December 3, 2007
Ron Paul Through the Lens of Vedic Astrology Part 1
by Curtis Burns,
Basically, Ron Paul advocates the rule of law, as opposed to the rule of force.  The Moon in the navamsha twelfth house could also contribute to the idea of his being "untouchable"; i.e. because of his affinity to higher refined spaces of consciousness he is not affected as much by temptations of greed and power; things which have entrapped many a politician to become beholden to others. Ron Paul and Vedic Astrology

Ron Paul is not one for a strong, controlling, and dictatorial philosophy of government; but his emphasis is on freedom and the virtue of self-soveriegnity as an agent of prosperity in society…. 

Ron Paul Through the Lens of Vedic Astrology 

Whatever your political affiliation or proclivity, you can’t deny that Ron Paul, Republican 2008 Presidential Candidate, is a man of conviction, action, and honor to his principles; a look at his life through the lens of his Vedic astrology chart confirms and reveals these things.  His character as exemplified through the events and tone of his life shows Ron Paul to be of principled vital activism and genteel, all-American simplicity. 


Being a doctor by trade he has delivered around 4,000 babies.  He was also a flight surgeon in the Vietnam war, but he had originally considered becoming a minister.  Having read and later became friends with many names in the Austrian economics/libertarian political philosophy, he developed very strong ideas about prosperity, freedom, and the role of government to be as restricted as much as possible from the pursuit of those ideals

It was in 1971 that Ron Paul’s life took a turn, moving into the political sphere.  Nixon’s having closed the "gold window" that year, removing all dependence on the US dollar to gold reserves spurred him to take action by running for Congress.  This was a situation that offended his sensibilities about the economy, and his activist/proactive nature was not going to let it rest within him unless he did something. 

He is known as "Dr. No" not only for being a doctor but as much for his absolute policy of voting against any bill that is unconstitutional.  He is also very vigorous in his political activism, introducing more legislation than most congressmen, and has been called by the Congressional Quarterly as one of the "50 Most Effective Persons in Congress." 

He has never once taken a Medicare payment for his clients, giving them payment plans or working pro bono instead.  As he said, "I just helped them."  Nor has Ron Paul elected to take part in the lucrative Congressional pension plan, citing no desire to have taxpayers fund his retirement.  Ron Paul is an experienced law maker, having run against and won over many political opponents in his Texas District.

The Astrology of Ron Paul


A look at his chart using the ancient science of Vedic astrology and its sidereal zodiac corroborates much of his biography. The actual birthtime is not public knowledge, but one astrologer ("Granny Miller" has rectified his chart to a specific time (7:45 am, Pittsburgh, PA on 8-20-1935) and I have taken a serious look at it and I believe it is quite accurate, but no doubt further research could be done on the actual  birthtime of Ron Paul.  (Remember also this is a Vedic astrology reading of his chart, which will differ from a western astrology perspective.)

Ron Paul’s chart is at once principled and proactive in its approach; themes of freedom and justice, and living a life of honor are highly accentuated. 


Ron’s Sun and Ascendant both fall in the regal sign of Leo.  Having the Sun in the sign of its rulership in the ascendant is quite powerful and usually it coincides with a person of strong constitution, warmth and magnanimity of character, and a strong sense of personal power and independence.  The life of Ron Paul is one of almost boundless enthusiasm and energy; he is a go-getter with his record in Congress, not to mention his parallel career as an obstetrician.  Sun-prominant charts many times produce people in positions of authority. 

Paul’s Sun and ascendant are strongly aspected by Saturn accross from the seventh house in this chart.  Saturn here is in its rulership as well, producing a very dynamic, but serious approach to life. Saturn’s retrogradation in his chart also would indicate the subtler levels of his earnest determination to accomplish his life-goals. 

Ron Paul with his chart is not one who advocates a strong, controlling, often dictatorial philosophy of government; but his emphasis is on freedom and the virtue of self-soveriegnity as an agent of progress in society.  Libertarians espouse limited government (or no government at all) and a social system which encourages freedom of choice.  With Saturn in Aquarius (the sign of individuality and freedom), these themes run strongly in the psyche of Ron Paul; therefore he externalizes them by working in government. 


A great part of success in any endeavor is tenacity, with the Sun, Ascendant, and Saturn in fixed signs; Ron Paul has more than enough stick-to-itiveness.  It is obvious that Ron Paul is working with the higher nature of Saturn with determined action to enhance freedom, instead of determined action tor suppress freedom. 

Basically, Ron Paul advocates the rule of law, as opposed to the rule of force, which seems to be the increasingly so modus operandi of government in these post 9-11 times.  Additionally, Paul’s Sun falls in a navamsha (sign-division) of Taurus,another fixed sign, further emphasizing his persevering nature. 

Additionally, there is more info to be derived from the specific position of Ron Paul’s Sun, it falls in a dasamsha (another type of sign-division having to do with career matters) of Virgo.  This means that while Ron Paul may have a type of Leonine dominating and outgoing personality, on subtler levels he has the Virgoan themes of service and humility (as exemplified in his pro bono medical work.)   

The Go-Getter

Moving to his Moon, it is set in fiery and indepedent Aries in the auspicious ninth house, this gives him great zeal and enthusiasm for his work, not to mention good fortune on his side to accomplish his life-mission.  The Moon in Aries (as a Mars-ruled sign) corroborates his military career, as well as that of being a flight surgeon in the Vietnam war.  The Moon Aries attests to his present day energy level, as his campaign manager currently describes ‘a man in his 70’s having the energy of a man in his 30’s.’ 

With the Moon as an alternate ascendant (Chandra lagna), this also creates a chart of good luck, refinement of thought and ideal, and being in a position of authority.  From the Moon, there is a well-dignified Sun in the fifth house (another house of good fortune), a very powerful Mars and Jupiter in the seventh house from the Moon, and a very strong Saturn in the eleventh house from the Moon. 


The further information derived from the varga positions (navamsha, dasamsha, etc) of the Moon reveal again great philosophical idealism and love of freedom; the Moon in both the navamsha and dashamsha falls in the truth loving sign of Sagittarius.

The Moon in the navamsha twelfth house could also contribute to the idea of his being "untouchable"; i.e. because of his affinity to higher refined spaces of consciousness he is not affected as much by temptations of greed and power; things which have entrapped many a politician to become beholden to others. 

The Libra position of both his Mars and Jupiter indicates his zeal to fight for and pontificate on the virtues of harmony in a world soceity to promote happiness.  One thing can be said about this campaign is that it is giving him a bully pulpit to extol his conservative/libertarian ideals. 

Is "Mr. President" written in Ron Paul’s Stars? 

Looking at his astrology, it would seem his chief fame is from the power of his words, both as a speaker and a writer.  Paul’s tenth house ruler (indicating his fame and reputation, as well as ultimate life goals) falls in the second house (which pertains to speech, the written word, finances, and family).  It is his words that are electrifying crowds both through campaign events and alternative media recordings (he is not very well received by the mainstream press). There has been an unprecidented grass roots support movement coming into being, brought about by the basic common love of his principles of economic freedom, good sense, and prosperity. 

There is more yet to reveal about Ron Paul’s astrology; such as

  1. How does his chart configure with the US chart?
  2. What are his cycles in this current election time frame?
  3. Do the stars tell if "he can do it.", and
  4. How does Ron Paul astrology and cycles stack up against the other candidates? 

These issues I will address in succinct manner in part 2 (and probably 3) of this report to come very soon. I also have a few more words to say about the 2008 elections as well.  



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