November 24, 2014
Predictions November 24 to Dec 8, 2014
by Curtis Burns,

Saturn aspects Pluto Over Thanksgiving, Saturn sesquiquadrate Uranus, Jupiter Stationary Retrograde

Monday, Nov 24
Good fortune and excitement may characterize the day.  Be careful about excesses, impertinence, and exaggerations.  (Mars quincunx Jupiter, Venus tridecile Jupiter)

Tuesday, Nov 25
Serious analysis, internal and external, may characterize the day.  Things brought to light may not be necessarily pleasant, but important nonetheless.  Getting the message out or through may be challenging, getting past biases, predispositions, and bald-faced denial; not to mention delays from breakdowns in the system.  Transportation processes may be hindered.  (Mercury conjunct Saturn, Mercury semisquare Pluto)

Wednesday, Nov 26
Energy, self-assertion, and motivation may be a challenge to find.  Be careful of negligence, self-defeating habits, and other deceptive traits with yourself and others.  In extreme cases, spirituality today may really be about control, subjugation, and the wrong kind of self-abnegation.  Exciting connections may fleetingly form between parties.  (Sun square Neptune, Venus trine Uranus)

Thursday, Nov 27, Thanksgiving Day
Deliberate focused work may assist transformation in no small way right now.  There may be a sifting, sorting process, at times exquisitely exacting.  Old patterns adjusted, almost like a doctor re-setting a bone.  This is not to say that the Thanksgiving celebration won’t be joyous, but it may have somber moments.  (Saturn semisquare Pluto)

Friday-Saturday, Nov 28-29
No peaking influences

Sunday, Nov 30
Perception, imagery, and analysis may be subtly biased.  Beware of glib assertions, passing over glaring details that could derail projects down the line.  Strive for clarity and objectification in contrarian tactics.  Sometimes being verified sure will seem very inconvenient, but at the same time extremely important.  (Mercury square Neptune)

Monday, Dec 1
Hard work on objectives and goals is favored; as is intense labor and exercise.  Good day to hit the gym, the yoga mat or shovel the driveway.  Anger may be more easily redirected into rehabilitating action, letting go of past resentments.  (Mars sextile Saturn)

Tuesday, Dec 2
Lightning-like inspiration may help exalt your experience today.  Be careful of promising too much or otherwise over-extending yourself as a compensation for past hesitations or failures.   (Sun tridecile Jupiter)

Wednesday, Dec 3
Tension may precede change.  The urge may be to dramatically throw everything aside in favor of some new approach, but you still need discipline to effect that change.  Things don’t happen at the snap of a finger.  (Saturn sesquiquadrate Uranus)

Thursday, Dec 4
Discourse and good cheer is favored.  New opportunities may arise.  The holistic picture may appear.  (Sun trine Uranus, Venus trine Jupiter, Mercury tridecile Jupiter, Venus quintile Neptune)

Friday, Dec 5
A little caution may go a long way to riding out the energy of the day.  Change in the winds may threaten the present ruling paradigms.  Be careful of accidents and injuries.  (Mars quintile Uranus, Mercury trine Uranus)

Saturday, Dec 6
Unusual and exciting relationship developments may appear, helping to open you up to new emotional possibilities.  Jupiter enters sidereal Leo today, and then it shifts into retrograde motion for a few months, back into Cancer; a shift may be noticed.  (Venus tridecile Uranus)

Sunday, Dec 7
No peaking influences

Monday, Dec 8, Jupiter Retrograde
You may feel that anything is possible, especially if you believe it to be so, setting the stage for all sorts of unrealistic promises and false starts.  Speculative excitement may nevertheless rule the day, with discourse, investigation, and elucidation highly energized.  Be careful of that devil lurking in the details.  (Sun conjunct Mercury)

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