October 1, 2022
October 2022: Shifting Toward a New Phase
by Curtis Burns,

Astrology for October 2022

The first weekend of October 2022 and into the next week is pretty amazing from the standpoint of astrology.  Things may precipitate to awareness collectively as well as individually, with abruptness and weightiness.


Oct 1, Sun-Mar td Pluto, Venus opp Jupiter
Oct 2, Mercury Stationary Direct
Oct 3-5, Saturn square Uranus
Oct 7, Jupiter opp Super Galactic Center
Oct 8, Pluto Stationary Direct
Oct 22, Saturn Stationary Direct
Oct 23, June Stationary Direct
Oct 25, Partial Solar Eclipse
Oct 30, Mars Statationary Retrograde until January 2023 conj Aldebaran


On October 1 the Sun makes a tridecile (108 degrees aspect) to both Mars and Pluto, carrying over from the previous day of Mars biquintile Pluto.  This is a 5th and 10th harmonic aspect, not normally observed by astrologers, but which delivers quite an impact nevertheless.

Mercury makes a direct station immediately after on Oct 2, along with Venus aspecting Saturn.

And then from Oct 3 to 5, Saturn and Uranus almost come to an exact square, but because both planets are retrograding they never become exact before Saturn turns back to direct motion.  So, it’s an almost-square, or partile square (coming within one degree of orb) between two intense outer planets.

In my experience, hard aspects between Saturn and Uranus coincide with societal shifts and splits, periods of high tension overall, and/or emergence of struggling new social or political paradigms.  The last time this happened was in 2007-08 when we had the US Presidential election that had a strong populist or grassroots candidate with Ron Paul who served to split the Republican party along ideological lines.  It was Barak Obama of course who won, who was rather paradigm-shattering himself being the first black US President.

It was also at this time we had the sub-prime mortgage crisis, which almost brought the world to a gigantic economic collapse, but which was averted through massive government bailouts, but which millions lost billions in wealth.

I can only think now how the world is coming to a new crisis, precipitated by the USSR special military operation in Ukraine, and how much of Europe have have drastically reduced access to energy to heat them during the coming winter, compounded now by sabotage of the Nordstream 1 and 2 pipelines in the Baltic Sea.

While the US has had it’s own supply chain problems and now rapidly rising price inflation of important commodities, it seems to be nowhere near the severity that Europe will be suffering.  Tensions will be ratcheting up everywhere.

It would seem the peak will be sometime in the very near future, as that is the date Saturn and Uranus form their aspect to each other, but it many ways trouble looks only to be starting.

Then a few days later, Oct 8 we have Pluto making a direct station.  This is like the cosmic other shoe dropping.

On October 30 Mars turns retrograde and then spends the rest of 2022 in sidereal Taurus, the sign of its debilitation.  Wherever sidereal Taurus falls in your chart may be having some restlessness and frustration going on.  Retrograde Mars can mean going back to the roots of the feeling of powerlessness in your life, and therefore pointing the way toward reclaiming that power, that power which you may have deferred to others.

Day bay Day

Saturday, Oct 1
No time to mess around, get stuff done!  While you’re at it you may encounter some interesting and potentially valuable people in your life.  (Sun tridecile Mars and Pluto, Venus opposite Jupiter, sesquiquadrate Uranus)

Sunday, Oct 2
Mercury Stationary Direct
Brilliance and decisiveness can move things forward, yet emotional inhibitions and resentments may abort some opportunities.  (Venus sesquiquadrate Saturn)

Monday, Oct 3
First Quarter Moon
Late in the day, US time, depth and penetration.  Get to the root of matters.  (Moon conjunct Pluto)

Tuesday, Oct 4 2022
Moon at Perigee
Yom Kippur
Skepticism in the service of progress, don’t shrink, rise to the occasion.  (Mercury biquintile Saturn)

Wednesday, Oct 5 2022
Powerful emotional lures, circumspection can help you to acquire greater social skills.  (Sun biquintile Uranus, Venus tridecile Pluto)

Thursday, Oct 6
Mercury at Perihelion
Connectivity and genius, charisma.  Relationship developments.  Mercury is closest to the Sun today.  (Venus quincunx Juno, Moon conjunct Juno, Mercury trine Pluto)

M87 GalaxyFriday, Oct 7
Jupiter opposite Super Galactic Center
Boundless expectation, great strokes of fortune.  Relationship traction.  (Venus tridecile Mars, Sun biquintile Juno)

Saturday, Oct 8
Pluto Stationary Direct
Mercury at Greatest Elongation
Impact of experience, visceral.  Turning the curve from descent to ascent.

Sunday, Oct 9
Sukkot Starts
Full Moon 20:55 PM GMT
Mars peeks into sidereal Gemini for a few weeks before moving back to Taurus for the rest of the year.  Shift in affairs, seeking to become proactive.

Monday, Oct 10
Columbus Day USA
Love grows and flourishes.  (Venus biquintile Juno)

Tuesday, Oct 11
Make things happen.  (Sun quincunx Uranus, Sun trine Saturn)

Wednesday, Oct 12
Excited but potentially misguided or malicious direction of attention and energy.  Great thoughts but no wherewithal to make them happen.  Energetic malfunction.  (Mars square Neptune, Mercury opposite Jupiter)

Thursday, Oct 13
Break through the static or opposition.  Champion progress.  Exciting interpersonal activity.  (Mercury sesquiquadrate Saturn and Uranus, Venus quincunx Uranus)

Friday, Oct 14
Emotional and relationship evenness and stability, clarity ensues.  (Venus trine Saturn)

Saturday, Oct 15
The Sun shifts into sidereal Libra and the next house in everyone’s chart.  Change of emphasis, focus.  For the next 30 days learns the balancing and sharing of power.

Sunday, Oct 16
Sukkot Ends
Unusual or fantastical expression, creative power and inspiration.  Significant relationship developments.  (Sun quincunx Neptune, Mercury tridecile Pluto, Sun sesquiquadrate Juno, Mercury quincunx Juno)

Monday, Oct 17
Moon at Apogee
Last Quarter Moon
The Sun touches the star Spica, the spike of wheat in the goddess Astraea’s hand.  Good fortune and illumination.  Seize the initiative, life is beautiful.  Venus moves into sidereal Libra, enhancing love and the appreciation of beauty. (Sun trine Mars, Venus quincunx Neptune, Venus sesquiquadrate Juno)

Tuesday, Oct 18
Significant love developments. Driven relationships. (Venus conjunct Spica star and trine Mars)

Wednesday, Oct 19
Urgency and crisis. Seek ethical solutions.  (Sun square Pluto, Mercury tridecile Mars)

Thursday, Oct 20
Emotions commandeer perspective, in love as much as anything. (Venus square Pluto)

Friday, Oct 21
Orionid Meteor Shower
Early on, the wee hours US time, the Moon opposing Juno can make for deeply romantic moments.

inferior conjunction

Superior Conjunction: the Sun comes in between two planets.

Saturday, Oct 22
Venus at Superior Conjunction
Saturn Stationary Direct
The Sun comes between the Earth and Venus, causing a beautifully-effecting alignment.  Saturn today standing still in the sky effectively takes things down a bit, reasserting “reality” for us.  The effect of Neptune in the configuration and Mercury trining Saturn brings hope and clarity nevertheless.  (Sun and Venus biquintile Neptune)

Sunday, Oct 23
Juno Stationary Direct
Life gains some humility and wisdom, even through relationships.  (Sun and Venus quincunx Jupiter and tridecile Saturn)

Monday, Oct 24
The Moon conjunct the bright star Spica in Virgo constellation brings good fortune, inspiration and illumination.

Tuesday, Oct 25
Partial Solar Eclipse 11:00 am GMT (New Moon Eclipse)
Sunlight is temporarily diminished at some point today, basically early on, 11 am GMT. There could be some disorientation that affects daily affairs, be alert nevertheless.

Wednesday, Oct 26
Urgency, severity.  Some slightly nuts moments.  (Mercury trine Mars, Moon conjunct Algol star)

Thursday, Oct 27
Obsessive/compulsive tendencies may be activated, which may have an undercurrent to otherwise pleasant affairs.  (Mercury square Pluto, Venus biquintile Jupiter)

Friday, Oct 28
Creativity and inspiration, possibly deluded or sneaky activity.  Perceptions biased or distorted.  (Mercury biquintile Neptune)

Saturday, Oct 29
Enthusiasm to address tenacious problems.  Excitement abruptly aborted.  (Sun biquintile Jupiter, Mercury quincunx Jupiter, Mercury tridecile Saturn)

Sunday, Oct 30
Mars Stationary Retrograde
Blocked or thwarted energy/intention.  Ego re-check.  Dysfunctionality brought out.

Monday, Oct 31
What is scary is the things we let ourselves believe.  Day for relationship development, seize opportunities.  (Sun sesquiquadrate Neptune, Sun trine Juno, Venus sesquiquadrate Mars)


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