October 31, 2022
November 2022: Lost Mars, Eclipse Election Chaos
by Curtis Burns,

Mars Spends Five Months in One Sign

A retrograde Mars can be “bad” enough, a Mars retrograde in debilitation (Taurus) is potentially even worse.

Wandering Stars

Wandering Stars

Planets are called “wandering stars” because they move about quick quickly against the backdrop of the stars of the constellations.  They are restless, shifty, “not arrived to their destination”, therefore subject to error, apprehensions, or misgivings; just as any traveler could be away from home.

In Taurus Mars is far, far away from home; completely opposite it in fact, which is Scorpio.  So a wandering, uncertain and uncomfortable Mars may resort to his dysfunctional modes to cope: impatience, aggressiveness, and being emotionally pin-prickly.

So, Mars will be knocking about in the sign of its debility, Taurus, for FIVE MONTHS, from November 19, 2022 to March 9, 2023.

I am speaking of the sidereal zodiac, of course being a Vedic astrologer.  Western astrologers are not as concerned about this since they see Mars as winding about in the sign of Gemini, putting a more purposeful, but aggressive spin on intellectual matters.

Mars Retrogrades into TaurusIf I use sidereal placement, based on the actually starry markers in the sky, Mars in Taurus can have significant impact on material things, possibly losses and damages to assets, commodity stores, the smooth flow of financial transactions.

With the ensuing chaos of the European nations reeling from sanctions against Russia (in response the Ukraine war) we could see the acute reactions to unfolding crises in the region, but which of course will reverberate all over the world.

The Ukraine war itself could start to take a darker and more frightening tone.  An escalation of warfare would definitely have a significant impact on physical assets, infrastructures and markets.

November 2022 Lunar Eclipse is Very Powerful

Prior to Mars’ retrograding back into sidereal Taurus we have the November 8th lunar eclipse.  A lunar eclipse is like a full moon that goes sideways; instead of beaming brightly as the Earth’s shadow falls across it it turns a darker reddish, almost as if it was dipped in blood.

This will be a total lunar eclipse, not a half-way one at all.

If you look at this eclipse, it will be in sidereal Aries (ruled by Mars), conjunct Uranus and square Saturn; so nothing to ignore here.  It also occurs on Election Day in the US, which can’t be good for predicting any smoothness or harmony for that affair.  With a lot of close races between “red” and “blue” candidates there are sure to be aggravated concerns about election integrity, truthfulness of results, or intimidation throughout the process all around.

November 2022 Lunar Eclipse

Mars actually enters Taurus on November 19, then turns direct again on January 12, 2023 still moving through Taurus until March 9, 2023; i.e wandering, lost.

2022 Mars Retrogrades into Sidereal TaurusA lost Mars can indicate a lot of things in general: accidents, injuries, conflicts, volatility in markets, and intensified violence such as in wars.  Mars retrograde in Taurus easily calls to mind the phrase: bull in a china shop.

Wherever sidereal Taurus falls in your horoscope will indicate increased potential for strife, trouble, or mischief.  For instance for Aquarius rising individuals Taurus is their fourth house, so there could be breakdowns (fire, pipes bursting, etc.), arguments and fallout occurring at home.  For those with Capricorn rising, Taurus is their fifth house and there could be flareups of issues with their children.

For Sagittarius rising, Taurus being their sixth house there could be health, legal, or work crisis or challenge, and so forth.

Talk to me if you want to find out how Mars may affect you personally.

Day by Day

Tuesday, Nov 1
All Saints Day
First Quarter Moon
Solemnity, then inspiration.  (Moon conjunct Saturn, Mercury biquintile Jupiter)

Wednesday, Nov 2
Do what you love, see it as your mission in life.  Deep lessons in love. Be careful of conflicts, accidents and injuries.  (Sun sesquiquadrate Mars, Venus conjunct South Node)

Thursday, Nov 3
Excitement and social interactions, some driven by deeper and more obsessive impulses unacknowledged.  (Venus quintile Pluto, Mercury trine Juno, Mercury sesquiquadrate Neptune, Venus sesquiquadrate Jupiter)

Friday, Nov 4
Deep inspiration and optimism; but also stresses and harsh moments.  Don’t be pushed or intimidated.  (Mercury sesquiquadrate Mars, Moon conjunct Jupiter and Neptune, Moon opposite the Super Galactic Center)

Saturday, Nov 5
Guy Fawkes Day
South Taurid Meteor Shower
Important, but maybe difficult connections; respect important.  (Sun conjunct South Node, Venus opposite Uranus)

Sunday, Nov 6
Daylight Saving Time Ends
Enhanced mental and communicative abilities.  Be honorable in your dealings and not merely sensational.  You don’t have to be right or win all of the time either.  (Sun sesquiquadrate Jupiter and quintile Pluto, Mercury conjunct South Node)

Monday, Nov 7
Ardor or passion thwarted. Be careful with acting out in defiance or overcompensation for previous failures.  (Venus square Saturn, Mercury sesquiquadrate Jupiter, Mercury quintile Pluto, Venus biquintile Mars)

Tuesday, Nov 8
Election Day USA
Total Lunar Eclipse (Full Moon Eclipse)
Mercury at Superior Conjunction
Disorientation, dissimulation, and other maladies of the mind, body and spirit possible while the Earth, Moon and Sun align tightly.  Electromagnetic and gravitational fields pulsate with us caught in the middle.  This is a big one.  Changes are afoot.  (Sun and Mercury opposite Uranus, Moon conj, tightly square Saturn)

Wednesday, Nov 9
Uranus at Opposition
Move by your inner compass, reject external direction.  Genius on display.  Shock and upset at various times as the Moon crosses Algol and Pleiades stars, flow with the energy to whatever momentary odyssey is in store for you.

Thursday, Nov 10
Bold, but beautiful new relationship developments showing some signs of legitimate viability.  Early on, some troubling revelations. Take reality from the glittering possibilities. (Venus enters sidereal Scorpio and trine Neptune, Moon trine Saturn, Sun biquintile Mars)

Friday, Nov 11
Veterans Day USA
Early on, adjustments and attitudinal fortitude bootstrapping are required.  Later passion for life and love is accented.  (Sun square Saturn, Venus quincunx Mars)

Saturday, Nov 12
North Taurid Meteor Shower
Hope through possibilities, inspiration through the understanding of oneness. Strive for real relevance.   (Mercury trine Neptune)

Sunday, Nov 13
Costly, but deeply valuable life lessons. Paid through the heart as much as anything else. Be not flustered or overwhelmed. (Venus opposite Algol star and sextile Pluto, Mercury quincunx Mars, Sun tridecile Juno, Moon opposite Pluto)

Monday, Nov 14
Moon at Apogee
Hope but at a cost. Open new lively areas of your mind.  (Mercury opposite Algol star, Sun trine Neptune, Mercury sextile Pluto)

Tuesday, Nov 15
Passions and ambitions rise, strive for realism and therefore accomplishment.  (Venus trine Jupiter, Sun quincunx Mars, Moon opposite Saturn)

Wednesday, Nov 16
Last Quarter Moon
Intense experiences through love; sacrifice and surrender.  The big picture helps make the process suddenly easier.  (Venus opposite Pleiades stars, Mercury trine Jupiter)

Thursday, Nov 17
Great American Smokeout
Deep and costly realizations, but knowledge gives power in love and life.  (Mercury opposite Pleiades stars)

Friday, Nov 18
Leonid Meteor Shower
The Sun opposite Medusa’s severed head star Algol can be trying but rise above the terror.  With no fear terror is nothing.  (Sun sextile Pluto)

Saturday, Nov 19
Malign motives make matters muddled.  As Mars retrogrades back into sidereal Taurus it exactly squares Neptune.  Ouch.  Feelings and relationships can be deceptive as well.  (Venus tridecile Neptune)

Sunday, Nov 20
Excitement may distort or exaggerate the vision of the good things.  Strive for accuracy, honesty and practicality.  (Mercury tridecile Neptune, Sun trine Jupiter)

Monday, Nov 21
Beauty and clarity benefits all.  (Mercury conjunct Venus)

Tuesday, Nov 22
Sun opposite Pleiades stars today can be intense and severe, our fears and demons reflected in people and situations.

Wednesday, Nov 23
Jupiter Stationary Direct
New Moon
Enthusiasm to defy all contrary appearances.  Still, actions speak louder than words. Intensity and shock.  (Mercury conjunct Antares, opposite Aldebaran, Moon on Algol and Pleiades stars)

Thursday, Nov 24
Thanksgiving Day
Miscommunications, insightful faux pas.  Special relationship moments.  (Mercury square Pluto, square Juno, Venus conj Antares/Aldebaran)

Friday, Nov 25
Seize opportunities, achieve goals, maximize effort.  Be careful not to treat people callously.  (Venus square Juno, sesquiquadrate Pluto, Mars biquintile Pluto)

Saturday, Nov 26
Moon at Perigee
Energy and motivation elusive, subtle incentives. Creativity and inspiration.  (Sun tridecile Neptune)

Sunday, Nov 27
Erratic or unsettled mental spaces, but new ways of thinking and acting are being revealed.  (Mercury quincunx Uranus)

Monday, Nov 28
Acquire perseverance and focus, then breakthrough.  (Mars trine Saturn)

Tuesday, Nov 29
Stress as our vulnerabilities are exposed. Actions speak louder than words. (Mercury opposite Mars, Sun quintile Saturn)

Wednesday, Nov 30
First Quarter Moon
Intimacy and love.  (Moon conjunct Juno)

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