Mel Gibson: What He’s All About

by | Aug 4, 2006 | Celebrities

What do the stars have to say about Mel Gibson and his recent run in with LA police; the DWI, and possible anti-Semitic remarks?  How you need to understand his plight.  Has this incident hurt him permanently? 

Looking at the Vedic astrology chart of Mel Gibson a number of prominent issues immediately come out:

Strong faith and a life centered around religion and spirituality:  his Sun is prominently placed (indicating strong vitality and ability to be assertive) in the sign of Sagittarius, a sign that is associated with being a teacher, philosopher, or priest. 

His Jupiter, a planet also associated with similar spiritual/religious themes, is strongly connected to his Sun by a trine and by mutual reception (both planets in the signs of each other’s rulership).  This combination of planets contributes strongly to his religious nature, but also to his great success in the world. 

Jupiter in Leo in the third house would also indicate good fortune in the creative/dramatic arts.  It may also indicate that Mel at times will make strong, broad statements perhaps with a sense of arrogance or maybe glib over-generalizations; like for instance statements allegedly against Jews.  It would also indicate that he pursues his (religious) convictions with great ardor and zeal, and that sometimes gets hum into trouble.  (I’m sure we can all identify with that little trait.) 

The tendency to become involved in obsessive or compulsive behavior, and consequently trouble because of it:  Mel has a very strong Scorpio component to his chart.  This is probably the most driven and charismatically-magnetic aspect of his psyche, and is the one area of his chart that is more responsible for his successes than anything. 

Basically Mel Gibson has malefic planets in a malefic house; this is an ancient yoga (specific combination of planets in a chart) that produces great wealth, success, and power.  Scorpio is a sign having to do with sexual magnetism, obsessive behaviors, but also visionary transcendentalism. 

People with prominent Scorpio in their charts usually have problems with self-destructiveness getting in the way of potential brilliance of achievement; they may have life episodes which they are not particularly proud of. 

If anything though, Scorpio in the spiritual person will create humility and a real sense of soul-redemption.  I suppose the worst example of the preacher is that of someone who is perfect, never had a bad thought in their life and who was always a harp-playing, goody two-shoes angel.  It just is not real, and consequently not too convincing. 

However someone who figuratively came back from hell delivers a message which is much more compelling.  This is what Scorpio is all about, and Mel has got it in spades. 

His battles with alcohol would be corroborated by his atmakaraka (literally, “soul-indicator”) Venus ruling the twelfth house of sacrifice and surrender, but falling in the eighth house of obsessive and destructive tendencies.  There is a strong spiritual side of Mel’s psyche, but it would sometimes flip back and forth with lesser, more sensual tendencies (such as drinking). 

His Venus in Capricorn then would indicate that he would come down on himself extremely hard and maybe have problems with resultant depression.  Part of his climb to success may be in compensation for a deep sense of self-degradation. 

Having the twelfth house ruler in the eighth house in anyone’s chart gives them a proclivity to suffer at the hands of forces that secretly scheme one’s downfall.  Whether secretive forces here indicates aggressive Jewish interests, the media in general who like to portray squirming figures, or just Mel’s own subconscious self-defeat patterns is anyone’s guess. 


This comes then to the actual precipitating event, the arrest.  Right now Mel’s drunk face has been plastered across millions of TV screens and newspaper by a very cruel and unforgiving press.  One could certainly imagine that Mel would take this very hard.  If one where to get on the wrong side of those who own and control the media such as Mel might have done in some of his more glib statements, they could have a field day attacking his character, and maybe getting revenge for that “Passion of Christ” thing. 

(Let me be perfectly clear in that I as the writer of this article am neither pro-Mel Gibson or anti-Semitic.  I’m merely trying to remain as objective as possible).

So what is happening right now in Mel’s chart: cruel and unforgiving Saturn is directly aspecting his Venus, starting to peak in fact right as this crisis hit the media.  The Vedic-zodiac timing factors hit this event right on, by the way.  (Chart at bottom)

Saturn aspecting Mel’s Venus which is his atmakaraka, twelfth house ruler, and is resident in his eighth house brings issues of secret vices, potentially career-damaging events, and great personal loss of reputation by conspiratorial forces. 

Transiting Pluto has also moved into partile (within in degree orb) square to his Midheaven.  The crisis factors are pretty strong in his life right now, and maybe for the next year or so.  There may be more to come with the cycles of Mel’s chart not fully played out; the forces of change have not fully sifted through the layers of his psyche yet. 

Impersonally the forces of change work through these so-called “evil” forces of the world.  It must be God working through him though, because the biggest enemy Mel will have is his ego that gets in his way of moving to the next level through this experience. 


It would seem that this man will not be going down.  In October of 2007 Mel enters a nineteen-year Saturn dasa (Vedic time period).  Saturn is a very determined, cantankerous, and hard-to-put-down planet in his chart, and therefore this upcoming dasa will reflect that quality in his life.  (Chart at bottom)

This upcoming period may at times seem like more than he can personally handle, but this planet and house in question have in their nature the means to overcome all opposition.  Mel may be more hard at work than he ever was in his career, but now he might be taking more of a back-seat, executive role. 

Saturn also ruling his ninth house of spirituality will add depth and experience to his spiritual life during this time, probably of a life-changing nature.  In many ways it may seem like a complete renewal and transformation of his world. 

Saturn dasas have the tendency to start out rather raggedly, but move on their long progression to more refined and balanced states of being.  Is Mel Gibson hurt by this affair?  Initially maybe, but he will come out very much on top. 




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