May 1, 2015
May 1 to 18, 2015
by Curtis Burns,

In May 2015 there is a significant attenuation of malefic energies mid-month. It will be an Uranus-Pluto reprise with no small helping of Saturn and Mars energies to liven up and add some color to the affair.

One might think of Mars’ colors as flashing red and yellow likes flames of an explosion, along with Uranus and Pluto adding the sound effects and falling buildings. Saturn’s colors though are rather muted, when you look up at in the night sky it appears as a cold, grey star.

Saturn does have the effect of bringing the “colors” of the other planets as it will suppress and hold back the manifestation of the other planet’s energies until such time as it will build up to critical mass and brilliantly show forth.

The literal central pillar of this astrological affair for May 2015 will be the opposition of Mars and Saturn, which just happens to almost exactly bisect Uranus and Pluto, which not too long ago were themselves in exact square. Tension may be building and something may break not too long before or after the exactness of this aspect configuration from May 12 to 18, 2015.

Friday, May 1
Obsessive and compulsive tendencies are accented. Be careful of ideas that are not entirely thought out or ethically sound, but which are nevertheless exciting. Discussions and investigation will be profitable. (Mercury sesquiquadrate Pluto, Mercury quintile Jupiter)

Saturday, May 2
No peaking influences

Sunday, May 3
Communication and awareness may be hampered by negative predispositions or biases. Getting through may be challenging. Stay focused and don’t give in to despair. (Mercury opposite Saturn)

Monday, May 4
Reckless attitudes may accompany struggles to make foundational changes to situations. Be careful of things said or done without due consideration. (Saturn sesquiquadrate Uranus, Sun square Jupiter)

Tuesday, May 5
Transcendant beauty and love may accompany developments, opening the way for spiritual liberation. (Venus tridecile Neptune)

Wednesday, May 6
Be careful in the uses and allocations of precious resources, time and money. Social and cultural events may mark the day. Personal power may be readily accessible for constructive implementation. (Venus semisquare Pluto, Sun trine Pluto)

Thursday, May 7
Unusual and/or exciting connections may be made, opening one up to new life possibilities, maybe getting one to the real “me.” (Venus quintile Uranus)

Friday, May 8
No peaking influences

Saturday, May 9
Errors and bias may enter into objective assessments. Unusual motivations and thinking patterns may emerge. Double checking facts and figures may be a good idea before setting out. (Mercury square Neptune, Mercury biquintile Pluto)

Sunday, May 10
Relationships may hit rough patches, emotional expression may be inhibited. Love may be demanding more from one than one is desiring to give to it. (Venus quincunx Saturn)

Monday, May 11
No peaking influences

Tuesday, May 12
Significantly developmental day for all. Raw motivation opens up and a judicious view of the future can initiate new projects. Yet all is not as it may seem to be, including the aforementioned motivational power. Be careful of addictive, co-dependent and or manipulative tendencies on the part of people.   (Jupiter tridecile Saturn, Mars sesquiquadrate Pluto, Sun quintile Neptune)

Wed-Thurs, May 13-14
No peaking influences

Friday, May 15
Thwarted ambitions and initiatives may draw out frustration. Be careful of accidents and injuries; stay out of potentially dangerous places. Emotions may burn hot, and then cool significantly. Stay the course, fortune favors the bold. (Mars opposite Saturn, Mars quintile Jupiter, Venus biquintile Saturn)

Saturday, May 16
Perceptions take on transcendent dimensions. All life seems filled with wonder, hope and love. (Venus trine Neptune)

Sunday, May 17
Events and developments may take on shattering or shocking character. Sudden breaks are possible, including breaking from heretofore limiting or constricting trends of being. Be careful with accidents, injuries and being on dangerous zones in general. (Mars semisquare Uranus)

Monday, May 18, Mercury Retrograde
Events, interactions and business in general may suffer hitches and various hiccups over the next few weeks and Mercury goings into retrograde phase. Check and double

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